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It took me a while, but I managed to make the thing for @scarletclarinet‘s birthday today. Here’s a Vex for you, you amazing person. Thank you <3


i opened two of my sdcc dolls tonight and i’m dying like tbh? i’m dead 

rain is DEFINITELY my favorite out of the two of them. she’s so gorgeous and by far one of my favorite dolls i own now. i’m so happy to have both of them either way though omg, they are absolutely amazing!!! 


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the mortal instruments series is fucking awful, I used to love them but even then i could see how bad the writing is in the original series lmao (...have u read the infernal devices tho??)

I think for me it was like that too. I’m somewhat an avid reader so Clare’s writing never really struck as anything particularly amazing. I did enjoy the humour though, but the downside to that is that the quality of humour flattens a lot when each character has the same sense of it and only the best quips are left for Clare’s own favourites. (… or that the style isn’t particularly original.)

And yeah, I have read the Infernal Devices. I really love the Victorian aspect of it – or anything Victorian in general to be honest – but at the same time there is so much deplorable things that I can’t shut up about. Most of these mainly concern storytelling aspects regarding Tessa’s character and her relationships since they were, of course, were central to the story.

For instance, Tessa’s attraction and eventual love for Will was so over-pronounced that it never seemed like Tessa truly loved Jem as passionately as she did love Will, despite that “two great loves in a lifetime” was such a huge business. Will was blatantly obvious endgame from the very beginning. Sure, Tessa and Jem were engaged, but it definitely seemed Jem was more invested in the relationship than Tessa. And she kept thinking about Will in very pining ways even during her engagement to Jem. It was an absolute mess.

My issues with Will/Tessa/Jem triangle have nothing to do with the notion that it was “a different kind of love story” or as if Tessa isn’t allowed to have multiple relationships. Be my guest. I take issue with the fact that the way Clare plots her stories is obvious and always convenient. It is almost as if she weasels her way out of things, bends the rules of her own world, and creates loopholes so the characters like Clary, Tessa, and Jace get to be – perhaps too excessively – special whereas other characters are not. Just because young adult literature may be easily overlooked genre, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have standards.

As it is, you can see miles away where she is going with her writing, and it does not cause excitement or oooh noises. It causes deep frustration and eyes rolling so backwards they might never roll back again. Jem being ill and eventually becoming a Silent Brother sets him aside for a while so Tessa may have children and her great love with Will. Of course, as convenience dictates it, because of yin fen Jem may never become fully a Silent Brother, “mutilated” with mouth sown shut and no hair or eyes, so he may continue being handsome as hell and later be magically cured and have his great love with Tessa. You see where I’m going with this?

Also, somehow these stories always involve a crazy guy doing EXPERIMENTS and asshole brothers being assholes. Not to mention self-martyring and feeble motives to create relationship drama – or just drama in general. I’m not much of a fan either of the whole “My parabatai just died and I went through much physical pain for it, almost threw up my lungs and shit, but fuck that since I’m in love with you and we are probably going to die tomorrow, so let’s bang.”

All Clare’s works come down to one thing, though. She speaks of great sacrifices and emotional hardships, incidents and problems that happen in a grand scale, but none of it feels like that because it’s no way near convincing. In others words, stakes are allegedly high, but the story fails to deliver this feeling. Any troubles with the Clave, for instance, are not a threat to the characters or even little bit of excitement for the readers, because we all know Clave always gives in for the heroes. As it so easily did for Magnus and Alec, even if the fight for their right to marry in Shadowhunter ceremony, dressed in gold, was prefaced as “it might take a while.”

What do these characters actually give up in an irreversible way? Despite the hardships, Tessa gets to have both Will and Jem. Despite the drama, Jace and Clary get to have their epic love story. Despite all the other drama, Isabelle and Simon get to have their future together, especially since inconvenience that was Simon being a vampire was removed the same way as the inconvenience of Simon the Vampire not being able to move outside during daytime was quickly resolved with Too Angelic For You blood.

All these stories could’ve had different plots and whatnots but the outcome would have been the same. Their obvious and way too convenient nature is anything but amazing piece of literary work. Infernal Devices really just puts together everything I find exhausting and redundant in YA literature.

But if you liked/loved Infernal Devices, I mean in no way to condemn those who like/love these books nor belittle them. Everyone should read what they enjoy (complaining about). ;D


the get down
☞  1.01 where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure 
↳ ‘large and in charge


Her eyes narrowed, the gold like living ember. He’d never seen anyone so beautiful. This witch had been crafted from the darkness between the stars.  -Queen of Shadows

There was such unyielding coldness in that beautiful face. She couldn’t turn away from it.-Empire of Storms

it’s amazing how parents have the ability to ruin your day and self-worth completely with one 15 min phone call wow