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The Theirin Nose

Elissa giggles as Alistair lays down beside her, his head pillowed on her exposed thigh as his fingers gently run back and forth over her swelling stomach. She sighs when he presses a soft kiss to her skin, her fingers brushing through his longer hair, twining the strands through her long fingers as he caresses her belly. 

“Do you think our little one will be a boy or a girl?” He whispers reverently, and she delights in the soft tones of his voice, the way his eyes sparkle with unshed tears as his hand maps their child growing within her.  

She smiles gently, brushing her free hand over his, before pursing her lips.  

“I don’t mind either.” She whispers, so as not to break the moment with a slight increase in volume. “But… I feel like it’s a boy.” Alistair’s eyes light up as she says that, knowing he's dreaming of a young boy with ginger locks and golden eyes, teaching him how to ride and use a sword, giving him everything he desired and all the love he possibly had to give.  

“I’d like that.” He whispers, catching her fingers when they trail down the slope of her nose, pressing sweet kisses to each individual pad of her fingers. She giggles when he playfully nips at one, wiggling his eyebrows as he shuffles closer to her, curling his legs up and over hers as he presses a kiss to her bump.  

“I think Eamon would like that too.” She huffs angrily, smoothing her hand over the bump, grinning a little as she feels a slight movement in response. Alistair laughs, shaking his head ruefully. Eamon had been on their backs about producing an heir and securing their line since they’d taken the throne nearly 12 years ago.  

They were still young - or at least that’s what she’d like to believe, she’d been no more than a child when they’d stopped the blight, turning twenty during their yearlong journey across Ferelden, he having turned twenty one just before the blight began. She was just happy to have been blessed with a child, after spending a year hunting desperately for the cure to the blight that infected both their bodies, she’d hunted it down out west, and had cured them both, giving them much, much longer to spend with each other, and for that she’d be forever grateful.  

She opens her mouth to say something, to tell him she loved him, when she feels a strong, solid kick against the hand that rests atop her belly. Alistair’s hand immediately freezes, their eyes rushing to one another's incredulously, waiting with baited breath as another solid kick lifts her hand slightly.  

They both burst out laughing, disbelief written across their features as Alistair sits up slightly to nuzzle into the spot their little one had just kicked. “He’s a strong one.” He whispers, voice still soft, as if he’d disturb this precious moment, or it would be ripped away from them for speaking too loud.  

There’s a smaller nudge against Alistairs cheek as he laughs, his wide eyes looking up into hers with such love she feared she’d break, her heart swelling with the affection she felt for her husband in that moment. She felt so incredibly blessed, after all they’d been through and fought for, to have finally been given the thing they wanted most in the world seemed too good to be true, but here they were, King and Queen of Ferelden and feeling their child growing beneath their hands.  

“I think I can feel his foot!” Alistair laughs, sitting up slightly to catch her hand, pressing it to the sharp protrusion along the side of her stomach. She raises an eyebrow, pretending to search questioningly as he looks on excitedly.  

“I think that’s his nose love.” She states, trying to keep a straight face as he stills, eyebrows coming down harshly as his eyes rake over her features, trying to tell if she was serious or not. They stare at each other, waiting for the other to break, when she finally does, sputtering with laughter at the pout on his lips.  

He huffs, sitting up and turning around with his arms crossed. “Oh love I didn’t mean it!” She cries, still laughing loudly as she grabs his shoulders and yanks him back, resting his head against her shoulder. He groans but willingly settles against her side, hand instantly coming back to rest along her belly.  

“I think it was though.” She can't help from whispering, laughing even louder when he looks up at her with a heated glare and another pout.  

She’d never tell him, but she prayed to the Maker their son would have his nose, it was one of her favorite features of his.  

LadyNoir July Day 31: Daybreak
  • *Monday morning, first day of the school year
  • Alya: You can't be serious!! You've been after this guy for two years how can you be over him?!
  • Marinette, not really having an answer: I'll explain after I tell him.
  • Adrien, appearing from nowhere: Tell who?
  • Marinette: OH! Um, you, actually...
  • Adrien: Good. I needed to talk to you too.
  • Alya, watching her friend walk away with the boy she is giving up: Wait...no, he couldn't be...the timing is too perfect, even for the movies...OMG he is totally gonna...
  • Adrien, in a quiet corner: You go first.
  • Marinette: (Okay, I can do this.) I-I've had a c-c-crush on you since we met bu-but I found someone else and we are very happy together but if Alya finds out w-who it is I'm ruined and I don't know what I'm going to tell her!
  • Adrien, processing: ...Okay...It sounds like we have similar problems. I'm also kinda secretly dating someone and- wait, why would Alya finding out be bad?
  • Marinette: Uuuuuuuuumm. It's 'cause... It's someone... famous?
  • Adrien, suspicious: ...We have VERY similar problems, it seems. I can't let it get to the press that I'm dating Ladyb-
  • Adrien: *Slaps his hand over his mouth, panicking
  • Marinette: *Shocked, relieved, overjoyed, emotionally exhausted, all in that order. Doubles over laughing, wracked with intense giggles, snorting as she tries to breath
  • Adrien, knowing that laugh: My Lady?
  • Marinette, laughs harder at her nickname: This is too much! My god, Kitty, how did it take this long to find each other?
  • Adrien, finding the laughter contagious: I guess love makes us blind. Even those of us with night vision.
  • Alya and Nino: You guys doing alright over here.
  • Marinette: Yep, just having the most anticlimactic confession ever made. Come on Adrien, I need to brainstorm some nicknames for you. Everything I have for you would be... inappropriate in present company.
  • Adrien, taking the hint: And again, we have similar problems that can be solved together. Will you join me in the library before class starts of come up with new ones?
  • Marinette, taking his hand: With pleasure...My Prince?
  • Adrien, leading them away: Oh, good one.
  • Nino: Did you see this coming? Because I sure didn't.
  • Alya: First Ladybug and now Marinette! I'm so proud of my girls!
  • Nino: What did Ladybug do? Wait... Half of Paris saw Chat walking with a buzzed Ladybug on Saturday. Was that a date?
  • Alya: It sure was. And I have their first kiss on video, ready to be unleashed upon the world!

anonymous asked:

My gf is a tomboy, and she's confusing me while having sex to do this, not to do that so she can take the guy role, she take this too serious. I can't enjoy it. Even in our normal life, shes controlling the relationship, and for her I always have to say yes for everything she says.

Talk with your girlfriend. Tell her that you are not enjoying her stupid and boring game. 

Nobody has to say yes for everything someone else says, so consider the possibility to end this abusing relationship. You are her girlfriend, not her doll.

I decided to mess around and click on stuff during the part where you gotta book it to the attic, to see what would happen, and of course I got a game over

lemme tell you I am feeling all sorts of distress over the image of joey getting dragged off by monsters why oh why did I let that happen

Ranma ½ {Sentence Starters}
  • "Better get moving or you're going to be late."
  • "They're gonna do it! Oh, are they gonna do it?"
  • "I'm _____... You wanna be friends?"
  • "Were you born stupid or did you just grow that way?!"
  • "I think I'll go off and do something really evil."
  • "Obstacles are for killing."
  • "What did you do that for, you JACKASS!?"
  • "Gee, I'd love to, but I've got _____ to think about."
  • "Too bad I never read the page. Muhahahahha!"
  • "Be a pal and beat me up."
  • "Let me have a good cry in your bosom!"
  • "I hate that little runt."
  • "Did you really think sealing me in concrete and burying me in the yard was even going to slow me down?!"
  • "That's like asking me to eat a grenade!"
  • "I hate boys! I really, really, really hate boys!"
  • "Hey, wait about your husband?!?"
  • "Curse those evil octopi."
  • "Talk about being stupid! There's no such thing as ghosts!"
  • "Can't you tell I'm being serious?"
  • "I don't have to eat it to know it's toxic."
  • "The kitty cat is coming. The kitty cat is coming."
  • "You are unbelievable! Have you no sense of modesty?!"
  • "Have you forgotten who I am?"
  • "She's really a very sweet girl... and she's just a violent maniac."
  • "It seems I have a little business proposition for you all."
  • "You know how I despise cynicism."
  • "You are so uncute!"
  • "I'm on the side of money."
  • "Can't blame a girl for trying to make a little cash."
Dark Fate Ruki Dark 03 Translation

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-Scene:Tsukinami Entrance Hall-

Yui:(I will definitely treat his injuries today)

(Ruki-kun will probably say that they’ll be fine on their own. So, it’ll be difficult)

(I’m not just worried about his injuries. I’m worried about him too)

*Yui Knocks and Opens Door*

Yui: Ruki-kun?  I’m coming in.

-Scene Change: Tsukinami Guest Room-

Ruki: … …So you came to me again? You sure are a woman who has nothing better to do.

Enough is enough. When do you plan to stop bothering me?

Yui: Even though you said not to bother you, I still came. … …Because I’m worried.

Ruki: … …*scoff*.

Yui: Please, Ruki-kun.

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i hate how this turned out but ehhhh. enjoy, i guess.

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