i can't even right now i'm shaking

how does one not get stressed

Every track of Flicker™ is a masterpiece followed by another masterpiece. I’m weeping, my hands are shaking, my mind is blown, and my heart is bursting with pride. And honestly I don’t feel like we deserve neither this album nor the freaking talented man who wrote it.

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I dare Edge to proclaim his love to the trees


“YOU REALLY WANT ME TO KISS A TREE?”  He sucks in a deep breath.  “FINE!”

Purposely, he stomps outside and into the woods.  The others follow, Stretch with his phone out again.  There’s a particular pine in the foliage that… almost grows pink in the right light at the sight of him?  Ah–there’s weird blooms in its branches; that must be it.  

He briefly clicks his teeth against the bark on her trunk.  One of his fangs catches a piece of it and scrapes off a small section.  

“gettin’ kinda rough there,” Stretch comments, much to Edge’s extreme mortification.  He’s going to set his mattress on fire once everyone leaves.  Blame it on his smoking habit.


“WHAT?!  I…”  He breaks off; Stretch and Sans are both snorting.  Red’s shaking his head slowly, trying to tell his brother to just go back inside the lodge.


He sucks in a deep breath, looks his Tree-chan  ( @edges-bae)  directly in a knothole, and shouts as loud as he can “DAMN GIRL, YOU ARE THICK BECAUSE YOU POSSESS JUNK IN YOUR TRUNK!”

….. Then, he sprints away.  


McGee: Tony, what’s going on? Do you have a drinking problem?
Tony: No. No, I just I joined this men’s support group. Meets in the church hall two nights a week.
McGee: You serious?!
Tony: I know, it it doesn’t sound like me, but with the past year, I just wanted to shake things up a little bit.

So Tony is so messed up by his quasi-breakup with Ziva that he is essentially in therapy now.



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i feel so weak right now, i'm shaking, i feel like i'm going to break down into tears. i'm starving for a breakthrough of happiness but i can't even imagine myself finding it anymore. its been this way for years and its just getting worse. i'm falling into a pit of sadness but my father doesn't believe in depression.. i feel so alone..

Crying is a healthy thing, lovebug. Sometimes it’s the only thing we can do but it often helps us feel a bit better.

I know happiness seems so far away. Hell, it might not even seem like it’s a plausible thing that’s obtainable, but I promise that it is, and you will get that breakthrough of happiness that you want. Sometimes it comes in unexpected ways and sometimes it takes its sweet time, but it will always find you.

Can you maybe talk to someone who will believe you? Your mother if possible? If not then the best thing I can say is talk to someone - whether it be a friend or someone online, even. They’ll listen and try to help you. They won’t be able to cure your depression but they can provide a helping hand when you fall down.

I promise you that you are not alone, even if it feels like you are. <3

Set It Off ; Duality // Starter Sentences
  • "I was knocked out heels over head."
  • "No wonder no one heard my screams."
  • "I will haunt your fucking dreams."
  • "No one will love you like I did."
  • "He needs a break from you."
  • "Bid your ass adieu."
  • "Bitch, your ass is through."
  • "You should escape."
  • "Abandon ship, or drown."
  • "No more excuses."
  • "You're better on your own."
  • "I can't help it."
  • "I don't owe an explanation."
  • "I know it's hard."
  • "You're the only one standing in your way."
  • "Take a breath."
  • "Why worry at all?"
  • "Life goes on."
  • "I've got some questions."
  • "Chin up."
  • "There's no denying chemistry this strong."
  • "Pretend it's right, but we both know it's wrong."
  • "I can't shake these memories that reign inside."
  • "I know how to drive you wild."
  • "You know how to make me smile."
  • "I need you to be my ancient history."
  • "I'm drunk again."
  • "It's fun and games until we both get hurt."
  • "This is the last time you taste my lips."
  • "I know who you really are."
  • "Give me the truth now."
  • "I promise I can handle it if you can."
  • "Give me any reason not to cut you out."
  • "How do you even sleep at night?"
  • "I really wanna know you."
  • "What are you to me?"
  • "I have a confession that you will not believe."
  • "I'll never stop."
  • "Make me an obsession."
  • "I can't count the list of things I know are wrong with me."
  • "What the hell are morals?"
  • "Mark my words one day, you will pay."
  • "Karma's gonna come collect your debt."
  • "Maybe you'll change."
  • "They'll never cage your dreams."
  • "We've got tomorrow."
  • "There's always another day."
  • "You made me the bad guy."
  • "I fought for you."
  • "I kept you safe at night."
  • "I would have risked my life."
  • "If you love someone let them go."
  • "Is your pleasure like my pain?"
  • "You broke my heart."

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The idea of pregnancy is absolutely disgusting to me. But my mum really wants grandchildren and I'm an only child. She said just because I'm aro/ace doesn't mean I can't have kids—she googled it, even. I'm in a really tough place with her right now on the matter, and I think it would help to know if being grossed out by pregnancy tied into sex repulsion.

Is it her body? No? Then she has no goddamn right to pressure you for kids. It’s your body and your life and your decision. 

This is something that really pisses me off. I get passionate about a lot of stuff, you all know that, but nothing takes me from calmly answering asks to full on, hands shaking, almost inarticulate rage than people pressuring other people to have kids. 

Yeah, she’s right, you can technically still have kids. Anyone with even semi-functional ovaries and a uterus can have kids, even if it takes medical intervention. But the ability to physically carry an embryo to term does not mean a damn thing. 

If you don’t want kids, you do not have to have them.In fact, if you don’t want kids, you shouldn't have them. There are more than enough unwanted kids in the world. 

You are not a child-producing machine. Your grand purpose in life is not to have kids. You define your own purpose. And if you don’t want kids, then you don’t have to have them, no matter how much your mother wants them. It’s not her life. 

She doesn’t have to carry the pregnancy. She doesn’t have to go through labor. She doesn’t have to sacrifice her time and possibly career to have the kid. She doesn’t have to feed and clothe the kid for 18+ years. She doesn’t have to put the kid through college. If she wanted another kid she should have had one. 

I have gotten on my soapbox about this before. I’m starting to get incoherently angry, so I’m going to quote myself:

Kids are a huge fucking commitment and parenting is not for everyone. 

Having kids is not like having an object, or even like having a puppy. Having a biological child involves 9 months of pregnancy for someone, many hours of labor (which, by the way, is the single most painful thing human beings go through without dying), then 18 years, give or take, of that child being completely financially dependent on you, not to mention the emotional toll of parenting. Yeah, there’s rewards, I guess, but for some people, those rewards pale in comparison to the costs. 

She wants grandkids the way that I want a new TV - it’s something I’d like to have, but I don’t want to put effort into it. I want it to be there when I want it, and not a problem when I don’t want it. If she wants to actually have a tiny human around, she can go adopt one. 

Now, your actual question… I’d be inclined to think that for some people, pregnancy could be tied into sex-repulsion. If you find the act that is traditionally part of becoming pregnant to be repulsive, then the whole thing is just a giant reminder of that. Or if you find genitalia repulsive, well, pregnancy involves a lot of stuff to do with your genitalia. 

Disgust towards pregnancy could also be tied into dysphoria - I don’t know your gender identity and if you experience any, but that can be an element for some folks who have ovaries and a uterus. 

One of the reasons I have such a strong reaction to this is that I, like you, find the idea of pregnancy horrifying and awful, and I have a profound dislike of tiny humans (anything under age 6 is unacceptable, and under age 10 is questionable). But focusing on the pregnancy thing… I know, for me, part of it is a little gender dysphoria, but most of it is a combo of sex-repulsion and control issues. Penetrative anything is an absolute no go for me. Pregnancy just goes on its ow, so the whole situation is out of the pregnant person’s control - which, for me, is terrifying. Having your body change without any control over the situation? God no. On top of it, the only way in which this body could ever get pregnant would be through rape, which adds another layer of “hell no” to it all. 

Regardless of your reasons for not wanting to have biological kids, your opinion is valid and the only one that matters. It is your body and your life and you get to say whether you have kids or not. YOU DO NOT OWE YOUR MOTHER GRANDKIDS.



Am I the only person who thinks Cloud would have a really small, neat signature because his mother raised him to write properly? Sephiroth would make the first letter super imposing for initialing purposes and keep the rest small but legible and Zack would just be like “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THIS IS BUT ANGEAL IS LEAVING WITHOUT ME–ANGEAL, WAIT UP!

Christmas Eve - Requested (Luke)

HELLO, so this is yeaterdays Christmas imagine number NINE, requested by Anon (Can you do an imagine where your preganant with Luke and you give birth and you go into Labor on Christmas Eve but you cant go the hospital cause of bad weather?) ENJOY!!!!

‘All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuu, baby’ you shake your head as you listen to Luke singing 'All I Want For Christmas’ in the kitchen while you lounge of the sofa reading your book.

'Baby I got you more castor oil’ Luke sings as he coming into the warm living room with a mug in his hands, you pull a disputed face and you push yourself up in the sofa a little. 'Don’t give me that look, you’re the one wanting to get our baby out into the big bad world’ he teases as you take the mug and he kneels next to the couch watching as you cringe drinking the oil. 'You try carrying it around for nine months only for the little shit to refuse to come out, I’m a week and a half over Luke, it’s fucking agonising’ you whine making he chuckle a little.

'I love you’ he winks pecking your cheek and taking the empty mug from you. 'You better because it’s all your fault’ you tease with an innocent smile. 'Yeah, yeah, I know’ he rolls his eyes as he walks backwards towards the door. 'BABY I WAS THINKING WE COULD READ A NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS TO HIM’ Luke yells through to you from the kitchen.

'Yeah sounds good’ you agree not sounding as loud. 'I have a feel he is coming today’ you call back 'he has too, I need him to come today’ you tell Luke from the other room. He pops his head through the door a smile filling his face. 'Maybe he will be born at midnight and we can call him Jesus’ he winks making you laugh. 'All hale we birthed the next savour of the words’ he calls loudly through the house making you laugh harder.

'Ohhhh imagine if he’s ginger, I’ve always wanted a ginger baby’ you cheer excited, Luke fries a little but still wears a cheerful smile as he sits back on the floor in front of you. 'I’ll be very worried if he is ginger’ he pouts playfully and you wink. 'Your touring a lot baby, you never know’ you tease making him glare a little but you both know it’s all in jest. 'Remind me again why I love you?’ He asks and you wink 'Remind me again how I got in this situation?’ You hit back looking down at your huge belly. Luke lets out a deep chuckles as he jumps back up heading out of the room, you hear him jogging up the stairs. You push yourself up and climb the stairs entering the nursery room to see Luke looking puzzlers as he looks through the babies’ full book shelve.

You head up behind him, moving on your side slightly so your able to reach up and press your lips to his neck, 'Lukey’ you whine softly in his ear and you hear him sigh. 'No, no don’t do that’ he grumbles stepping away from you and you try not to laugh. 'Please Luke I need you’ you try again, this time running your fingers through the back of his hair but he steps away again. You move in front of him and press your lips to his; he doesn’t kiss back for a moment but soon gives up when you squeeze his bicep. You use your other hand letting it travel down his chest to the top if his jeans, you play with them for a second before popping the button and slowly taking down the zip but your hands are pushed away before they get the chance to go any further. 'No, stop, baby please stop’ Luke moans, and you can tell he is fighting himself, so you leave your fingers playing with the hem of his boxers as you talk to him.

'Luke come in the doctor said it was fine, he fucking advised us on it, he said it will help move things along, please baby’ you whine but he shakes his head. 'Ni, no, it’s wrong, it’s weird’ he argues and you huff 'wow thanks babe, I’m carrying your son to only be rejected now. Nothing is going right he was meant I be her for our perfect fucking Christmas and now, now even my shit head boyfriend is turning down sex, Its Christmas god damn eve Luke, I can’t even get my own boyfriend to fuck me’ you whine, your eyes lock with his deep blue ones, you can see the lust and love but right now you just want the lust. Then he starts to laugh 'I can’t have sex with you when you’re pregnant, it’s wrong, like I’m having sex with the baby’ he whines pulling a face and you cringe 'that’s fucking discussing, it’s nothing like that’ you whine.

'Would we have sex if he was in our bed?’ He asks raising an eyebrow and you shrug 'If we were this fucking horny then yes’ you argue knowing that is bull shit and he laughs making you roll your eyes 'Fine no, okay no we wouldn’t but this is different this is for him, and me, make me feel good before I have to push him out’ you flutter your eye lashes, and see him sigh a little. His shoulder relaxing and you know he is starting to come around. You lean in closer pressing your lips to his jaw, traveling up to his lips, as soon as they touch is it full of lust and longing from you both. And you let your hand slide under the thin material of his boxers.

'Fuck’ you scream pushing away from Luke, he frowns as he hold out his arms for your to seedy yourself on, 'baby are you okay?’ He asks and you nod a little 'FUCK!! No, no I’m not, fuck’ you scream again and then your legs before warm and wet, you try to look past your belly but it wasn’t happening so you look to Luke instead to see his eyes wide. 'Your waters broke, he’s coming’ his eyes tear up as he looks back to you.

'Perfect ducking timing’ you growl through another contraction and Luke laughs a little. 'Okay, okay let’s get going’ he nods to himself as though to reassure himself he is doing the right thing. You nod as well as Luke walks backwards letting your grip his arms to get back down the stairs stopping every couple if steps to scream or breath, when you finally reach the front door Luke picks up the baby bag that had been waiting at the door for a months and we opens the front door to see everywhere is covers in a couple of inches of snow. 'Fuck, I need to clear the drive, you can hold it right, just a little longer’ he erasures got as he steadies you in the side table next to the door, he drops the bag and rushes out to the car.

'FUCK! LUKE, I don’t think we have enough time’ you scream, and out see him nodding furiously 'I don’t think I can get the car out’ he is starting to panic, he takes a moment before rushing back to you and heading to the living room with you in his arms. He helps you to sit in the edge if the sofa and through trying to get comfortable you slide off softly so you’re in the floor, then you shuffle around a little until your nearly in the middle of the room, you start to point to your back, unable to speak through the heavy breathing, but Luke understands as he starts to prop you up with pillows. But then he stops and stares blank as you scream again and again and again.

'GET ESTA!’ You scream through another pain, he seems to let the words sink in before nodding quickly and running out without a word.

Its only moment later Luke come rushing in with Esta the lady from next door, and her husband George following. Everything starts to get a little blurry from the pain cursing though your body. You vaguely see her go in Luke instructions, Luke and George rushing around for things, Esta pulling on plastic gloves, somewhere along the way your leggings and pants were thrown to the side.

'Okay darling, I think it’s time to push’ she tells you, you nod through the years streaming down your face, 'George get the towel ready and the scissors, Luke hold her hand’ she orders and seconds later Luke is wrapping his fingers with yours you push and push and scream and push. And you notice Luke cringing in pain and a sort if laugh leaves your lips as you push again. Your throat becoming sore until. There is a gargling cry and you drop back your chest heaving as you try to catch your breath, relaxing after hearing the sweet sound of your babies cry. 'Well don’t darling, well done’ George congratulates you as Luke kisses your head; he cuts the cord and then takes hold of your baby.

'Here’s baby Jesus’ Luke laughs and you shake your head exhausted. He lower his arms as he sits in his knees so you can see you perfect little boy. 'Hey, come in girl one for push’ Esta reminds you and you nod, 'what! Why? We aren’t having twins we can’t’ You can hear Tyne panic in Luke’s voice and glance up go see his eyes wide looking between you and Esta, you look to Esta who has a small smile on her lips as she tries not to laugh and you do the same shaking you head towards her. Then you push, it’s so much easier this time and the placenta slides out. You see Esta wrap it in a towel and reaching hover to hand it to Luke, 'Your twin’ she teases and his face breaks into laughter along with us all.

'And we are not calling his Jesus’ you laugh 'Christmas baby, you two will have expensive Decembers’ George laughs and you smile down at your baby as Luke places him in your arms. And he kisses your head again. 'My family so perfect’ he whispers.

From Chelsea

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I cant breathe, I'm crying and shaking so hard right now. I'm scared and can't even talk to some about it because all my friends, family, even coworkers voted for the very reason I'm panicking right now. I dont know what to do. I'm afraid.

*hugs you tight*

My heart is breaking for you and every other person surrounded by Trump supporters. I can’t believe this is even a thing. Stay strong. x

So, serious talk

I’m like really stressing bc I’m reading like everywhere that probably Daryl is going to die this season and I’m feeling so bad, like my heart is reaching really fast and my chest is tight and I’m shaking. I’m feeling so dumb, and I know he just a fictional character but I can’t help it, omg I need reassurances, I can’t live 5 weeks this way.

  • Him: So yeah. That happened.
  • Me: Sounds like you had an eventful day.
  • Him: Oh, most definitely. *looks around* Don't you ever get bored from being in here alone, especially on a day like today?
  • Me: I'm not alone right now *smile*
  • Him: *even bigger smile* Hey! Let's play a game. I'll ask you a question and then you can ask me a question. Kind of like 20 questions, but..not.
  • Me: Okay.
  • *we proceed to ask each other questions. He asked me my favorite color, and I asked him his favorite food. So on and so forth. This went on for about 10 minutes while I was shelving. Then people actually came in*
  • Him: I guess I should let you do your job. I don't have to like it, though. *smile*
  • Me: We can always pick up where we left off next time.
  • Him: Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that *smile* Well, Bailey. It has been a pleasure, as always. I hope you feel better, even if I kind of like the stuffiness. Until next time.
  • *He once again reached for my hand to shake it, so I gave him mine, and guys.....................................HE. KISSED. MY. HAND.*
three: he's getting married, you're not the bride.
  • Harry: "tell me," harry comes out of the dressing room in a black tux with turquoise bow-tie around the collar, "that i don't look amazing in this. maria has great taste." he smiles proudly and at the mention of her your smile slips but you quickly recover. "you look great harry. just-" you stand up and walk over to him, reaching out to fix his bow-tie which is crooked and tied wrong. he's staring at you when you look up and your breathe hitches. he coughs yanking himself backwards. "well, uh, thanks." he mumbles. "i'll make sure to tell maria the tux fits." you frown, "don't marry her." you whisper. "what?" he glares. "i love you harry, please don't marry her." you plead, tears welling up in your eyes. he stares at you for awhile before shaking his, "i, i can't do this now y/n. the wedding is tomorrow." you nod, taking a step back. "sorry." you mumble. "good luck haz."
  • Liam: "y/n!" liam smiles pulling away from sophia and running over to give you a hug. "glad you could make it, was worried my best friend wouldn't be here for the rehearsal dinner." he pulls you along and stops in front of a table, "but i thought i was a bridesmaid?" you frowned over his shoulder at the line of girls who were rehearsing for the entrance. liam frowns, "you were-" he says looking around, "but sophia thought that since you two weren't really friends it wasn't appropiate." he whispered like he was afraid of getting in trouble. "but i already paid for my dress!" you exclaim. "no refunds, liam that was my paycheck." you frown. "i know, i'm sorry." he mutters. "li. babe!" sophia waves him over, "don't do it.". you grab his wrist yanking him to face you again. "please don't go through with this liam." you plead. "y/n...." he shakes his head, pulling out of your grasp and walking over to sophia who begins to shout commands at the bridal party.
  • Louis: you smile as louis enters your apartment and sits down next to you on the couch, "hey aren't you supposed to be at a bachelors party?" you nudge his leg with yours. he frowns and shakes his head, "you'll never guess what harry told me." he smiles sarcastically. "what?" you gulp. "you know how he gets really honest when he's drunk?" louis asks and you nod staying quiet. "well he was telling me how when he asked you out, you said no. and i asked did she tell you why she said no? he nodded and then began to explain to me it was because you didn't like him that way, in fact, you liked me in that way." louis turns to you now. "do you like me y/n?" he asks. you nod slowly, "yes." you whisper. "you can't." louis shakes his head and you frown. "why?" "because, i'm getting married tomorrow y/n!" he yells and you flinch. "maybe you shouldn't come to the wedding." he whispers looking away, "i think that'd be best for the both of us." "lou please-" you cry but he's already out the door.
  • Niall: you make your way through the club, pushing off sweaty hands and drunk bodies trying to find niall and the guys. "y/n!" zayn yells, "what are you doing here?" he asks loudly. "where's niall?" you ask afraid if you wait any longer you'll lose your confidence. zayn points to a booth where niall is talking with louis and harry. "niall?" you tap him on the shoulder and he whips around smiling. "y/n! hey!" he gets uo to give you a hug, which you gladly accept. "can we talk?" you ask and he frowns but nods following you into a quieter room. "what's the matter?" he asks quickly. "i just, i need to tell you something." you say quickly. "well can't it wait until tomorrow?" he asks. "not really, no. it has to do with the wedding." you whisper. "what?" he takes a curious step towards you. "i love you." you say weakly, "like proper full on love you." you sigh. "no, you, i, we can't." he shakes his head. "niall-" "no y/n. you rejected me years ago, i'm getting married tomorrow. i can't handle this right now." he brushes past you.
  • Zayn: "zayn?" you mumble. "mhm?" he hums looking up at you with a soft smile. "remember back in high school when we tried dating but it was really awkward because we had just met and didn't even know anything about each other?" you ask quietly and he laughs nodding. "remember how you said one day we'd know everything about each other, and we'd be in love then because we shouldn't have worried about it right now?" you continue on and nods again a confused expression on his face. "you were right." you look down at the ground, "i know everything about you now and i love you." "wha-" "i'm in love with you zayn and i'm asking you to not go through with this to call it all off because we're perfect for each other. we're meant to be together." you explain and he just looks back down at his drawing. his phone dings with a text message and he reads over it frowing, "i uh, i have to go. tux fitting." he scrambles up and leaves in a hurry. leaving you heartbroken and humiliated.
  • Authors Note: liam's is horrible, sorry. part two?

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I'm stressed all the time, to the point were I literally throw up. School is so busy right now, and I'm so overwhelmed that I can't even live my life. I feel like I constantly have this huge weight on my shoulders, that I just can't shake off. Plus I can't sleep, I can barely get 3 hours a night now. I've thrown up getting home from school twice already this week and I just don't know what to do... I have no one to talk to about it either, my parents don't understand

I will first tell you that you’re not alone in the least with this. Because the very same happens to me. When the stress is up it’s so bad that if I’m not vomiting, I’m refusing food, have bathroom issues, the shakes, heart palpitaltions and just a general feelign of being unwell.

Stress and anxiety are monsters to deal with. But there are ways to cope, and some methods work better than others. Talking helps a lot, just saying everything that is freaking you out. Talk to us! Hell write us a mile long fan mail letter about everything that is bothering you and while I can’t promise we’d be able to help, we can at least just listen to you and you can trust that you won’t be judged.

My mother to this day thinks I’m weak because of how my body reacts to stress and doesn’t fail to point it out to me every now and then. I think sometimes it’s hard for anyone to understand something they’ve no experience with.

Some of the things I did was take frequent breaks from what ever I was working on. In my case it was a huge project that I had a limited amount of time on. And I talked to people, I vented to people, had coppious amounts of tea, and just reminded myself to breathe and take it all one little step at a time.

Food wise, I’d keep it light. I usually switch to fruit, sports drink and water.

My advice is talk. Vent. And take this a step at a time. Nothing at school is worth destroying yourself for. Nothing.