i can't even mentally process this

I was talking to my friend the other day and trying to convince her to listen to Be More Chill, and, naturally, she asked me what it was about. I didn’t stop to think about what I was saying, and I heard the words leave my mouth before I could process them. “It’s about a teenage boy who is sexually frustrated so he… eats… a computer.”

Long story short I’ve been laughing for three days. I think she replied, “How is that even a plot?” but I couldn’t hear over the sound of my manic cackling.


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Mmm this is my first time making a request but I can't help it 😅 Some Yooran headcanons?? Do you think they would ever have children? I mean, would Saeran feel prepared to adopt a child? I love you and your works btw

  • as soon as Yoosung falls in love with Saeran, he kind of figures the whole concept of having kids is out the window
  • not just because they’re both guys and the adoption process is tedious, but also because he just can’t see Saeran ever actually being mentally stable enough for a child
  • he doesn’t want to put more pressure on him than he needs to
  • Saeran has probably never even considered the idea of having kids
  • the first time he thinks about it is when he sees Yoosung playing with a child - maybe one of Saeyoung’s kids, or one of his cousins at a family thing
  • and it kind of hits him that maybe Yoosung wants kids too??
  • he probably goes through a kind of crisis
  • I don’t want kids
  • but Yoosung might
  • I’m not good enough for him
  • I’m sure he would understand
  • but what if he doesn’t
  • it’s not too long before Yoosung figures out something’s up and asks him about it, and Saeran kind of freaks out and blurts that he’s not ready for kids
  • Yoosung’s like ??? where did that come from?
  • eventually he calms him down
  • this conversation could go one of two ways: 1) Yoosung convinces Saeran he doesn’t expect anything like that from Saeran and that it doesn’t make a difference to him if they have kids or not, and that’s kind of the end of it and it’s never really brought up again or 2) Yoosung convinces Saeran that, while he’s not pressuring him, he’s certain he would be a great dad if he ever decided he was ready
  • I personally think it would go by the way of conversation 1, but I’ll write out both anyway:

Scenario 1 - no kids:

  • their life pretty much continues on as normal
  • they would probably have pets instead, both a dog and a cat, because they help with Saeran’s emotions
  • he takes the dog for walks when he’s anxious and restless, and he sits cuddling the cat when he’s depressed
  • with Saeyoung’s kids they would be the best uncles ever
  • Saeran’s constantly worrying that he’s doing something wrong but Yoosung’s just staring at him adoringly from across the room with his heart melting and falling in love that little bit more
  • Saeyoung’s kids love them so much, they’re the Fun Gay Uncles™
  • Yoosung is always up for playing with them, and Saeran is always buying them stuff and giving them money for sweets and ice cream
  • this is a v good uncle Saeran headcanon btw
  • but all in all Yoosung and Saeran are pretty happy by themselves with their pets, giving Saeran time to heal properly without too much pressure

Scenario 2 - kids:

  • after probably a good few years, Saeran finally feels he’s at least nearing the right mental state to have a kid
  • Saeran would absolutely 100% want to adopt a slightly older kid
  • maybe like 5 or 6 years old, and probably a girl (I wrote this and then realise I accidentally stole this idea from Lee’s headcanon goddammit)
  • because Saeran’s not sure he’d be able to handle a screaming baby, and he’s also paranoid about ruining them in their earliest stages of development
  • he’s really nervous to start with, and he feels so lucky that Yoosung doesn’t seem to mind doing more work at first
  • eventually he eases into it and she is honestly the most precious thing to him
  • every shitty drawing is on the fridge, every school play is attended by him(because Yoosung’s often busy at the clinic), every one of her bad days ends with cuddles from both of them
  • she’s starting to get a lil chubby because Saeran’s constantly eating sweets and he just can’t say no to her when she asks if he can share
  • surprisingly, Yoosung ends up being the dad who has to put his foot down, because Saeran doesn’t know when to stop
  • but it would definitely take Saeran a long time to get to the point where he actually felt ready to adopt, and I don’t think they would ever adopt more than one

so, I personally don’t think they’d ever have kids, but I did a quick twitter poll to see what other people thought and:

welp there you go

I can’t with this one.. I just can’t..

Screenshots would be too much. (Hell, I type too much. Sorry).

There’s too many. But this guy…. I’m headdesking. Repeatedly. And losing faith in humanity, if what he’s seen is “typical”.

Firstly, after some chat, I get “What do you like most?”

What do I like most? In what? Food? People? Hobbies? To cook? Conventions? About my job? Which animal? Which of my pets? Online sites? Youtube Vidoes? Anime? WHAT??!

I get back “I want to get to know you”. Dude. Read my profile. There’s stuff to talk about there.

I called him out on the vague question and commented “I don’t know how to answer that. What do I like most? My husband? Sleep? My cats? Greek food? Anime? Conventions?… I like a lot of things ‘the most’“

Apparently having my husband be the top in my list of things I like “the most” was strange and weird. He was surprised I loved him “that much”. At this point I’m WTFing hardcore. According to him, I’m the first woman he’s ever met that would put their husband as one of the things they like the most. I told him he was cynical. I explained that I’m an introvert. I love my alone time. I’d rather be alone than with people 99.999% of the time. I LOVE my solitude. And I’d rather be with my husband than be alone. Apparently this alarmed him.

Then I tried to explain to him how introverts work. Or at least how I perceive how I work as an introvert (this may or may not be how others work…). That people tire me out. Different people tire me out at different rates. I have two friends that I LOVE to be around. They’re great fun and we have AWESOME game nights. There has never been a night where we didn’t have a blast. But damn are they ones that sap my mental energy FAST. Many weekends, I just don’t have the energy needed to be with them, no matter how much fun they are. But… I may have the energy to be around another friend of mine who is also fun, and hilarious, and all that. But doesn’t sap my energy as fast.

My husband, frequently, takes negative energy to be around. He literally costs me no energy, and in fact GIVES me energy to be around (most times. Some times he does cost, but it’s very rare and very small). I can do things and be around crowds that I couldn’t do alone, if he’s there. I could NEVER do a full 4 days of Dragon*Con, in cosplay, being the center of attention, talking to people, etc… without him. I’d get overwhelmed and you’d find me in a fetal position in a windowsill somewhere. (And this is all amusing because, compared to him, I’m the extroverted social butterfly. He’s waaaaaaay more introverted than I am!)

Apparently this revelation about my mental processes and why I love being around my husband was enough to make me “incredible” and “strange”. (This was after him sending me two messages of just “You’re………………” I’m what?) Also it’s made him “realize some facts and the real meaning of life”.

I just…. dude. I’m a geek introvert girl with a geek introvert husband. This should not be a life altering conversation. Especially not at 6am. Nothing should be life altering at 6am.

yeah so I’ve been reading bpd things for hours now and I definitely have bpd. ive thought I did for a while now but never rly did much research but like….reading all of these stories, this is literally the reason why my entire life is so fucked and has been for a while. I feel rly relieved to know but also terrified?? Like I though I just had regular ol’ anxiety and depression but I feel like this is so much more severe and I’m kinda terrified for the implications for my future?



Im Kale.  Im a Nonbinary Masc. LGBT.  Mentally ill. Artist.


  • Im a 3rd year Painting Major in a Bachelor of Fine Art. 
  • I currently specialise in Grotesque Neo-Expressionism/Abstract painting
  • I also produce E-media productions, Digital hyper-realism, Sound works, and I’m planning to get back into Animation. 

Mental Health

  • depression, 
  • generalised anxiety disorder, 
  • insomnia, 
  • agoraphobia
  • allergic to everything
  • an eating disorder

I dont glorify any of this and it all sucks but i think its important to talk about, and i support recovery,

Mental Health that Effects Education:

  • I have an Central Cuditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).
  • Im autistic(saw a psych as of 24/07/2017)
    • Dyslexic,
    • SPD, 
    • Executive dysfunction, 
    • Memory issues,
    • Speech issues, 
    • Social issues, 

Personal study

  •  Violin,
  • French (intermediate) 
  • Japanese (relearning from mid beginner level)
  • Korean (absolute beginner)

Learning foreign languages is difficult with CAPD because it makes me sort of deaf in certain situations. I can't hear the difference with certain sounds; more than the average learner because i can't even differentiate the difference in my own language. I also don't remember sound


  • Gaming
    • Overwatch
    • Fire Emblem:
    • Eso
  • Drinking(I should cut back on that),
  • Socialising, 
  •  Recently started watching anime again.

University classes this semester


  • Painting 3B (Fine Art)
  • Sound (Fine Art)


  • French (Intermediate Self-Taught)
  • Japanese (Relearning Self-Taught)
  • Korean (Beginner Self-Taught)


  • Violin (Private Tutor)


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I get irritated when people argue that there are groups of people that cannot go vegan for health reasons. I see very few legitimate reasons why someone could not go vegan. I feel like I'm an extremely rare vegan, because I have yet to find another- I have an extremely severe nut allergy (peanuts, tree nuts), which puts a lot of substitutes and staples out of the question (I can't even eat foods processed near nuts). Seeing as I do fine, I can't really bring myself to believe the "health" excuse

You may be irritated by it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t legitimate. It is really great that you have managed to go and stay vegan despite your allergies, but you cannot assume on that basis that all people, with all health issues can do the same thing based solely on your own experience. We need to consider more than just physical health issues like intolerances, allergies and deficiencies, which can usually be overcome. There are also mental health issues to consider, for example extreme food sensitivities which can severely limit what a person can eat, or those struggling with eating disorders whose recovery may be compromised by restricting and ingredient checking. Many people with these issues have managed to go vegan and it can really re-frame food as a positive thing in their lives, but it just won’t be possible for everyone. These people absolutely can go vegan in all other respects aside from food of course, but they may not be able to commit to a plant based diet at this stage of their lives.

 I know that there are undoubtedly many people who claim they can’t go vegan who in reality probably could, but I don’t think it is for us to decide on their behalf whether or not their health issues are legitimate; I’m assuming that neither of us are health professionals. We should all be doing our best to support these people to be as vegan as they possibly can be, rather than dismissing their often legitimate health issues as excuses.

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So I have a form of dyslexia called Discalculia which means I struggle reading and processing numbers and makes doing any sort of mental arrithmetic impossible because I can't visualise numbers and often get them confused. A customer wanted to give me some extra change but i said i'd already put the amount through my till and she said 'and you're too thick to do the maths right?' so I got pissed & explained my disability to her and told her to think next time. I don't even care if she reports it

honestly I’ve had it with customers wanting to give extra change after you’ve already put the amount in. If you wanted to give change, you should’ve made that decision BEFORE you handed me the money, punk. 

And the worst part is how they immediately chose to insult you by calling you thick. They’re not allowed to do that, clearly they were raised in the jungle. I hope she felt really horrible when you mentioned your disability.

I’ve had a guy trick me out of a hundred dollars by confusing me the same way. He initially paid a dollar’s total with a hundred, then said he had change and took the hundred back, and then said he was mistaken and didn’t have the change, and long story short he tricked me into thinking he’d already given me the hundred, and walked away with $99 in change plus the hundred he already had. Thankfully I realized the mistake before he left and got a manager to stop him and get the money back (and he very quickly gave in, so it was obvious that he was guilty). So yeah, since then I never allowed customers to give me extra change after I’d already put the numbers in. 

I’m bringing this up because I’m sure this is common and it’s easy to get stolen from this way. So it’s a legit excuse to tell customers who snap at you when you refuse to accept extra change. So I suggest that next time someone tells you to do this, tell them you’re not allowed to do that because there have been incidents of theft in the past and to prevent this you’re not allowed to take a different amount than what you’ve already entered. That’ll shut them up. 

“It’s okay to be where I am. I don’t have to wake up tomorrow and be a pro. And I think that, that mentality has gone a long way for me in terms of just surrendering. To the moment, and surrendering to where I am and surrendering even to my failures. You know your failures are okay too. I used to really be very hard on myself if I thought I wasn’t accomplishing something or reaching a certain level, but you know…be with your failures. They’re just as educational and just as opening to the process as the successes.”

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sam didn't save dean in soul survivor, cas did. sorry if you can't see it :)


the way I see it: 

cas saved sam. sam saved dean. i suppose you could say that cas saved dean by proxy (even that is a bit of a stretch), but it was sam that put in the work, sam that went through the strenuous mental and physical process, sam that never left dean’s side and would rather die than resort to killing dean, demon or not. cas saved sam from being killed by the demon. sam turned that demon back into his brother. (via @happyjared)