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I’m actually crying, I started chatting with @shrug-viper less than a week ago and they made this for me just to be nice, like I can’t even function right now, I’m just deeply, deeply touched by this gift. I love how light and pure it feels, I don’t even have words to describe how happy this makes me. 

Thank you so much and thank you for using my really dumb URL pun as inspiration. You’re a legend and I love you. 

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Kinda urgent. I'm afab nonbinary, what mannerisms and appearance things can I use to make myself more masculine without having to spend a ton of money? Like I wanna get things like Oxford shirts and boyfriend jeans but I can't right now, and besides I want to know some masculine mannerisms

Even though you said you weren’t a trans guy, most of these are directed at FTM guys, so there is a cissexism tw for most of these links.

In general, what I’ve found works for me:

  • walk with your feet swinging straight in front of you
  • take up space (sling your arms over the back of chairs, spread your legs apart when you sit down)
  • when you sit down, keep your feet flat on the floor
  • short haircuts (i think some of the links i included talk about this)
  • if you can, shave your face to get rid of any fuzz bc for the most part, men with facial hair shave it
  • if working out is an option, there are some workouts you can do to build up muscle mass in your arms and shoulders, which gives you a more masculine silhouette

Frisk, you’re so kind ♥ You’re right, Flowey would be immediately toasted xD

Take a step forward, my child…

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we collectively as a website need to stop hosting witch hunts for people who made a mistake (accidental -isms, poor wording, etc).

we hunt down people who dont mean any harm and are just misinformed or having trouble or even just experiencing symptoms of disabilities because even one mistake is intolerable. it needs to stop.

it makes for an incredibly abusive and unhealthy internet prescience.

okay, so clearly, all of the old overwatch gotta have trust issues regarding jack & ana, right? even if faking their deaths might have been necessary and while everyone understands why they did it, it won’t go back to normal just as easily. 

but like. the ones feeling betrayed the most are probably fareeha (for obvious reasons) and jesse because even if there are other people their age even from the old folks (angela, genji…), they literally grew up with them while the others joined later. gabe and ana were probably closer to being jesse’s parents than his bosses and while that’s probably less true for jack, it’s still — he’s been a kid and he looked up to these people and they formed him and then they left and he got nothing again and just when he thought to be over it they return and it doesn’t help that gabe is this thing and who knows just how much gabriel is still within reaper anyway? but ana. ana and jack both. he can be angry at them. he is angry with them. and he probably takes forever to trust them again. 

  • Imagine this scenario.
  • Gray: *Explains why he left and apologizes, expecting some sort of anger from Juvia.*
  • Juvia: “Juvia understands, it couldn't be helped, she forgives you."
  • Gray: "Wah-wait why?"
  • Juvia: "Because Juvia knew Gray-sama had a reason and you would come back."
  • Gray: "B-but"
  • Juvia: "All this time Juvia believed in Gray-sama and waited."
  • Gray: "But why aren't you angry with me?!"
  • Juvia: "Because Juvia knows it was as difficult for Juvia as it was for Gray-sama."
  • Gray: "You can't just forgive me like that! It feels unfair for you"
  • Juvia: "But Juvia isn't angry?"
  • Gray: "Still...it feels like I'm taking advantage, you should be angry at me, you should be wanting to hit me."
  • Juvia: "Juvia doesn't have it in her to hold grudges against Gray-sama. After all she's just really happy you were safe.Though Juvia was lonely all the time we weren't together.."
  • Gray: "This isn't right, ugh for now, isn't there anything I could do? Something that will make you happy? Though I don't think it will be enough for all this time but for now? Even something small?"
  • Juvia: "Hmm..Juvia can't think of...wait Juvia knows!"
  • Gray: "What is it?"
  • Juvia: “Okay! Kiss Juvia!”
  • Gray: "Wait what?!"
  • Juvia: "Kiss Juvia!"
  • Gray: "Wait!! I can't do that!!"
  • Juvia: “Gray-sama left Juvia for half a year, alone in the rain without a single word.”
  • Gray: " Eh...b-but.."
  • Juvia: “Juvia was really worried too, but she believed in you.”
  • Gray: "........geez f-fine"
  • Gray: *leans in as he starts to get embarrassed because Juvia is staring at him with sparkly eyes in excitement.
  • Gray: “C-close your eyes!!”
  • Gray: *Gray leans in slowly, when he's just so close he stops outta embarrassment and the realization on what he was going to do."
  • Gray: “Uwa I can’t!!”“Its so embarras-
  • Juvia: *pulls him in not allowing him to go and kisses him, shocking Gray's cheeks into a thousand shades of red.
  • Gray: "Wha-"
  • Juvia: "There! Juvia and Gray-sama are even! for now that is ♥"
Bad boys and good-byes chapter 1

There’s no way Jimin’s a bad boy when his smile makes Jungkook’s heart feel so warm.

Pairing: Jikook
Author: blt_prf
Words: 3206
Genre: Highschool au
Summary: Jungkook’s life as a newly debuted singer is way too busy and he can’t afford to get distracted by Taehyung’s noisy friends, never mind fall in love with one of them.

January | February | March | April | May | June |
July | August | September | October | November | December

Jungkook hates winter. 

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5745) I really want to go to a doctor and start my transition but I'm socially anxious and I just can't get out of the house or make a phone call. I can't even say trans related words out loud and I hate my voice so I don't think I'm gonna do it. I feel so isolated right now and everything seems to fall apart, but I feel too weak to change it.

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The cishet thing makes me so angry and uncomfortable because as a trans person it's a word I NEED—cis people as a whole are upsetting but straight cis people Don't Get It in special sort of way. And now fucking discoursers have made it so I can't even fucking use it the way it was fucking intended.

damn you’re right? i’ve never really thought of it that way but they keep using it for trans people who dare to disagree with them and it’s being used QUITE often by cis people themselves. they’re turning it around and weaponizing it against us?? how’ve i never made that connection. depressing. what kind of fake solidarity

discourses are so blatantly taking away the community and safety and spaces we’ve had to carve out for ourselves (im not even talking about aro/ace people here necessarily, im talking even just trans and/or nonbinary people) to ostensibly attack our oppressors when so many of us do not want that so they can ignore how often they’re the oppressors themselves. and when i say oppressors, im talking about all cis people here. not just the straight ones.


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Even if tumblr is ignoring it, you're getting canadians informed and that's a pretty damn big step if you ask me. The harper government thrives on ignorance and what you do here is so important and makes me feel so much better about the future of our country. You're also about the only person talking about these fucking terrifying bills and I'm just glad someone's around to explain them. Trust me, you're making a difference. Words can't explain how much I love and need your blog right now

Thanks. That makes me feel a bit better.

It’s people like you that make me want to continue this blog. It’s nice to hear that at least people find this blog valuable.