i can't even is that a chicken

I got over my fear and bought vegan cheese today!! I got mozzarella by go veggie and I had also gotten the vegan chicken tenders from gardein that I wanted to try so I decided to make a small snack of chick'n parm so I could try them both (wasn’t even my plan when I bought them but it worked out SO well). Honestly was so surprised by the cheese! It was delicious!! It didn’t taste any difference from the real chicken parm (that is if you make it with frozen chicken). But I’m glad I finally got over my fear!! Next onto making pizza😋😋😋

More Worst Cooks Quotes

“My love life is a lot like my food life; it’s nonexistent. So I need to learn how to cook and I need a husband, immediately.” 

*to Anne Burrell* “Can I touch your hair?” 

“Eat pizza? Yes. Make pizza? Hello no.” 

*smashing garlic* “That’s for not going out with me in High School!” 

“The cows make the cheese! Cows make cheese, ya’llllllll!!!!!” 

“I forgot to skin the eggplant.” 

“Making grilled cheese is harder than it looks.” 

“I’m the black Bobby Flay.” 

“I feel horrible for this chicken. I mean, I know I don’t know it’s name and we’re not friends and we haven’t played uno, or something, together but it kinda creeps me out a little bit.” 

“Cooking from scratch is definitely a lot of work…. for no reason. That’s why we have stores!” 

“A rectangle has 4 sides…. right?”

*about a police officer* “I thought he was going to be a stripper.” “Well it would have been better than this.”

“I love baking. I could see myself baking. Waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning to roll out some dough.” 

“Thomas Edison probably felt great all the time, and I’m starting to feel like Thomas Edison.”

“Who says cockerels can’t do maths?”

No-one, Denis. No-one.

Draco Malfoy and the Chicken Etiquette Class

I can legit imagine Draco going to The Burrow and critiquing the chickens and the cockerel on their plumage saying how they’re not anything against the Malfoy’s peacocks

Mrs Weasley asking Harry where Draco has gone and Harry is like uhhhh hang on and he goes and finds Draco out in the yard bent over double with his fingers wiggling behind his back as he struts up and down cawing. The chickens and cockerel are in a line watching him and their little heads follow him left to right and back again. Draco is adamant and saying ‘THIS is how you do it!!! not any of that pansy cawing! Or strutting!’

Harry awkwardly trying to get Draco’s attention but Draco is now showing the chickens how to properly push their chests out and strut around to attract a mate. Harry is silently in tears for trying not to laugh at how mortified the chickens are

Draco suddenly realising he’s not alone and freezing where he’s bent over fanning a pretend tail. His face colouring up bright red and immediately spluttering. Harry knowing he’s never gonna let Draco forget this and shrugging, gesturing to the chickens and back. 'Well…it worked. I’m here’

'What?’ Draco snaps, his face maroon now and his voice high pitched

'You attracted a mate. It worked’ Harry grins, waiting for his humour to sink in

Draco looking absolutely mortified but the chickens begin cawing happily and he glares at them as Harry begins to laugh manically.

'Traitors’ Draco hisses venomously as Harry, so fucking in love with this pompous arrogant blonde, tugs Draco into a kiss right there in the Weasleys back yard, not even caring when their embrace is joined by a chorus of cawing birds

Sleep well, MAMAMOO~

Apparently how I imagine the members sleep…

Wheein: *dreams of chicken*

Solar: *sleeps into oblivion in fetal position*

Moonbyul: *drools over Krystal*

Hwasa: *surprised eyebrows still on*

First checking all the ingredients if they are even helal. All of these e-numbers are sometimes so confusing. And I can’t even now eat white bread bc they put some fatty acids in it and often these fatty acids are from animal origin.
But the german have more than enough bread diversity so that’s not a big deal

Chicken Soup


By LordnLadyJ

Summary: For thomasorsonhunt who requested a fluffy piece in which the MC is sick and either Addison, Hunt, or Chris takes care of them. I chose Hunt. (No warnings. Complete. 5,600 words.)



“-don’t even kid yourself into thinking that a big, flashy special effects budget is going to make up for a poorly written script and sub-par acting-”

Thomas paused in the middle of his lecture, his gaze falling a couple rows back from the front of the class, where Tory was seated next to Addison. The young woman’s head was resting on her desk, her hair splayed over the desk’s surface and flowing off the edge. From the slow rise and fall of her breathing, it was clear that Tory was asleep. A scowl formed on his face. Had she really fallen asleep? In his class?

Thomas walked closer, and the class seemed to hold their breath. Bianca and her crowd began snickering in the back, knowing Tory was in for it. Henry, the celebutante known for live-tweeting Thomas and Tory’s arguments, had his phone out, his thumbs tapping away. The people in the rows in front of Tory shifted to clear their professor’s line of vision towards the doomed student.

A small part of Thomas was tempted to walk up and kick the underside of Tory’s desk, but, knowing that it was childish and could possibly hurt her, he instead looked to Addison, “wake her up,” he said in a low tone.

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You know what I appreciate here?



mithosofcruxis  asked:

Mithos stomps a little indignant foot as he stares up at Lucius, eyebrows threaded together in toddler annoyance. "I dun wanna! 'Top 'taying dat!"

If Lucius had a coin for each time a child had whined and moaned about “donwanna,” the orphanage would not be as strapped for funds as it was, and they could have bought their eggs at the market rather than keeping their own chickens.

But that was not the way of things. That was fine, he had other things the boy could do. Helping him make bread was a job for the older children…

“Well, if you don’t want to feed the chickens–” and Lucius couldn’t really blame him, he was quite small and the chickens could make themselves seem quite large when they set their minds to it “–then perhaps you can churn butter for Raymond. Does that sound better?”