i can't even is that a chicken

I just watched a french fry challenge on YouTube where you are blind folded and have to guess where different fries come from, and now I want an AU where Stiles is a vlogger who challenges Derek to the french fry challenge and if Derek loses, he has to go on a date with him. 

Despite being a french fry connoisseur, Stiles loses the game. He tries to play it casual, tries to be a good sport about it, but he’s actually just plain miserable that he won’t get the chance to take Derek out on that date and woo him. He knows it’s stupid but he just….really wanted the chance to prove to Derek he can be romantic and deserving of him and all that couply jazz. He wanted one setting where he didn’t have to be careful about flirting with Derek too obviously. One night where he could just look a him without feeling self conscious when Derek caught him and chalk it up to the “Stilinski date experience” or something equally as pathetic.  

Basically, he just wanted one night to know what it felt like to hold Derek Hale’s hand (if Derek would have even let him). 

Derek leaves and Stiles mopes for the rest of the day, trying not to feel sorry for himself and utterly, utterly heart broken. Again, stupid, but he’s been pining after Derek for years. He’s considering going to bed early when his door bell rings and standing there, dressed in a fancy cardigan with a bottle of wine and - several bags of….chicken based snacks? - is Derek, asking if he’s up for “another challenge”. 

Stiles loses again but it’s okay because the moment Derek wins, he turns to him and with a grin that can only be described as the love child of ‘shy’ and ‘shit eating’ (if that is even possible), he cups Stiles’ cheek and says, “I’m going to claim my prize now.” 

The kiss tastes like chicken and too much salt but Stiles doesn’t care because it’s the best kiss of his entire life and his stomach won’t quit doing somersaults.

I am so tired of the meme that “what aces complain about only highlights their privilege.” because every single time, it’s something that we also fight for and complain about.

This time, someone at a UK college that asks if you’re “straight, gay, other, or decline to state” on their campus job apps complained about not being able to indicate they were ace.

And of course some exclusionists were like “meanwhile, LGBT people are scared to answer that in case it’s used against them! Why do you need to tell people about your relationship to sex in random situations! The things you people complain about just highlight your privilege!”

(Yes, they really said “you people,” like some kind of cartoon stereotype of a bigot)

I suppose that if I were in that same situation and I complained about not being able to say I was bi or trans, that would also be an example of my amazing bi/trans double privilege?

I have fought so fucking hard to be able to tell people I’m bi or trans in random situations!

When I told my dentist she needed something besides “male” and “female” on her intake forms, was I just highlighting my privilege as a visibly nonbinary person?

When I make a point of bringing up my partner, in job interviews, in a way that makes it clear I’m “LGBT”, so that I can't​ chicken out of being out at work, and can test them ahead of time to see if they’re cool about it, am I just highlighting my privilege there too?

(This is a good example of where “LGBT” fails as an inclusive term. I can’t say that mentioning my partner makes it clear I’m gay, because we’re both bi. It might make them THINK I’m gay, but it would sound even more ridiculous to say “mentioning my partner in a way that makes them think I’m gay.” And I can’t say “in a way that makes it clear I’m bi,” because I don’t think it does, and I’m not sure what that would even be. But using “LGBT” as an adjective for a single person doesn’t actually make any sense, since I’m not lesbian, gay, bi, AND transgender.)

Anyway you could argue that it’s some kind of privilege of living in a big city or a liberal state, if you wanted, I guess. But that isn’t actually the same kind of thing as having privilege given to you by society because of what/who you are. And it’s not really accurate.

What’s more accurate is that some of us can use areas where we do have privilege, like class privilege, to balance out some of the areas where we lack privilege. Like around gender or sexual orientation or being intersex.

Like, someone applying for an on-campus job, at a university that asks you about sexual orientation in the job app… They’re probably in the same position I am. They are in a SOMEWHAT accepting environmental, and have enough economic security to risk some of those jobs rejecting them for their orientation.

And that means they have enough safety - even if it’s just BARELY enough - to trade a little of that class privilege in to make their group more visible and better supported. But they can’t, because it’s invisible.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been faced with forms where I had to write in that I was bi or trans or nonbinary, because the situation was a safe space for “LGBT people” but only really knew to ask about some of the more visible things… which then affects their data about what communities they serve, and who needs to be served… by making it so that the people they’re not thinking of don’t show up in those numbers at all.

Complaining about that is not a sign of my magical bi nonbinary trans privilege. And it’s not a sign of someone else’s imaginary “cishet” privilege as an ace person.

Draco Malfoy and the Chicken Etiquette Class

I can legit imagine Draco going to The Burrow and critiquing the chickens and the cockerel on their plumage saying how they’re not anything against the Malfoy’s peacocks

Mrs Weasley asking Harry where Draco has gone and Harry is like uhhhh hang on and he goes and finds Draco out in the yard bent over double with his fingers wiggling behind his back as he struts up and down cawing. The chickens and cockerel are in a line watching him and their little heads follow him left to right and back again. Draco is adamant and saying ‘THIS is how you do it!!! not any of that pansy cawing! Or strutting!’

Harry awkwardly trying to get Draco’s attention but Draco is now showing the chickens how to properly push their chests out and strut around to attract a mate. Harry is silently in tears for trying not to laugh at how mortified the chickens are

Draco suddenly realising he’s not alone and freezing where he’s bent over fanning a pretend tail. His face colouring up bright red and immediately spluttering. Harry knowing he’s never gonna let Draco forget this and shrugging, gesturing to the chickens and back. 'Well…it worked. I’m here’

'What?’ Draco snaps, his face maroon now and his voice high pitched

'You attracted a mate. It worked’ Harry grins, waiting for his humour to sink in

Draco looking absolutely mortified but the chickens begin cawing happily and he glares at them as Harry begins to laugh manically.

'Traitors’ Draco hisses venomously as Harry, so fucking in love with this pompous arrogant blonde, tugs Draco into a kiss right there in the Weasleys back yard, not even caring when their embrace is joined by a chorus of cawing birds

JUMP GIGA - Tite Kubo and Matsui Yūsei Interview

TN: Here’s Kubo’s response to a question about his creative process and mentions of his health, taken from two pages of JUMP GIGA 2017 vol. 2

Part 1

Kubo Tite X Matsui Yūsei

Creative process secrets

Q&A special.

Two mangaka are gathered here, they have created works that are great hits shining brightly through the history of JUMP. A passionate talk unfolds, extending over two hours!

—- “There is a difference between the things you want to draw and the things you can draw. The creator should draw the things they can draw. That’s what I’ve heard, but what do the two senseis think about that statement?” That is the question from pen name - “Red Pencil san”.

Matsui: First of all, I think Kubo sensei is probably the opposite. You draw the things you want to draw right?

Kubo: That’s right. Because, I think that the things I want to draw, is something I can draw…

Matsui: I thought so…!

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movie night with the kids

nct mark lee 

extreme fluff/ 435 words

A/N: requests are still open!! (:

Originally posted by minhyunq

  • dating nct dream’s mark is like a dream
  • you two met one day at a convenience store when mark was still a trainee
  • you found out that you both went to the same school but never met since he’s one year older
  • you two exchanged numbers and yall became a couple like a month after that
  • you always come over friday nights for movie night with the dream kids
  • jisung and chenle are secretly your favorites
  • mark gets mad when you always check on them during these nights
  • because you always feed them first and clean up after their messes
  • he gets really pouty and sulky after you compliment those two maknaes
  • ya know bc they’re chairman chen and maknae on top
  • the movies you eight watch are always different
  • this week is haechan’s pick
  • you already know what he has in plan
  • a comedy that no one likes but him
  • you guys all groan but deal with it because yall are family
  • mark leaves the room to get pillows and blankets for the kids and find you snuggled between jisung and chenle
  • he stares at you three for a good 10 seconds before planting himself next to jeno in a huff
  • jeno laughs and pats mark on the back reassuringly
  • halfway through the movie, you look around the room and spots mark trying really hard not to look at you 
  • you grin and pretend to be asleep when he does glance at you 
  • in your head, you thank the two maknaes 
  • they helped create a jealous mark 
  • by the end of the movie, you’ve really fallen asleep and so have the maknaes
  • it’s actually really cute so mark takes a couple of pictures before carrying you to his bed
  • you wake up as he’s lying you down onto his bed
  • you pull him in and he chuckles quietly before snuggling into you
  • “are the kids asleep?”
  • “probably, but who cares about them?”
  • yawning, you slap him on the back lightly before laughing
  • “yah, you’re the oldest. you should be taking care of them”
  • he pouts, “but they always bully me.”
  • “you know, someday all your bottled anger is going to explode and they’ll be scared of you”
  • “well they should be, seeing as you’re too nice to them too.”
  • gasp
  • “I am not!”
  • “yes you are”
  • “no im not”
  • “yesterday, you made me bring home 3 boxes of chicken for them”
  • you poke mark in the face
  • “are you jealous?”
  • “no- well… its just sometimes you treat them better than you treat me.”
  • you laugh and rub his back, “oppa, you know i like you so much more.”
  • mark doesn’t say anything and just continues to sulk
  • you hug him and leaves a short kiss on his cheek
  • mark chuckles and plays with a piece of your hair
  • “i know and i love you too” 
  • mark kills me 
  • i can't 
  • him on high school rapper 
  • oh god don’t even get me started 
Headcanon that Vincent can't climb anything
  • Everyone except vincent climbs a tree
  • Akira and Damien: What are you, chicken?
  • Vincent: *growls and tries climbing*
  • Farz And Sano: Oh my god..*covers face*
  • Strade and Ren: you can do it bud!! Cmon!!
  • Lawrence: Even I can climb trees...
  • Cain and Rire: *Laughing in the distance*
  • Vincent: *slowly slides down tree* Fuck y'all

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Carrie!! I need help! My sister and I were discussing a chicken nugget fic and it's bothering us that we can't remember who writes it (although I'm 80% sure it was you that wrote it). I even tried googling it and went through my own sterek tag and I can't find it all!!! 😭😭😭

oh that’s me! you were right!  ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Special Order (T, 2k) Stiles is twenty-nine years old, lives alone, travels way too much, doesn’t know when the last time he had a home cooked meal where no one was trying to impress anyone, and he’s just tired of all the fancy bullshit. His face is too recognizable; he can’t even attempt to try a new restaurant without the chef requesting the honor of plating something special just for him.And right now? Stiles really just wants some chicken nuggets.

“Who says cockerels can’t do maths?”

No-one, Denis. No-one.

  • Daisy: *listening through a crack in the door to mel's bunk* i can't hear them
  • Simmons: you're the inhuman daisy can't you have super human hearing or something
  • Yoyo: why does he keep TALKING
  • Fitz: this is taking too long
  • Mack: even I don't have the patience for this
  • Daisy: it's too quiet what if she killed him
  • Fitz: should we check?
  • Mack: if we do and nothing is wrong may might kill us
  • Simmons: but what if he's dying
  • *door has too many leaning people against it trying to listen in and falls open*
  • *tiny shield agent children spill into may's room*
  • *philinda stops making out to stare at the kids*
  • Phil: you're all grounded
  • konkeydongcountry: Take you hours to see their shorts because they hear their name, and to purchase, you’ll continue to suffer in cages not much time with my butters if you try.
  • jeopardybot: Chickens to be a girl - Darren’s christened her baldric!
  • konkeydongcountry: I spent most of my baby so I can't answer asks....
  • jeopardybot: I spent hours on average.
  • konkeydongcountry: Perhaps we even here?
  • jeopardybot: Käppi auf den Kopf.

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Favourite food?

LAKJSDFLAKJDF i’m going to name 10 if it’s all right because weep i love so many food, too many food  I WAS GONNA NAME oNLY 5 BUT I CAN’T these are not in order

salmon sashimi
my mom’s shrimp pasta
beef fried noodles
grilled pork belly
miso hot pot
fried dumpling
taiwanese fried chicken
soft pretzel
haagen dazs coffee ice cream

i’m honestly the person who has teared up eating good food before

You know what I appreciate here?



Sleep well, MAMAMOO~

Apparently how I imagine the members sleep…

Wheein: *dreams of chicken*

Solar: *sleeps into oblivion in fetal position*

Moonbyul: *drools over Krystal*

Hwasa: *surprised eyebrows still on*