i can't even handle you rn

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how do you even finish these chapters without getting tear stains on the paper i can't handle this rn i practically started crying when he screamed shut up at her

see, I have sold my heart and soul and all my emotions to this show called Natsume Yuujinchou

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this show has stolen all my tears

actual picture of me when I realized that girl meets legacy comes out this month

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In case you needed angst today: headcanon that Jason exclusively uses his phone as an alarm because he still can't handle analogue clocks. Especially red ones. Having found that out, none of the bats use analogue clocks, not even on microwaves and ovens, anymore.

I… alright.

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the way she looks at him, I feel like my heart is going to burst. and THE KISS I ACTUALLY CAN'T HANDLE THIS SHOW RN


The Doctor is so detached from intimacy in this incarnation. He doesn’t even like hugging people (which is a huge change from Eleven), and he chose to kiss Missy. He leaned down, took her face gently in his hands, and kissed her. The Doctor has only ever initiated a kiss without a reason with River Song, his beautiful wife. The one person he had the deepest romantic connection to. But, even so, that one was lustful. It was want and need and desperation. 

The kiss the Doctor gave Missy was such a simple action. It was full of care and practically dripped with nostalgia. This was his Mistress, the Master, his oldest, dearest friend. Some might even say they were married once; if not that, then they most likely had something way, way past platonic. They once adored each other more than the stars. And there’s still something left, something lingering. There is absolutely no denying that Missy still loves the Doctor, and, in all honesty, if he didn’t give her that kiss to show he loved her, too, I don’t know what the hell it was.