i can't even handle what's happening

I’ll never be able to move on as long as the air between us still lingers with the possibility of a future. I’ll never be able to look for a new happiness if there’s even a chance it might be standing right in front of me.
—  it’d be easier if you’d just said it’s done.

Norma Bates + aggressively nurturing Alex + #ICONIC | for @anextrapart

Okay, I don’t remember asking you to take care of my laundry. Sorry. Next time I’ll leave them on the floor. Well, isn’t that what happens at most motels? The motel owner doesn’t come into your room and pick up your clothes and do your laundry for you. I know you. How does that matter? Of course it matters.


Game Maker Studio? Yeah, someone tried to port Doom to it. YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

This was a failed experiment by “True Power of Teamwork”, a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame developer who, oddly enough, is not a team despite their internet handle. I know, I was surprised too.

It worked for the most part, but even making tons of sacrifices, and extreme optimizations, it ran really slowly because GMS is a piece of shit … Level building was nearly impossible, too. I had to manually create all of the vertices in GMS’s room editor, right click them, create a creation code, and set all the linedef values, give them a number id, and set more values, a list of all the vertices ids it’s connected to.

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Danny liked a screenshot of a gifset you made!!

Nonnie, I honestly didn’t believe you and I had to go and check this out for myself and I now I can’t stop smiling, but almost even better?? Maxine liked the same screenshot!!!!!

I just feel ascended right now! I am taking this as Maxine confirming it was a callback to the fight and like gahhhhhh. I just cannot handle that this happened. 

I guess I’ve made it? lmao. What a thing to wake up to.

Shit ksoo blatantly ignored jongin, like it’s not even interpreting looks its fucking obvious. We know this is so unlike him too because he always loves taking care of jongin and I don’t think I’ve ever see him downright ignore him. If this isn’t proof that ksoo might be involved in this than idk what is. Just wtf happened here this is so saddening. I need a theory on this stat

The One Where Actions Speak Louder than Words:

*Luke supplies Lorelai with coffee amid all of her crazy frenzies, even though he considers her to be a caffeine “junkie.”*

“Luke cheers Lorelai up with a Santa burger of his own creation.*

*Luke builds her a custom-made chuppah for her wedding…to another man*.

*Luke teaches Lorelai to fish in a kiddy pool, making sure to put a cork on his hook when she asks.*

*Luke invests in the Dragonfly Inn almost without hesitation.*

*Luke allows Lorelai to borrow his truck for Rory’s college move-in day, and then contends with moving the yucky Yale mattress in-and-out and back in again.*

*Luke buys/brings Lorelai flowers for the test-run of the inn.*

*Luke amends Lorelai’s feud with snow. How? By building her an ice rink*.

*Luke understands Lorelai’s Rory-can’t-quit-Yale resolve immediately and provides her with the unconditional support she needs. Moreover, he endeavors to detail plans of how they can “take turns” following Rory to and from classes.*

*Luke buys the Twickham House in the hopes of, someday soon, having little Gilmore-Danes feet running around/through it. The quietly hidden family man, Daddy Danes, everybody.*

*Luke checks-in and brings food after Richard has his heart attack, despite the fact that he and Lorelai are broken-up and that she’s now married to Christopher.*

*Luke organizes a bon voyage party for Rory, although weather threatens to rain on their send-off parade.*

^^And on and on and on the list goes, because…^^


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Hello! I’m very sorry for coming so so late, but I’m having incredibly full days and I’m not sure if it’s a disgrace or a blessing that I’m missing on most of these lovely happenings.

Anyway, I’ll be quick! I have really no idea what they’re doing right now, I’m not even trying anymore. I can’t decide who’s doing what, I keep changing my mind on what parts of the whole mess are being handled by NT or OT.  I honestly believe we can only wait and see, as painful as it is. It is too much, in my opinion, and taking a step back might be the wisest idea. I will personally stick around as much as I can, because leaving now with no answers would just make it worse for me. Fact is, I would really like to give up and say “Oh, ok, this baby was his all along” or “Yeah, he’s just another celebrity wishing to be closeted”, but I would force myself into believing in what I know are lies. I’m not ready to protect myself by hiding behind excuses, as much as it’d make things easier for me! Sometimes you just know things, right? In so many ways. So, for everyone asking for my opinion, I DESPISE this situation and I honestly never thought it’d come to this (I was expecting a huge level of bad, but of a different kind), but I still have some firm points. I think Harry and Louis have always been together, I think they absolutely are and will be and I think there was no cheating involved here. I still think Briana was never pregnant and therefore Louis can’t be the father of that beautiful and tender baby we’ve recently seen. I think this stunt was never meant to end like this and that something went very very wrong along the way. I think Modest has been out for a while and Syco will join soon, but will definitely take advantage of their residual power as much as they can. I think the breaking ties will be shown quite soon and quite noticeably. I think the press is behaving too oddly not to know something else is coming from this momentarily very boring story (yes, TMZ in particular).  I think Harry is cuddling Louis some extra sweet and long these days. I think Larries are the most amazingly smart and open minded and open hearted people I have ever met and every day spent with you has been a pleasure and an honor for me. Don’t let anyone and certainly these awful people make you doubt yourself. 

Stay strong and safe and wonderful, whatever you decide to do xx