i can't even handle the feels

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

I’ll never be able to move on as long as the air between us still lingers with the possibility of a future. I’ll never be able to look for a new happiness if there’s even a chance it might be standing right in front of me.
—  it’d be easier if you’d just said it’s done.
BBS As Things I've Heard At School
  • Vanoss : I may be very popular but honestly I am so socially scared of people the only reason they like me os cause I smile and nod quietly while inwardly screaming in fear.
  • Delirious : Honestly if I'm voted most likely to be a killer I wouldn't evn be surprised. I think they even said that about me in pre-school.
  • Moo : I have unfortunately become the mom friend and it has made me afraid of ever becoming a mother.
  • " You're a guy. "
  • And? Women are strong to deal with this bullshit! I can't handle you all I would clearly never be a good mother.
  • Terroriser : You know how most people want all eyes on them when walking into a room? I figured it out. Walk in and start doing really loud impressions!
  • Ohm : I feel I'm the friend who you have around so at least someone is semi-innocent in this massive pile of devil spawns.
  • Wildcat : I have no choice but to hang out with you all - I don't know how to make friends anymore!
  • Mini : You want to know what sucks?! Emily got nominated for Prom King over me. One, she's a girl! Not that there's a problem with the fact she's female but in this case there are two seperate places! And a third if anyone were agender. AND TWO! SHE DOESN'T EVEN ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!
  • Nogla : I'm not actually as dumb as I come off as. *misspells their name on a test* O-Okay well you see...I have...no...okay.
  • Lui : Take me back to kindergarden. Snacks, recess and snacks. Away from bullshit and lies.
  • Basically : I had this group of friends before. They only hung out with me to show "diversity" so they didn't come off as racist. That comment madee realize they were. Ditched their asses.
  • Scotty : Only once in my life have I ever...I mean ever! Won at a game! Monopoly, Life, Mario Kart...life in general...
  • Smiity : *after someone accidently steps on the back of their shoe* Yeah okay bitch. Get ready for that fucking restraining order on your ass!
  • Cartoonz : I have been compared to a southern satan before. I'm not sure which was more true. The fact that I'm very Southern. Or that I'm satan. *hisses and chokes on spit*
unspoken fears
  • Aries: "I'm so rough and crazy, will anybody ever handle me and still love me?"
  • Taurus: "I have everything I want but I can't find why I still feel empty."
  • Gemini: "I'm going through so many thoughts to find the right one and I'm scared of getting tired of trying."
  • Cancer: "My emotions go up and down and all over the place and I'm scared of drowning in them."
  • Leo: "If people don't tell me I'm worth it, am I still worth it?"
  • Virgo: "There are so many details and reasons why I don't deserve praise even though I work so hard for it."
  • Libra: "I wonder if the love I find on the outside will calm the inner storm on the inside."
  • Scorpio: "Just because I am in tune with the darkness doesn't mean people will come in and stay in the darkness with me... and that scares me."
  • Sagittarius: "I know that I can run from my problems during the day, but I can't hide from them at night."
  • Capricorn: "I fear that my work, sweat, and tears are never going to be enough."
  • Aquarius: "I can get people to work happily together, yet I still feel like an outsider."
  • Pisces: "The world is beautiful and cruel, and I'm scared of what I'll exactly pay when I choose to put on the rose-colored lenses."

Today Mob felt extremely stressed at school.

You know my favorite thing about Lois and Clark’s relationship in Smallville is how Clark is always investigating something to like save people and what not. And he tries to not involve people because it will put them at risk, etc.

But Lois always shows up along the way with the same, or more information than him.

This happens from the very beginning. They are both trying to find out who killed Chloe, and Clark finds out where she is and goes to face that guy who can turn himself to metal. And Lois shows up, and Clark is all, “How did you get here?”

And then when the cheerleaders spike the football player’s punch with a love potion, and Chloe is infected. Clark tells Lois about it, and she’s like, “Good job. Now do you want to know what they are using?”

And it just sort of continues for years, and it surprises them here and there. But they finally just learn to accept it. Like when Clark is in the ring to fight Titan, and they throw Lois in there first. And both of them are basically like, “of course you’re here.”

It’s just so cute. Clark starting at the planet, and them becoming partners was just so natural at that point, because they’d been basically working together for years without even realizing.


you boys♡ (≧∇≦)

The power went out and it’s raining outside, but it’s still beautiful. ~

// for @hannibalcreative​‘s event #ItsStillBeautiful, we know it is.  ♥
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Shameless inspo for establish Sarumi where they move back in together. Misaki starts showing the highs of manic depression & Saru somehow finds out Misaki quit his job but wonders where he goes when he says he's going to work so he follows him. He finds Misaki at a gay strip joint lap dancing on some guy & giving him hand so Saru is like what? Yata acts all casual about it like it pays more who cares. Then when they get home Yata shows the lows & refuses to get out of bed. How would Saru deal?

I can see this being something difficult for Fushimi to deal with at least initially just because he’s not exactly well-equipped to handle other people’s mental issues when he can barely handle his own, like depending on Fushimi’s own feelings at the time if Yata hit a depressive low I could see Fushimi ending up lying there in bed with him and neither one quite has the will to get up. I think he’d be able to tell that something’s off about Yata though, like maybe Yata’s on one of his highs and it’s making him extra energetic to the point of recklessness. He’s rarely at home, always needing to keep moving and he’s always excitedly trying to drag a tired and cranky Fushimi out places. Fushimi assumes that Yata’s late nights are due to his part time job but then he finds out from one of the Homra guys that Yata quit and that makes Fushimi even more concerned, he knows that Yata was enjoying his current job and it seems weird that Yata would leave it without telling Fushimi. Maybe this has been going on for a while though, like Yata’s string of part time jobs wasn’t because he couldn’t hold one down or anything, it was because he hits manic periods where just going to work regularly is too difficult for him, he’s always wanting to go out and do more or he causes issues and gets fired. Fushimi confronts Yata about it and Yata just blows him off like don’t worry so much geez you’re not my mom. Yata runs off and Fushimi decides to follow him, which is when he discovers Yata’s current strip joint job. Say that’s the place Yata tends to end up when he’s at his wit’s end, like during the manic periods when he’s constantly getting fired he can work out his energy there and he’s not even embarrassed about it, just on such a high that he doesn’t care who he’s dancing with or what he’s doing. Being caught there by Fushimi doesn’t faze him at all, in fact Yata’s about ready to give Fushimi a lap dance before Fushimi drags him away.

Then the next day Fushimi’s expecting to have to deal with this unfamiliar manic Yata but instead he finds Yata’s hit a low period and won’t leave his bed, totally mortified about what Fushimi saw him doing and about losing yet another job and Fushimi doesn’t know how to handle this because he’s not even really sure why Yata went from one extreme to another. I think Fushimi would know enough to suspect manic depression though and maybe he and Yata have a talk about it, Fushimi wondering if Yata’s ever sought treatment or if he has some kind of meds Fushimi can get for him, Yata’s like why the hell would I go to treatment just because I feel shitty. I think Fushimi would get annoyed at him for that but then Yata gets irritated at him in turn, like you’re the last person who gets to tell me about needing therapy or medicine for mental issues. I feel like Fushimi would feel a bit helpless about the whole thing, part of him wants to be able to support Yata now the way Yata’s been supporting Fushimi through his rough mental patches but Fushimi himself has no idea how to do that, like he’s wracking his brain for what Yata does during Fushimi’s low periods and maybe he even ends up making Yata something to eat and then sitting with him in bed and being all awkwardly gentle about things. Fushimi thinks he’s probably fucking things up entirely but it does end up helping Yata, Yata can tell that Fushimi’s really trying and he can’t help but feel a bit touched, like he knows how out of his element Saruhiko is here but Fushimi’s still trying and it does actually make Yata feel less awful, like he has someone in his corner now even during the highs and lows of his mood and that makes him feel more like he can get through this.

ok but like imagine your otp having kids and always arguing about what films their children are allowed to watch because whilst person A loves scary stuff and wants them to experience the thrill of horror, person B gets frightened easily and is really overprotective even though they know the kids can’t handle it and then they finally agree to watch a scary film and the kids are loving it but person B is hiding behind a pillow and so person A feels the need to protect them whilst the kids are giggling at their parent and i just ugh domesticity

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Gah!! I knew as soon as you said Palpatine have him the meds that they were bad!! You can't just leave TwoAlphas like that!! I can't handle not knowing what's going on with the pregnacy now that there are bad meds involved for very long!! I NEEDS MORE INFORMATION!!

The first twinges start up long before they even reach air and Obi-Wan rubs his hand over his stomach cautiously with a small frown. There’s an ache swelling along his spine and a feeling of wrong, just outright wrong, spreading through his body that he tries to write off as just normal pregnancy issues.

And then it feels like someones punched the air from his lungs as a contraction hits.

‘No, no, no its to early, its to early!’ Obi-Wan curled over a bit, eyes wide as wetness coated his leggings and ran down his legs to pool at his feet.

“General?” Cody’s cautious voice not far from him. “Are you alr-” The trooper took a sharp breath as he noticed the puddle. “Oh kark. Nutcase get us back DOWN. Hardwire comm the Alderaan medical center! The General is going into labor!”

“Cody…” Obi-Wan gritted out. “Call Coruscant.”


Anakin paused mid saber lesson and frowned a bit, looking around in confusion even as the younglings watched him in equal confusion.

“Master Skywalker?” One of them called out.

“Hmm? Oh, sorry, now you just hold your saber like thi-” He stopped again before going pale as a sheet. “Class dismissed!” He snapped, long legs suddenly twirling him towards the doors as he sprinted out of the salle, almost crashing into Mace Windu.

The Korun grabbed him by the shoulders while both stared at each other.

“…They just commed. They were about to leave Alderaan when his water broke. They managed to land and Queen Breha had a medical team waiting for them the moment they did.” He offered to the blond tightly.

“I need t-”

“You won’t reach it in time. Regardless what happens, you won’t reach him in time for…whatever happens.” Mace face was tight, jaw tense.

“…Its to fucking early.” Anakin hissed.

“Twenty five to twenty six weeks…medical staff on wait…the chances are good.” Mace tried to assure, to not feed more fear into the knight in front of him.

“…I need to be there whatever happens.”

“…Go.” Mace let go and watched Skywalker run, watching several shatterpoints break as he did yet still several remained, ready to either unfold or burst. “…May the Force be with us all.”

Anakin threw himself into his Interceptor, R2 already in and firing up several engines. He almost took off before he was granted permission and shot of as fast as he could, the Force screaming in his ears.

Blood was pounding in his ears as he headed out of Coruscants orbit, his heart in his throat even as R2 put Padme through when she commed.

“Anakin?” Her voice sounded small, static and almost scared.

“I’m heading towards Alderaan.” He offered.

“Good, I’m trying to arrange transport but…I don’t think I’ll be able to leave the Senate Anakin.”

“I’ll send any news when…when I get there.”

“…Anakin, be careful, try to be calm. Obi-Wan is going to need you calm.” Came her voice again.

“IF he survives.”

“ANAKIN!” She snapped and he took a sharp breath.

“Sorry…sorry I just…this is…my dreams…”

“Are just dreams. First time parent jitters…Anakin be CALM. Obi-Wan needs you to be calm.” She was practically pleading over the comms and Anakin took a sharp breath as R2 beeped at him in binary.

“…Okay. Okay calm, I can be calm…Padme…what do we do if the baby dies?” There was a long silence in the wake of Anakin’s lost voice.

“We concentrate on Obi-Wan and hold him through the pain. That’s what we do Anakin.” She answered in a tired sounding voice.



He touched down on Alderaan and didn’t even wait for R2 to follow, jumping out the moment the canopy opened and rushing past the guard sent to greet him. His focus was on the weak and still signature of Obi-Wan, fear dogging his every step as he rushed through the spaceport closest to the medical center that had Obi-Wan.

Anakin went a bit tunnel vision, until his name was cried out by a familiar voice.

“General Skywalker!”

He froze to a stop and turned down a hall of the medical center to where the troopers who had escorted Obi-Wan were sitting.

Well most, Cody was standing.

All had their helmets off and all of their faces were tinged with worry.

“You’re here sir.”

“Yes, any news?”

“None sir, we’ve…we’re not immediate family or mates. We had to stay here.” Cody gestured around the hall.

Anakin might have answered that the Jedi considered the vods close companions, friends, some family if another voice hadn’t chosen that moment to call out for him.

“Knight Skywalker?”

He turned quickly and then added a hurried bow. “Queen Breha. I-”

“He’s alright, they just cleaned him up and rolled him to his room. You can go see him now if you want.” She was smiling.

Anakin felt like he had taken a direct hit to the stomach, breathless and aching. “He…”

“The birth was early so we had to op for a cesarean section as Obi-Wan’s body was not prepared for actual birth but he’s currently resting quite comfortably.” She continued.

Anakin’s legs felt like they were turning to jelly and they wanted to fold beneath him. “The baby?” He croaked out.

“In the intensive bubble. Its…early but your little one has a good chance, especially with the medical attention and the intensive bubble. Congratulation Knight Skywalker.” She was smiling before gesturing to the room she had come from. “He’s in there. Both of them are.”

Forcing himself to walk forward, Anakin gave her a stunned look before passing by the Queen and into the room.

Obi-Wan was tucked up in a bed, his face flushed and sweaty but he was blissfully breathing with his vitals looking strong as a droid fussed around him. And past Obi-Wan…

Anakin felt as if he was trembling as he moved around the bed to the incubator.

Tiny, so very tiny and pink, swaddled in soft purple was his baby, hooked to wires and tubes.

Anakin stared before slipping a hand into one of the gloves of the incubator and touching a tiny flat nose. “Oh…” He shuddered at the feel.

“I decided on Jinn.” A rough voice whispered behind him and Anakin turned a tear streaked face towards Obi-Wan who was watching him through tiny silvers of opened eyes. “Thought it fit him…”

“Obi-Wan.” Anakin slid his hand out and moved to the bed, sitting on the bedside and leaning down, pressing his forehead to his omegas while cupping one flushed bearded cheek. “You wonderful miracle of nature. You did so GOOD. You hear me? You did so good.” He was crying and laughing at the same time, relief shaking him to the core.

Obi-Wan gave a little laugh. “Mmmn I know…need to sleep a bit more. I’m very sore.”

“You do that love.” Anakin peppered his face with little kisses. “Padme will be here when you wake too. But you rest now.” He stroked the others cheek.

Obi-Wan gave a low noise of contentment before falling back into his drug assisted sleep.

Anakin looked back to the incubator, still shaking and still laughing. “Welcome to the world Jinn Kenobi.”

alright this is what i need

i need a BBC ‘reality’ show based on Rose and her Doctor. think about it.


buying their first house

going on adorable & spontaneous dates 


having ridiculously cute old married couple arguments 

Christmas with the family

Rose telling The Doctor they’re expecting & he’s afraid he wont be a good Dad

but his face when he sees his wife and new baby

come on they’d be the best parents ever

uuugghhhh I… I….


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So yeaaa I'm loving MEA so far but my biggest pet peeve is when I'm trying to finish a mission but somehow end up getting another 50 side missions which I have to finish bc I want to help everyone but I'm the one who needs help,,, there are too many missions to do I can't handle this :'I

I feel your pain

and same. I spend at least 2 hours helping everyone everywhere I go. I don’t even know what my main mission is right now

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Can ya pls do some random Steve x s/o HCs I can't handle the randle today

hmm I wanna make these really good

Can ya pls do some random Steve x s/o HCs I can’t handle the randle today

— If Steve can’t sleep, he’ll totally wake his s/o up
— When he’s sick, you have to take care of him
— He’ll lie in bed while the blanket up to his nose and you have to make him soup
— He feels like he’s dying support him
— Steve is huge on random kisses with his s/o
— Even in public, he’ll just come up and attack you lmao
— He’s very smutty at the beach or anywhere that you’re in your bathing suit
— Steve’s favorite place is in front of or behind you with his hands on your hips
— If you can convince him, he loves taking day trips
— Typically he’s very rigid and traditional but he is spontaneous
— His favorite thing to do is make you smile
— Steve lives for your smile
— “Baby, why?”
— “C'mon, babe”
— This boy is slicker than most people give him credit for
— Darry saw hickies on your neck once and it was the most embarrassing thing ever
— Steve is ruthless on your neck
— He tries not to leave marks but probably does it on purpose
— Steve constantly puts his hands in your back pockets
— Nothing makes him happier than when you visit the DX
— He loves it
— Make him a lunch and introduce yourself to all of his friends
— I guarantee you he will internally cry with joy

Okay real talk, I’ve seen a lot of my favorite characters die horrendous deaths in front of me but watching Norrington die?? Gets me every time. The expression on his face? The pain in every one of his final moments? Watching him try to breathe? Stabbing Davy Jones even though you can see every bit how much it hurts? THE FACT THAT HE DIED, NOT ALONE, BUT SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES??? AND THEN EVERYONE JUST? LEFT?? HIM???
I need someone to share these feelings with you guys