i can't even handle how amazing this is

Min Yoongi




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It’s not fair


*brain explodes*

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Somehow I have a headcanon with Bibi as roommates that despite can be mature most of the days, MakiEli are total children in the morning so it's up to mommy Nico to take care of them, from preparing glass of chocolate and coffee to making sure their shirts are buttoned properly. That's why, despite need to try hard not to gag at the rainbow NozoEli emmated or loud voices that make her can't sleep, Nico is secretly glad when Nozomi stays a night because she gets help at handling the two babies


tho I’m also laughing because Nico having to deal with Eli and Maki in the morning like that is amazing. I love the reliant on coffee hc’s for Maki, and with Ro’s recent post about how Eli isn’t a morning person, it makes this even better because I can 100% see this.

I just imagine some days they meet up with Nozomi and Eli is finally a functioning human, Maki’s getting there, but Nico just looks exhausted and needs a brief thirty minute nap 

every time I see the grease-esque photos from the shoot and I literally have to scream into my pillow. that has to be my favorite one. I can’t even handle how perfect everything about it is. not only are these people so damn gorgeous, the outfits were such nice subtle nods to grease and I just uGH. whoever styled them, I wanna know their name. they did such an amazing job styling them in their respective grease character parallels in a subtle and non-obnoxious way. 


Just pursing the Inuyasha things for purchase on Amazon and I come across this.

I don’t even know what I think. I don’t even know which face is better.

Kagome’s cross-eyed-dazed face,

Inuyasha’s face that reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine,

Sesshomaru whose face is the embodiment of a sassy teenager rolling their eyes at an adult whom they think is stupid,

Kikyo’s face that is reminiscent of mine after a good nap,

Sango’s face of what-is-even-happening,

or Miroku’s face (amazing jazz hand included) that makes me think he just hit the most almighty of all high notes.

……I can’t even handle how funny this is to me.  


[…] Time is luck. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life, make yours count for something. Fight for what matters to you, no matter what. Because even if you fall short, what better way is there to live? It’s easy feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today. But there will be dark days ahead of us too. There will be days where you feel all alone, and that’s when hope is needed most. No matter how buried it gets, or how lost you feel, you must promise me that you will hold on to hope. Keep it alive. We have to be greater than what we suffer. My wish for you is to become hope. People need that. And even if we fail, what better way is there to live?

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: but is Simmons still inside the stone? did it transport her somewhere? is it even kree? is it the soul stone? is Simmons an inhuman? did it kill her? will she go back in time? is Simmons in space? will she meet Peggy Carter? how will she she breathe if she's in space? will getting sucked into that thing change her? what if it changes her in a bad way? what if it kills her and something else inhabits her body? I can't handle another Illyria situation!!! will Simmons get superpowers? will she turn into an inhuman-killing-machine? will this be an amazing opportunity for her? will it destroy her and everything I love about her? will Simmons get more screen time next season? what is Fitz going to do? where is Simmons? what day is it? I'm hungry.

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I want to commit suicide. I'm so tired of living that I can't even handle it anymore. I need some ideas on how to go about this situation.

Take time to appreciate the simple things in life: the many colors of the sky, the soft roar of the bugs on the ground, the feeling of wind on your face. Take a vacation from your mind. Don’t go to Svits or anything. But try meditation, asmr, or relaxation hypnosis. Quiet your mind and appreciate that life goes on, and you’re capable of amazing feelings besides sadness or anxiety.

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I'm laughing these are so ironic. Most of these blog descriptions talk about "I'll shut down/argue/throw logic at sjws!11" but they can't even handle you posting their OWN descriptions. THEIR OWN WORDS. When I look at your blog I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

It is AMAZING to me the uptick in hate I’ve gotten since starting this blog. For literally posting screenshots of their own words.

It is AMAZING how people are calling me an SJW just because I’m literally posting screenshots of them MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE.

The hypocrisy of anti-sj never, ever ceases to amaze me.

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Just think about Stiles riding Derek and he slowly starts to lose it, his eyes first, then his fangs, his claws dig into the mattress praying for something to hold onto because he can't grip Stiles' hips like this but Stiles told him to lose himself and Sties just can't even handle it, his beautiful boy looks so amazing like that and he goes on a five minute rant on how gorgeous Derek is and all that praise just makes Derek heat up and blush- blushing in his wolf form, Stiles' favorite thing



Yes yes yes. 


I will have another! *slams fists on table*


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I literally can't handle how powerful that Farkle scene was. Can we talk about Zay? The real mvp. And Riley hugging him while he's talking ahshsjsksksk so amazing. I can't

Riley, Farkle and Zay (or I should say Rowan, Corey and Amir) are all MVP’s of that scene. It was one of the most touching and moving scenes I have seen on this show, and done regarding one of the heaviest subjects yet portrayed with complete finesse. It’s not even about romantic Riarkle, it’s just about how beautifully this message was delivered.

I don’t fawn over kid actors but Corey Fogelmanis beyond delivered in this episode. He deserved that standing ovation. It makes me wonder WTF he was doing with Mostly Ghostly because that kid made his moments in GLONY come to life. Watching him get emotional got ME emotional, like I was actually watching someone suffer over their heritage and the abominations of their past. 

louis tomlinson would fight a whole army just to be with harry styles

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Help me THAT WAS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. ROOT IS SHAWS SAFE PLACE. NINE MONTHS OF TORTURE, 6741 SIMULATIONS, AND ALL OF THEM FT ROOT AS HER SAFE PLACE JFC. WHEN WILL WE EVER GET SOMETHING THIS AMAZING AGAIN. God that ep was perfect. I'm not even mad it was a simulation bc it HAD to be one with how fast and choppy everything was. But honestly how sad is it that shaw was completely right. Harold stopped looking. Root was her biggest advocate. I can't handle this.


  • me: I'm pansexual
  • idiot: so, what, you're attracted to pans
  • me: yes, I am attracted to pans, I'm so glad you understand and didn't make this awkward at all, you seem so open minded. You know, the other day I was out shopping and there were so many pans, one of them was stunning I couldn't stop staring my mom thought I was insane but really, you should have seen it. I had to take a picture and I sent it to my friend, here look at this pan, how amazing is it, I can't even explain how in love I am, look at that handle wow so great. I don't understand how people are attracted to people, that's so weird, like what do you so when you are together

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I literally love your blog more than anything. All of the pictures you reblog are too amazing and oh my god I just love it I can't even handle how amazing. Thank you. Thank you for being the best blog out there

when i read this ask

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YES! After EVERYTHING Sam has been through he is still the kindest, warmest, most understanding person and I just... I can't not love Sam. I can't stop loving everything that he is. And I am so thrilled that we don't even have to talk about how beautiful he is because that is last on the list of reasons of why we should all love Sam. MY HEART IS BURSTING BECAUSE SAM! Of what scene analysis do you speak? You didn't link it and I need to read all about it!

It took me a while to respond, and an amazing episode regarding Sam and how he handles the situation, so here I am again, all over with Sam feels :) 

But I’ll tell you what I love the most about Sam? 

Is the fact that he believes in change. He believes he can change, and he is changing, and therefore he believes Dean can change too. 

He believes in good, thus he believes that despite everything there is good in him. That what makes him see the good in Dean, even in those darkest times..

He has faith, he can see beyond, that’s what makes him so understanding toward people, he was in the dark and hopeless place, he climbed up, and he doesn’t think highly of himself, so he believes that if he could fight and climb up, so everybody can do that too, he has faith. 

I think that he also know how important Dean’s rule in his early life was, to build the man he is now, and although he is hurt, he is grateful for the right things, for Dean taking care of him when they were kids, for Dean carrying him all those years. 

Yes, Sam is no saint, but he overgrow so much in the past two years, he is no longer lashing on Dean in anger when he sees he is wrong, he is no longer storming off, and while doing all that - he is no longer letting himself be the doormat. 

I love him. 

I love how he changed. 

It makes me believe sometimes in change in a deepest way. 

You can stop, he said. and that’s shows everything. He hasn’t told Dean it isn’t you, he didn’t lash out on him, he just told him, with all his heart in those words, You can stop. This is you, I believe in you, you can stop.


I find that gif inspiring. so here it is. 

(I know I might took that ask off-topic, but I am so very emotional about this)