i can't even handle her cuteness right now

Hardships of a Fangirl
  • Me: *reads a fanfic on my phone in public*
  • Fanfic: *cute scene happens*
  • Person: she's really interested in her phone I wonder what she's thinking
  • Me: *internally screaming* my otp omfg what even gave you the right stop that I can't handle omfg adskjfa;sklf STOP THAT I CANT EVEN I JUST CANT UGH MY FEEL GOD DANGIT stupid dorks I hate you but I love you guys too ugh wtf I WANNA SCREAM ABOUT MY OTP AND SHARE MY FEELINGS WITH OTHERS NOW BUT I CANT
  • Person: yea she's really interested in it, I wonder why she can't stop smiling. It must be something really funny.

Meet Mama aka Girlfriend aka Crafty aka Zoe aka Cora, (we’re still deciding on a name and seems everyone in the office has a favorite).  Earlier this week, this little girl was dropped out of a car in a park across from a fire station.  (Eternal sadness that this is an all too common story.)  One of our crew members happened to know the firemen who rescued her and she brought her into the office hoping to find her a good home.

Needless to say, she has become a little bit of a favorite around here. Our production coordinator has been fostering her and a trip to the vet said she is about 10 weeks old.  She’s the sweetest little thing and has so much love to give!  We’re crossing our fingers that she finds a great home with someone on our staff so she can continue to brighten up the office with her sweet little face!  We’re not sure who could possibly dump such a sweet little doggy, but we’re so happy that she found her way to us.