i can't even find the words to express this awesomeness

Also, last night, while we were getting ready for bed, this conversation happened:

Husband: one of my uncles wants to take us to a gun range. I think he thinks it’s a good idea to know how to handle a gun, just…sort of…in case?

me: you have the best date ideas. No, but seriously, yeah, okay, I can sort of see that, not that we’re ever owning a gun, but your dad has one.

Husband: it could be kind of romantic. Like, arms around someone else, guiding, stability…you know your fanfic, right? do you think Erik ever did that with Charles? like in the First Class training scenes?

me: *dumbfounded face* …what the what now? since when do you write fanfic? also for the record that would go one of two ways, either some sort of fluffy AU where Erik’s, like, a cop and Charles is there as a consultant and Erik’s teaching him about gun safety and it’s super-hot…or, y'know, some sort of post-beach fix-it scene…heartbreakingly…because you know Charles would say something like “maybe you should practice controlling bullets” and Erik would not cry but actually go down to a range and practice over and over and never say a word.

Husband: …so you’d still have paralyzed Charles…but…you’d have a happy ending? you would, right?

me: probably Charles would come find him and figure out why he’s doing it and they’d yell at each other for a while and then kiss.

Husband: is this…how you think…all the time?

me: you should write it.

Husband: *panicked expression* I just…was thinking about putting arms around you in that situation…and I thought it might be romantic…sort of…what are words.

me: I love you.

anonymous asked:

OMG I don't think this can be called "asking" but I love your work SOOO much your gundams are my absolute favorite and they're so cute I can't even express in words how cute and awesome and sexy they are THANK YOU FOR BEING ALIVE and thank you for all those artworks.... oh, and are you still open for commissions...?

AAAHH i also can’t find the words for just how sweet this message is… so THANK YOU i will try my best to provide more good gundam content!

as for commissions; i will update my description when they are open again!