i can't even express how hard this was

What’s so beautiful about “you were beautiful” is the fact that the person knows very well that the relationship they had is buried in the past and despite that despite moving on despite the pain and whatever comes with a break up, that person still acknowledges how beautiful the relationship was, how beautiful their ex lover was, how lucky they were to have them even for just a moment and it’s very bittersweet because. To be grateful for a love once shared after letting go, to dare look back at memories that cause both warmth and heartache, it’s something very hard and levelheaded to do and day6 expressed that beautifully 

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The more the speculation grows about a potential Rick and Michonne baby, the more I think Rick openly admitting to himself (and MICHONNE of all people) that Judith isn't his this season makes a whole lot of sense. If that is the direction they're going, then it would be such a beautiful full circle. Rick finally getting to experience the birth of HIS child. Not to mention, him telling her "to replace the one you lost.." Plus all the on-camera love scenes. I can't not read into the subtext.

I agree, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. (Although I’m still not sure how Rick could know Judith is Shane’s… unless he wasn’t finishing thangs with Lori, lol.) But it’s definitely made me wonder about the purpose of that revelation, and even Michonne’s fallen expression when she looked at Maggie’s ultrasound last season. On the one hand, this may be leading nowhere, because it’s TWD. But it’s super hard to ignore all the signs, on top of the fact that they’re purposely showing them having a lot of sex. Maybe that’s their shorthand for “honeymoon phase,” becauae they did do the same with Glenn and Maggie. But I wouldn’t be surprised if like the end of the war is Michonne finding out she’s pregnant. ☺

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Imagine the rest of the Avengers (or Team Cap or the Commandos) constantly have a tally to see how many times in a conversation/day/mission Steve will mention that he's from Brooklyn. There may or may not be bets placed.

They had a bet going.  Two, really. One to see how many times in a day Cap would mention that he was from Brooklyn.  The other was to see how long it took before Cap noticed they were taking bets.  

So far, Dugan was winning and he was damn proud of it.  

“What’re the tally marks for?”  Steve was leaning over Dugan’s shoulder peering at the much-folded wrapper of an MRE.  

Dugan shrugged.  “Just keeping track.”

“Of what?”

“You know.  Stuff.”

Dugan made sure to smile wide and Steve merely nodded and wandered away.


When they made it back to base, Dugan added three more marks before dinner.  

Don’t see what’s so upsettin’ about that, the rats’re way bigger in Brooklyn. 

Buck, can you believe this? They did a decent job of dinner.  They ain’t Coney Island dogs, but they’re ok.

Don’t look surprised.  Of course I fight dirty.  How do you think I survived Brooklyn? 

For three weeks, Steve didn’t catch on.  It wasn’t until Bucky, with a wily look in his eye but a serious set to his mouth said: 

“I dunno, Steve.  I sorta like it here better.  Brooklyn’s not so great.  I might stay here after the war.”

That Steve nearly fainted and Dugan and the rest of the Commandos had to give up their game they were laughing so hard at Steve’s wounded expression.

“But – Buck –we’re –how –you can’t- but we’re—

“—From Brooklyn?  I’d never have guessed.”  Monty smiled.

I love the guys and this fandom but all this drama is getting ridiculous, like its hard to even ignore it anymore.

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RE: the whole thing in Fallout 4 with how you can't have a gay spouse, I don't disagree with you that there were plenty of ways for Bethesda to make a same-sex couple work. To offer a counterpoint, though, pre-war Fallout seems to be pretty darn '50's, for good or for ill; would it be fair to argue that homosexuality was a lot more taboo back then, and it kind of makes sense that even if the main character is gay/bi/pan/etc, they couldn't express it Pre-War? Just a thought.

Let me lead by first suggesting a good hard think about why you’re finding the need to argue in defense of Bethesda here. Is a counterpoint necessary? Is it really, really necessary?

Second, the Fallout games have a ‘50s aesthetic, but the actual year is fucking 2077 or some shit, and maybe we could envision a tiny bit of social progress in 125 years. We don’t even really HAVE to imagine it. For example, the world of Fallout makes a point to say men AND women were on the front lines in wartime combat, hardly a 1950s concept. Change has happened.

Third, and finally, I AGAIN POINT OUT THAT YOU START THE GAME WITH A HOUSEHOLD ROBOT BALLOON THING WITH A BUZZSAW ARM ATTACHMENT ENTRUSTED WITH CHANGING A CHILD’S DIAPER. It’s abundantly clear from Moment One that we’re in a fictional world, and that means the creators make the rules. If the audience can accept that it’s a world with abundant use of domestic robotic artificial intelligence, then it can also accept that Shaun Has Two Mommies.

And with that, I’m done with the conversation.