i can't even geek week special

so my birthday’s in two days, and of course, my family went to a restaurant for dinner. it’s a tradition in my family to play “the category game” (basically my mother’s version of concentration) but that category is the birthday person’s favourite things. so we were going around and there were a few funny things (my dad said gaara, blah, blah, blah) but wee came around to my mother. she was stuck and after a second she looked at me and said, “those two british boys that are gay.” so i nearly fell out of my chair trying not to scream, “dan and phil!?” i finally recovered and said, “well, we can’t completely say they’re gay, we don’t know their lives,” and my family proceeded to have a discourse about whether or not dan and phil were gay. good birthday.


In the Geek Week special of I Can’t Even, one of the questions is

In 2022, who is best man at Dan and Phil’s wedding?

And their faces just scream how the fuck did he know.

Dans face is like, shit PHIL!

And Phil’s just over here like, Chris… how?