i can't even geek week special

i’m not sure if anyone else has pointed this out

in “i can’t even: geek week special”, has anyone else noticed dnp’s reactions to the “in 2022, who was best man at dan and phil’s wedding?” question?

i was thinking about it so i watched back through the video and caught screenshots of the

dan’s reaction, shown first, is laughing. it ends up making him laugh really hard. since it was 2013, he was probably brushing it off (unlike now, where he’d prob talk about it; or tell us to not delve into it)

phil’s reaction is somewhat blushy but loving. it’s love eyes lester back at it again. he does do a little laugh. but dam kid, i bet his heart was pounding. in embarrassment and tenderness

granted i could be analyzing these all wrong 

probably to where i bet someone will call me gross or a ‘demon phannie’

which idc i’ll deal with it. but i just wanted to mention it 


In the Geek Week special of I Can’t Even, one of the questions is

In 2022, who is best man at Dan and Phil’s wedding?

And their faces just scream how the fuck did he know.

Dans face is like, shit PHIL!

And Phil’s just over here like, Chris… how?