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Oh shit well guess you called me out. Can't be bothered responding more just nice to know that you don't give a shit about your readers unless you owe them something. Nice :)

I suppose the irony of you now claiming that you “can’t be bothered responding” is lost on you, though I would remind you that you are in my askbox. I’m responding to you.

And clearly I like my readers, otherwise why would I bother posting at all?  I don’t owe them anything, yes, but I freely give them access to what I write, just as they freely comment on it.

It’s a free exchange of thought, not a paid work.

Now, if it were paid, then yes, by all means kick down my door and demand the deliverable, but in the meantime…

Oh god, how can I put this in a way you’ll understand?

Oh yes.

Go fuck yourself.

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Can someone f*cking explain to me how Karamel is the f*cking main canon couple!?!?

What kind of bullsh*t is this? How can people like an abusive relationship where even one of the actors says he loves “that they give each other a hard time”???

Maybe is that my english is not that good and there’s a synonym for “hard time” that actually means sunshine and rainbows. 


Leather and Lace - Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks - Live at the Troubadour - May 19, 2017