i can't even

first impressions

so last night i binge-watched like 8 episodes of the clone wars w my friend and

  • oh god this is so good
  • the artwork is so aesthetically pleasing esp for 3D animation from 2000s, it’s so original, the facial expressions capture the characters so perfectly, and this mix of super fluent motion with sort of sketchy roughness, of elongated, swooping curves with sharp lines and angular shapes, the smooth textures but with this sorta visible brush strokes effect, the colour and lighting, this is honestly one of the most beautiful animations i’ve ever seen in something that’s essentially a commercial product not an independent art project or sth
  • obi-wan’s super posh accent&gestures asddfghjkl
  • obi-wan is just too hot for words, i can’t even
  • everybody looks beautiful even dooku’s silly face is so majestic here only anakin is still ugly af and i’m laughing so hard
  • ahsoka <333
  • the sass between obi wan and anakin, anakin and ahsoka, ahsoka&rex @anakin, i’m pissing myself
  • the old-timey tv sports commentator voice doing the excited recaps in the intro
  • grievous’ evil chuckle cracks me up every goddamn time
  • the feels. feels for jedi. feels for clones. feels for goddamn droids. feels everywhere. i’m watching this show from under my blanket, where i curled up in foetal position, sobbing violently
  • can i just officially adopt the entire 501st thanks call me mom my sons
  • also did i mentioned the artwork

foul-boy-malfoy asked:

First-- for the body thing--mouth and ears. Second--You are extremely cute, and I'd like to be your friend. So if you ever have a hard time, I am here! .u.

  • Mouth:Do you want to kiss anyone right now?

    Pfft. No…yes

  • Ears:How many piercings do you have (if any)?


Oh umm thank you? . /// .

Yes of course! More friends the merrier! Hug? Oh Gandhi i’m such a Hufflepuff

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I agree with the other anon, you'd make a great Neville. But yeah, don't give yourself heatstroke for the sake of an rp, wait until it's not too hot if you're gonna wear a sweater. And the most important thing is of course, have fun!

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((OCC: I can’t even with you two. You guys are much too kind to me. I won’t then…T-shirt Neville? Hmm I will probably do a cosplay test when I get home. Gosh i’m too impressionable…I need an adult! ))


Look at his tiny little bun and his beautiful lips and imagine how soft would it feel to be kissing him IM DEAD