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This is Ravus and Lunafreya.

They’re able to discuss their issues with each other.

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and then bakugou went back to his own room only to start screaming pretty loudly about what he had just done

anyways i’d never drawn a kiss before nor a comic itself + i’m still getting used to digital art so this probably looks terrible … i wanted to draw something for tetsutetsu’s birthday too but i was pretty busy today (one of the reasons why this looks so rushed, there’s only an attempt at a background in 3 panels and there are so many mistakes) … i’ll try to draw something for him tomorrow

i wasn’t even going to post this because i keep getting the feeling that it’s bad but?? i spent too much time on this to just keep it to myself so yeah !! hopefully i won’t end up regretting posting this lmao


the get down appreciation week
day one: favorite male character

[caption: three gifs of ra-ra from the get down. him with an excited dizzee, looking worried after rapping his part. him preparing to tell his parents the truth about what happened to the salon. him after his call with tanya as he says: “the force is strong with this one.”]

# renewthegetdown


I’m sorry


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

anonymous asked:

I actually had a pleasant conversation today with a girl who I was checking out and I kept tripping over my words so I joked "I can't speak English today." She actually laughed and said "Maybe you can speak another language instead?" So I started speaking to her in Chinese and she lost her mind laughing. It was actually really nice. (I also got her number which is a total plus, since finding girls who like girls in my small town is so hard).

Ayato vs. Subaru Mini Drama
Ayato (CV. Midorikawa Hikaru) & Subaru (CV. Kondo Takashi)
Ayato vs. Subaru Mini Drama

[ Versus Song Requiem(2) Bloody Night Vol.I ]

Ayato vs. Subaru Mini Drama Translation

ヽ(・ω・ゞ) Good evening, dear sinners~! This track got requested a lot, so here it is! Now that I finished Yuma’s DF route, I’m gonna start completing the random requests in my spreadsheets. _(┐「ε:)_ I’m not sure if this has been done already, so my apologies if it has (I searched around and didn’t find anything).

As usual, audio translating isn’t my forte, so I apologize if I misheard or anything.

Note: I used “You” throughout the translation’s action phrases that you’ll see in parenthesis. It was easier that way, so don’t hurt me please.

The mini drama is about 18min. ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Enjoy these two rough mouths~

(Struggling Noises; Wind’s Blowing As Subaru’s Flying)

Subaru: Geez, you’re such a pain!  I told you to stop moving. Don’t you understand!? Someone as stupid as you should know what’ll happen if you try to separate from me now. Hah? Well, if you wanna fall, be my guest. Ahh, but it wouldn’t be bad seeing you like a squashed tomato after falling to the ground. Heheh.

Subaru: Hey, what’re you gonna do? *fixes grip on Subaru* Heheh, you should’ve done that from the start. You really are a pesky woman. Oi, cling to me more. Tch, more!

Subaru: That’s it. That’s better. Your neck’s finally close. Heh…Ah? Damn it. Pisses me off seeing that guy’s fang marks. Hah? Don’t play dumb. It’s obvious what I gotta do. *bites and sucks*

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jake mckenzie appreciation week

↳ day one : favorite screencaps ! ahhh, i love those little moments when jake suddenly kisses mc because… he knows it could be the last time they see each other ;; 

(book 1 chapters 15&16 ; book 2 chapter 6)

I’m realizing I never put enough thought into drawing Damen and it’s probably why he looks like shit in my drawings

Seriously when I let my imagination wander during the reading it’s oblivious but when it comes to drawing him ?? I ?? Don’t manage ??

One of the reasons I consider myself a bad artist.

i feel like if welcome to the madness wasn’t such a last minute thing, yuri definitely would have dyed part of his hair for it too. go big or go home. and maybe that means that costume with some purple hair. yes.

And here ends my 23th birthday! I got The Anthem of the Beart Blu-ray and Yakuza Kiwami. ♡ I can’t wait to play it, but I need to finish Yakuza 0 first. I’ve seen the movie before and it’s like the 4th time I watch it but it’s still really good it speaks to me to a spiritual level. I wish it was longer, tbh.


 I should be doing things instead of feeling sad for no reason.

one year anniversary (◡‿◡✿)

so today’s nov 22 and that means it’s already been a whole year since i’ve started haikyuufacebook omfg Σ(゚Д゚|||) now before i get into the sappy shit lemme just start out by saying:


a big thank you to all of my followers for supporting me all this time, i love each and every single one of you. the tags you guys leave on the fb posts are hilarious lmao I ACTUALLY READ THEM OK GUYS well ok obviously i can’t read every single person’s but i really do try my best to ;A; your reactions are funnier than my posts imo, and the words of appreciation and love that you guys leave for me in the tags when y’all reblog always make my day. (can’t forget those wonderful msgs in the inbox either!)

it’s been 365 days since this blog’s been up but i’ve realized that only made 42 facebook posts in total lmao. not gonna lie but it’s probably because i disappeared from the blog randomly so many times the past year lel y’all are srsly amazing for sticking with me this long when my post/msg reply speed is like … this … LOL …

interacting with y’all was one of my fav things to do the past year (yes, even all that kuronana drama huehue), which is why i had a giveaway and why i do those ask box memes from time to time (even though i’m slow af at finishing them all omfg). in regards to the giveaway last time, all the winners who have won physical prizes have received them (except one cuz it got lost but we working smth out). however, to those who i owe fic prizes to I KNOW I STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED THEM THEY’RE ALL LIKE HALF DONE i’m sorry i will start writing again asap ;A; anyways yeah my point is don’t be shy and come talk to me / interact with me if you haven’t yet ~

for the next couple of days i’m gonna be doing a blast to the past with my own blog by reblogging some of my fav fb posts that i’ve made this past year! if y’all can’t tell already, i’m horrible when it comes to sappy shit so tl;dr… thank you for loving me, i love you just as much (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

- nana ♥


Ken-chan wants everyone to smile

Earlier on the train, a foreign little boy and his papa were talking, and I had no idea what they were saying??

But when his papa said, “Give me big smile,” I heard it!  And I understood it too!  Mostly because the little boy then gave a very happy smile.  

Oh hello!  Girls, give me big smile every day!

This is me saying this to everyone else lol

Translation by @nimbus-cloud