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Do I Scare You Like I Should // a JayTim mix

A mix for the stalker and the holy ghost, the boys who grew up fast and hard and too much and not enough. The city takes and takes and maybe it’s time to stop fighting quite so hard: there’s only so much blood you can lose before you lose yourself. Better to give it away, Red to Red, Two to Three, brother to lover.



people who should be fucking illegal   james mcavoy

“I’ve played roles where my character has to be quite charming and I’ve found it quite easy to do. I think some of it is in my bones but some of it is more deliberate. I remember that it was never that difficult for me to get a director to look up and pay attention to me. Mind you, I don’t know if that’s necessarily charm.”

anonymous asked:

Read your book on writing, it was amazing.... That being said, can you further elaborate on a story synopsis rather than a series synopsis? Like, what are the important selling points. I always tend to overwrite these and can't quite make it as tight as it should be. Thanks in advance!

everyone tends to overwrite them.

 get to the point.  editor’s have hundreds of pages of shit to read everyday. get to the part that makes the story worth telling. get to the part they can sell.  get to the thing that makes it stand out.

i was watching the EXCELLENT criterion edition of tootsie last night and they talk about sydney pollack wrestling with WHY to make the movie.  the writer says:  it’s about someone figuring out how to be a better man.  he signed on.