i can't dyl with it

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Ever since Ian referred to himself as Coltons 'daddy' I can't help but think of Hoech's current dad beard and Dyl's comment in an interview years ago when he said that Hoech looked '35 but in the best way' and wonder if Dylan ever calls Hoech 'daddy'?

I laughed so hard when Ian went there. We share a wavelength because Dylan’s daddy kink with Hoech is where my mind wandered off to. 

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I cry every time (also swoon at the touching). 

Now that that’s been revisited, let’s move on to the more recent daddy kink portion of the evening.

Here are the screencaps from the Daddy Roommate Survival Tips from June 2015, in which Dylan speaks to how he survives living with daddy!Hoechlin.

(Shhh…trust me that line is there in between the laughs. Just listen closely. ;)) 

Hoech with the glasses, all bearded out, chest hair that benches 357lbs of testosterone before breakfast, and then going about wearing soft sweaters and cardigans??? Can you fault O’Brien for being unable to resist looking at Hoech in this light especially now a days that he’s dressing the part? Hell I’ve had an aversion to any sort of daddy kink, but then Hoechlin went and Dadded out on us and well…Hoechpocalypse is eternal.

Let’s not forget it being said at Howler Con 2015 after which he finds out Dylan went to a Mets game without him, Hoechlin said, “He’s in trouble.”(x, x, x) as he texted Dylan about it. Uh oh, Daddy’s angry.

Bottom line: You’re damn right he calls him Daddy, probably listed in his contacts as such. Probably why he was afraid to call him during SDCC 2015, he knew it was 4am and he didn’t want to be the one responsible for waking him. The real question here is: What happens when Dylan steps out of line? ;)

*Ultra super tight hugs, Alpha Nonnie* <33