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Meet the artist meme!

I wanted to do this one cuz it involved drawing and spilling more about self…

Also i thought it’s a good way of CELEBRATING A 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG! YAYA! Oh man, what an adventure it was…I kept on making silly skeleton comics and you guys sticked with them for some reason. Thank you all for that. And thank you newcomers! Enjoy your stay!

For the next year full of skeleton sibling love! <raises glass of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top>

I FREAKING TAG @wonszu and whoever want to do it - it’s fun, give it a try :D

Sooo late, but this one took a lot more time to finish, for both parts ^^’


Amy sat on the edge of her board walk, silently enjoying the night breeze. She closed her eyes and inhaled as she let out  a breathy sigh that relaxed her under the crisp air that was forming. She really should do this more often. The week’s activities had drained her and a little “me time” was in order. She’d much rather enjoy the sun’s rays instead of the night’s breeze, but she settled for the moment. Besides, it was turning out to feel rather nice, despite the slight chill.

The breeze suddenly intensified in one swift beat. She rubbed her arms and looked around.

“Maybe I should just go inside.” She said to herself as she looked toward her hub disappointingly. She looked toward the sky, taking in its beauty before she’d excuse herself inside her home.

“This seat taken?”

Amy jumped at the sound of the voice but relaxed upon seeing its owner. Sonic carefully sat down next to her, being wary of the water below.

“Takin’ it easy, I see. Hope you don’t mind me joining in on your alone time.” He winked.

She smiled. “Well, it’s not considered “alone time” if you’re here now, is it.”

“Point taken. What are you doing alone out here anyways?” He asked as he let one arm drape over his knee while his other leg hung over the edge.

She leaned back on her hands as she let her head fall on her chest. “Like you said. Just taking it eeeeasy.”

Sonic raised a brow and chuckled. “That’s funny. I never took you for the relaxing type what with you always being on top of things and all.”

Amy blew a bang out of her face and lowered a brow at him. “After everything that’s happened this week? I think I deserve a little relaxation, wouldn’t you agree?”

Sonic smirked and turned to face forward, scanning the island’s nearby hubs.

“What brings you here anyways?” She asked, changing the subject.

“Oh, just going for a late night run before I hit the shack.”

“You do that often?”

“Not usually, but tonight’s pretty crisp. A good night to run. You should try it sometime.”

“Hm. I think I will.”

Sonic smiled as Amy turned to the end of the pier and watched a couple of currents pass by with the wind. A gust tickled her arms and sent a shiver up her back, making her flinch a little.

“Although, I’d much rather prefer sunbathing on the beach.” She chuckled as she rubbed an arm for warmth.

Sonic noted the air was becoming rather chilly. He looked to Amy as she continued to rub her arm before he looked down in thought.

Amy was looking up at the sky, rubbing both of her arms now, when she suddenly felt a warm fabric encase her shoulders down to her arms. Her eyes momentarily widened as she softly gasped and turned to see Sonic facing away, quickly noticing that something was missing. She looked down to see he’d given her his scarf. A tender smile slowly crept onto her face.

She pulled the scarf further around her arms and nuzzled into it. Sonic slowly looked over his shoulder to see her doing so and blushed. He was more than happy to lend her the neckerchief, but seeing her delicately nuzzle into it like that flustered him a bit. She was adorable.

Amy hummed happily into the scarf and looked to Sonic with half-lidded eyes. “Thanks, Sonic. Your scarf makes for a nice blanket.”

He blushed even more before he cleared his throat, holding a fist to his mouth. “U-uh yeah, sure. No problem.”

Amy giggled and stood up, beginning to tie the scarf around her neck. Sonic looked up at her quizzically. “What are you doing?”

“How about a quick run? You said yourself it’s best on nights like these.” She said as she began running in place.

Sonic chuckled and stood up next to her as he placed his hands on his hips. “Where’d all this energy come from? I thought you wanted to relax?”

“I think I’ve done enough relaxing. I want to get my blood pumping again! So, are we going to run or not?”

Sonic shook his head playfully at her eagerness, but prepped himself as well, stretching his legs. “I guess I could say I’ve always wanted a running partner, heh.”

Amy stopped running in place and looked to him with determination. “Well, looks like you’ve found one.” She winked and began running in place again.

Sonic blushed in surprise then chuckled as he took a starting position. “I think I can deal with that.”

“Hehe, I hope you can keep up with me.” She teased as she also took a starting position.

Sonic started laughing and was too distracted to notice Amy had already gone ahead. “H-hey!”

She continued running and laughing all the way passed her hub and into the forest, sticking her tongue out at him. He laughed at her silly antics and sped up, catching up to her in no time.

Hey there, so I reached 3K followers yesterday!

The last time I made a post was when I had 200 followers. And since then, I transfered to film school, started to do animation, cut my hair short and traveled a lot around the world!

And of course I also met so many more awesome people on Tumblr that inspire me to grow! THANK YOU ALL!!


Starting now, I hope I can post more OCs or just observations I make daily when I travel around. Hope that won’t bore you, I want to get better!

“What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again.”

Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King now!

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