i can't draw them normal way


there was a long thought process when I first watched this scene that eventually led to “what if Jay had that teddy bear when he was born” and so this happened

bonus flashback! pls don’t judge me I can’t draw babies?

i hope i’m not the only one who thinks that mcg/enji fanarts where mccree is 37 and genji looks like an underage teen are creepy as all hell

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I'm on mobile, so I can't see your faq. Do you accept requests? If not, that's totally ok. If you do, perhaps the perfect frog girl from bnha? Either way have a nice day! Your art is fantastic!

my faq says requests are closed but really i’m just drawing them selectively at the moment. (i had a hard time drawing tsuyu normally for some reason so i hope you don’t mind this thing)

Well, it’s day 14. I hope ya like it.

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So how is Frisk going to do genocide if he's blind? Will he just go through enough shit that he can do a toph and see people by the slight hum of their magic or something? I'd imagine he'd be even more dangerous than actual NORMAL genocide Frisk in that he can't be hit, but he'd also have a hard time telling where his opponents are, so he ends up destroying a lot of attacks going towards them thinking they're his enemy, and holy crap this is an awesome thought.

now that you’ve said it i gotta draw it

but there is a way frisk goes geno already

but this is a really fun idea!!

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Hi! I am an amateur about drawing pictures and i wonder the pens that you're using. I want something that i can use generally. I can't bear complex pen sets :) Your drawings are fascinating by the way :)

Hi, thank you for asking! I’m an amateur doodler, too!

Ok, here is some pens I have.

The left pic was made by Pentel gel ball pen 0.5mm.
The right pic was made by Mitsubishi uni-ball Signo 0.38mm (I love this one!)
Those are normal office supplies you can get everywhere. Actually, I made those doodles at my office just for fun lol.

And, these are Deleter Neopiko drawing pens and Copics. They are not special ones, too. I don’t know which one is the best. I took them because I just found them at stores. I mean, if you got pens, any pens, you can try them and draw anything as you like!