i can't draw them normal way


there was a long thought process when I first watched this scene that eventually led to “what if Jay had that teddy bear when he was born” and so this happened

bonus flashback! pls don’t judge me I can’t draw babies?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I am an amateur about drawing pictures and i wonder the pens that you're using. I want something that i can use generally. I can't bear complex pen sets :) Your drawings are fascinating by the way :)

Hi, thank you for asking! I’m an amateur doodler, too!

Ok, here is some pens I have.

The left pic was made by Pentel gel ball pen 0.5mm.
The right pic was made by Mitsubishi uni-ball Signo 0.38mm (I love this one!)
Those are normal office supplies you can get everywhere. Actually, I made those doodles at my office just for fun lol.

And, these are Deleter Neopiko drawing pens and Copics. They are not special ones, too. I don’t know which one is the best. I took them because I just found them at stores. I mean, if you got pens, any pens, you can try them and draw anything as you like!