i can't draw otl


I watched Disney’s Hercules and this happened…

I need a Disney!TSoA AU that has an end like Hercules…. Achilles brings back Patroclus’ soul, becomes a true hero and thus a god, but decides to live a mortal life with Pat. And they live happily ever after. That’s all I need.

ponderinghowell  asked:

Question. Does Phil top or bottom?

I’ve always seen Phil as the top since his manly cordless hammer drill days
(Dan has admitted that he is a bottom anyways X’D)


Love Live! Week 2016

Day 3: Daisy - Faith

Something ‘bout the meaning of daisies.. (´‿`✿) New beginnings, childhood, keeping a secret out of care for someone dear to them. I wanted to convey that through Kanan and Mari, about their bond and past. They must’ve had faith in one another to hopefully understand each other’s actions, but of course, talking it out is best for making one’s truest feelings known. (^^;) 

I uh…
I may have gotten a promotional email notifying me that a Lobster Kigurumi was available complete with a photo of it and I uh…

Shit dudes I don’t have an explanation beyond that. 

(I have this mental image that the P5 protag is one of those people that gives a joke gift along with something actually nice or useful [I do that tbh] but its always like oh no the joke gift is perfect.)
[Also its transparent sooooo…]