i can't draw kate at all

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Can you tell me an alternative spell of that wrapped around my finger spell? Ik you're a very busy woman bt I can't hide things in my house. I'm more into paper burning spells. I tried to think of some alternatives bt the chant is designed that way. I'm facin the same prb with my bf. I see him talking to so many girls& I did told him how I feel bt nothing works. Pls help me Kate, I hate to see the attention slowly drifting to other girls. I'll be very obliged to u for all the efforts

i reworked the original spell a bit, but it’s still pretty similar

tongue tying spell

find something that represents his mouth, a drawing or a picture, anything. write the names of the girls you don’t want him to talk to on the back. bind with black thread, and then burn it over a black candle.  chant:

your tongue is tied, it belongs to me
i have your voice but it is only lip service.
to flirt with other girls you won’t be free.
by black thread and candle, let this spell preserve us

keep the ashes in an envelope. 

rin being the amazing best friend he is
decided that his best friend also needed to suffer the maid outfit
except sousuke looks picture perfect in it
he looks good in anything rin i thought you knew this by now

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Hey I was wondering if you have any general makeup tips for (kinda extremely) hooded eyes? I always spend so much time on eye makeup and then I look straight at the mirror and can't even tell I have anything on :P

For hooded eyes I like to take a lot of inspiration from Blake Lively, Kate Hudson and Gisele Bundchen. All extremely gorgeous women with hooded eyes!

One thing Blake Lively does a lot is a bright inner corner. It really brightens up and draws attention to the eyes without having a prominent lid shade!

Another tip would be to play up your lips with a bright or bold lipstick. Since eyeshadow can get a lost in hooded eye lids try to play up another part of your face like the skin, lips or cheeks!

When Kate Hudson does a smokey eye she tends to put quite a lot of emphasis on and smoke out the bottom lash line since sometimes hooded eyes prevent you from seeing the lid color. So try smoking out the top and bottom lash line!