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inktober day 24/jaydick week day 1: animal shapeshifters

the kitten in jay’s jacket is from this fic by @corruptedempires ;)

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Ike, Ruby so you like The Stick of Truth?

IKE: Kyle talks a lot about it. It’s a favorite among their batch.
IKE: With our batch, it’s either you like it or you don’t. A lot of the Asian kids aren’t too fond of it, but they’re okay with it as long as you don’t rub it in your face like the Vamp kids did with Twilight.
RUBY: The older kids are doing a LARP based around it, aren’t they?

IKE: My ‘ship’ is apparently stationed at the playground and they get to fight my pirate lackeys. And Firkle’s some sort of Viking. I dunno.
IKE: He’s part of the Goths’ ensemble though, and they ‘ally’ themselves with whichever kingdom assists them.

IKE: Younger sis- sorry, younger brother of the beautiful Princess Kenny, who will be played by, obviously, Kenny the cat.
IKE: Prince Karen is the kindest prince in all the land, wielding the rapier of legend, Queenlasanne. She’s supposed to be co-rulers with Tweek? I forgot how much they changed the storyline for the LARP.
RUBY: Tweek didn’t want to be the Wizard King, so he made the barbarian the king. Barbarian King Tweke, the Incorruptible.
IKE: Oh yeah, right. It’s really funny how the barbarian’s name in the book is Tweke; it’s like it was a role made for Tweek.
IKE: … Do you have a role, Ruby?

IKE: Rose Hood?
RUBY: Feldspar’s sister. Marshwalker knows her.
IKE: Oh, yeah, I remember her! The younger sibling of Feldspar, she lived with the wolves that raised Stan’s familiar, Sparky, because people were out to get Feldspar, and he didn’t want her to get hurt.
IKE: Marshwalker, owing Feldspar a favor, secretly led him to the wolves, and they raised Rose while Feldspar did all sorts of shit, trying to throw them off Rose’s trail.
RUBY: Rose decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps when she grew up… and became Rose Hood, the Wild One. A rogue with the heart of a wolf.
IKE: She’s so cool, how could I have forgotten about her character?
IKE: Wait, Feldspar is gonna be played by Craig the cat. So they’re gonna pretend he isn’t a cat for the LARP so you have a brother?
RUBY: … Most likely.

Livin’ that winter soldier aesthetic

Tony bought Bucky a winter soldier hoodie and a t-shirt that says ’Made in Russia’ because a)welcoming a newbie to the avengers family b)he thought it was funny. Bucky wears both items all the time and is never embarrassed.

Hey guys… long time no see, huh? Well, I’m really sorry for being dead these days, like, this is the first drawing I’ve finished in weeks! Art blocks are very frequent with me though.
Anyways, I hope you like this and, don’t worry, I’m gonna be more active ( I’ll try at least)