i can't draw heels

Arthimeus - @cantarellarougepoison ‘s OC

My half of our Art-trade. I had a lot of fun drawing him. She described several of her OCs for me and then I read “androgynous” and “male courtesan” and I have been DYING to do more pieces like this (aka guys in pretty things), I just couldn’t pick any other character.

Time: ~5h
Tools: Multiple refs, Paint Tool Sai, Bamboo Pen&Touch graphic tablet


So I thought what if the Sailor scouts were actual sailors.

I think this’ll be my next Sailor Moon redesign project. I decided to give the eyepatch to Venus because even though Jupiter looks like a badass, Venus has this great Harlock Saga/Jubei-chan feel to her with a heart-shaped eyepatch. Maybe I’ll give her a battlescar too.

They’d sail on something like an airship but more just like a real ship but it floats in the stars instead of on water.

It will be awesome.