i can't draw guitars

“Sneks and Bickles”
Someone somewhere in the metalocalypse tag cursed me with the beautiful image of Pickles in a halter top and so I drew an snb reunion Pickles in a lovely halter crop top for science.

Have a haunting new years


The scatterbodi party continues.

The idea for the first imagine comes from one of  @mr-scattergood ‘s post.

The second is mine. I just realize Angus migh have bicolor eyes because he’s brittish and a famous rock star like David Bowie? Idk, maybe it’s a stretch, but I quite like it.


randomdrawer  asked:

Hiya! I like your Good Omens art! It's great! I want to just ask you if you've ever listened to this song "Sympathy for the Devil" by Guns n Roses? Can you draw Crowley singing aggressively in a concert with Aziraphale playing the guitar beside him?

Should their band be called Good Omens or the Ineffables

Here’s my watercolor fanart for The Evil Within~! Something not so spoopy for a game that’s really spoopy (so I’ve heard? I’ve heard good and bad things about it). I spoiled myself a little with early playthroughs on youtube, and it seems really interesting. 

 I’ll have prints of this for Nekocon (which is really soon)! Things have been a little hectic for me getting ready for the artist alley and switching jobs. I’m trying to be good and wait for things to settle down before I get a PS4 and some new games. I’ve been wanting to get The Evil Within (and the artbook) for a long time now! ;~; Anyways, I hope you like it~! 

-watercolor, acrylic ink, pen, pastel 

Delightful memories of the past.

is what it says on his guitar. free_69min prompt thing was tattoo and there’s this cherry blossom tattooed rin pic going about that i really like so (but it got lost in my unorganised blog so i couldn’t reference it and had to improvise orz).