i can't draw fire lol

Ribbons kinda make you non-threatening, no matter whether you spit literal fire or nay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I think about how Corrin’s kid can change into the Nohr Prince/ss class kinda often


When I am alone, I see you in the dark, I
Talk into the empty like you were with me
Started on a cold night, felt you in the low light
Noticing the reflex taking over me
I see you when I reach
Muscle memory

Thank you for 400+!! I haven’t drawn chrobin for a while, so I got some inspiration from one of my favourite songs. I drew a robin in place of a sparrow for obvious reasons. :3c


i sure wish corrin had dragon fangs but models show they don’t but i’m gonna DRAW IT ANYWAY. also it was mentioned in-game somewhere that corrin can play piano. maybe some day corrin can play piano with sakura on koto and elise on violin