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doctor who otp doodle prompt roundup! :3

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thanks so much to everyone who submitted a prompt–i had a fantastic time working on them! <3 <3 <3

@jaywani so i changed things up (a small amount) and may have gone a little overboard with your request 😅 but i loved it so, so much!!! i hope you enjoy!! ((ps i didn’t include anything about Todd wearing Dirk’s jacket here but um. i may or may not be working on a second prompt fill to fit that specifically so um. stay tuned! 💖💖💖))

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Soul Eater // Lodestar (?) 

O god the latest chapter of Lodestar (by marshofsleep) just forced me to lie down for a while and have all the cowboy feels. All of these are doodles, i’m sorry for the non-existent quality. ;n; 

Hot steamy fanfic? Yes.

It was deep into the night when moans could be heard echoing from Eren’s apartment. The faint hum of music from the TV was drowned by endless pants, with muddled cussing between breaths. Two bodies, intimate and hot and moving with desperation, were overwhelmed with passion.

“L-Levi…” Eren whined. Tears began to form in the boy’s eyes, rolling down his soft cheeks. He had been gripping on something for dear life, his knuckles beginning to turn white. Desperation was eating him alive as Levi continued his ministrations.

They had been at it for hours and Levi showed no signs of letting Eren go.

“Oh, fuck… Eren… Eren!” Levi whispered with each move. His face was completely flushed with the brilliant red that Eren loved so dearly. He reached over and touched Eren’s knob, rubbing it violently until the boy reached his limit.

“Ah!! Levi! Please… sto— ah!” And it was at that moment that Eren threw his Wii control directly at Levi’s face, knocking the lil fucker off Rainbow Road.

Written by ilovektkitty(wigglydick)
Edited by no-other-words(jigglydick)

anonymous asked:

Ok but I am seriously having trouble with the FRONT of the face, with everyone it's the profile but I can't front! Would it trouble you to make another tutorial, please?

Well, that’s the thing; I can’t front either! I’m sorry. As soon as I figure out a cheat for easier frontal face drawing, I’ll let you guys know! 
The best advice I can give at the moment is to try, logically and with a good sense of structure, to frame the face well before drawing any significant details and mirror what you’re drawing frequently. I don’t know how to stress the importance of mirroring while drawing enough; it seriously helps you to notice all the mistakes you didn’t even think would be there at first, which eventually leads to huge improvement in the quality of your drawings! Let’s have a look.

Below is a rough sketch of a face. I worked fast but with consideration, didn’t cling to any further details and just focused on placing all the framing features of the face as logically as possible. (There are literally millions of tutorials out there about how to correctly place different facial features, so I’m not gonna talk about it here.)
I didn’t go any further with the sketch just yet though, because as soon as I thought every feature was in place I wanted to mirror my sketch to see if they really were. Working on paper, I do the mirroring simply by flipping my drawing and looking at its imprint against the light from my work lamp (you can also use an actual mirror if you wanna, or for example if the paper’s too thick to see through). 
And what do I notice? A thousand little mistakes I had made without even noticing!  

Now, in digital art there’s a gift undoubtedly from God himself for these situations: the lasso tool. Of course, not all mistakes can be corrected with just re-placing either, but it’s definitely worth a try!
Unfortunately us traditional doodlers will have to just take out our erasers and mercilessly swipe off everything that’s out of place and start anew. Trust me though, it’s not worth it clinging to for example a perfect looking eye you sketched if it looks wrong and out of place. If you know what you’re doing you will be able to reproduce an eye just as good (or even better!) looking even after erasing the previous one; that’s called skill. 

Anyway… I keep correcting and mirroring for as long as I need to get everything look the way I want. The more often you take a glance at the mirrored picture as you’re refining your sketch the better! Seriously, mirroring is so quick and easy and saves you from a lot of trouble and headache later on. And it’s a truly merciless judge!
Finally, after a variable amount of struggling, I’m left with something that’s beginning to look about as legit mirrored as in its original state.

Now I’ll let myself go on with further details. However, I won’t stop mirroring the picture as I go along! It’s amazing how sneakily stuff can get out of place again if one’s not frequently paying attention.
Here’s the finished sketch:

Don’t beat yourself if you can’t always get the mirrored picture look EXACTLY as good as the original view. That simply won’t always happen, and it doesn’t have to; the original, “correct” view is of course the one that matters the most in the end. The better the mirrored drawing looks however, the less likely it is for you to someday look at this picture you spent so much time and effort drawing and think “what a pile of garbage, I can’t believe I actually liked the way that looked back then”. 

I’ve managed a mostly sightly Ciel! 

I can always only draw one part of my otp well, am I the only one with that problem? I have phases in which I’m confident in my Lizzies and others in which I like my Ciels. But whatever phase I’m in, I automatically start sucking at drawing the other character. At te moment I have trouble with Ciel so I tried hard and here is my first acceptable result in a while.

Girl meets ink
  • Riley: are you sure you are gonna do it?
  • Maya: yeah.
  • Tatoo Artist: So, what kind of tatoo you want?
  • Maya: I want this buterfly, but with a little more color, specially in the wings.
  • TA: and what surface are we working on?
  • Maya: right over here.
  • The Tatoo artist finished Maya's tatoo and was patching her skin.
  • Riley: I want one too. I'm a big girl. I can do it. Right?
  • TA: if you have to ask, then I'll say, you dont.
  • Riley: but this unicorn looks very cute.
  • Maya: are you sure hunny? It hurts.
  • Riley: yeah. If you can do it, I can.
  • Maya: I really think you shouldn't. Not yet.
  • Riley: But I really want one.
  • Tatoo artist proceeds to draw on Riley's skin and at the moment the needle touches her skin she bolts away from the chair.
  • Riley: ouch! I don't want a unicorn anymore.
  • Maya: told ya it hurt. Then that would be all. Lets go hunny.
  • At Riley's home
  • Riley: are you gonna show him?
  • Maya: Not yet. Is a surprise.
  • Riley: I can't wait to see his face when he sees it.
  • Maya: me neither.
  • A few weeks later
  • Lucas: hi gorgeous
  • Maya: hey huckleberry.
  • Lucas: wanna go swimming to the lake house this weekend? Farkle said is all ours this week.
  • Maya: sure. That sounds fun. But why aren't they coming with us?
  • Lucas: Don't know. It was actually Riley's idea.
  • Maya: I kinda know what this is about...
  • Lucas: care explaining?
  • Maya: oh... I prefer you get the surprise...
  • Lucas: is it a good surprise?
  • Maya: sure... Don't worry.
  • At the lake house
  • Lucas: You coming or what?
  • Maya: I'm almost done.
  • Lucas: we are just jumping in a lake to swim. Why are you packing so many things?
  • Maya: is just stuff I might need.
  • Lucas: ok. Here, let me carry that bag for you.
  • As soon as they reach the lake, maya puts her bag in a bench, lucas takes off his shirt and jumps in the water. Maya takes a little longer to take her dress off, mesmerized by Lucas abs and his wet hair.
  • Lucas: c'mon! Jump already!
  • Maya: I'm coming.
  • Maya takes off her light yellow dress and reveals a very small black bikini. And a very interesting patch of purple and blue is just poking from the edge of her bikini.
  • Lucas: what the hell is that?!
  • Maya: what? The bikini?
  • Lucas: no... That... (He points at her poking buterfly wing)
  • Maya: oh... Surprise! You like it?
  • Lucas: what? Please tell me is a drawing, a temporarly tatoo or that Riley became a very good artist...
  • Maya: what? Why? You don't like it?
  • Lucas came out of the water and went straight for maya. He lifted her and sat her on the bench.
  • Lucas: is it real?
  • Maya: yeah... It was a surprise
  • Lucas: and hell of a surprise
  • Maya: don't you like it?
  • Lucas: of course I do. Is hell hot, and sexy. But, just the thought of some creep touching you...
  • Maya: Relax, is just a Tatoo artist, and besides, is a friend of shawn. So, don't worry, it wasn't a creep.
  • Lucas: did it hurt?
  • Maya: a little, yeah...
  • Lucas: does it hurt right now?
  • Maya: barely, not like before.
  • Lucas: can I kiss it better...
  • Maya: yeah...
  • Lucas starts to kiss her lips, neck, shoulder, then her side until he reaches her tatoo.
  • Lucas: so why would you get a tatoo?
  • Maya: well, I wanted to remember that moment, when I became free.
  • Lucas: free?
  • Maya: yeah, knowing I'm fine just the way I am, and not being scared I'm not good enough.
  • Lucas: is beautiful. Just like you
  • Maya: thank you. But now you are just being sappy.
  • Lucas: You still love me
  • Maya: I do.
  • Lucas: then monday after school, I wanna meet the guy who dared to touch you.
  • Maya: oh geez... (Rolls eyes) Really?
  • Lucas: hell yeah! No one touches my woman!
  • Maya: you are crazy
  • Lucas: and you are beautiful.
  • Maya: Sap
  • Lucas: can I see your tatoo again?
  • Maya: yeah.
  • As soon as she turned around to show him her tatoo, he carried Maya over his shoulder and tossed her to the lake!
  • Maya: you are bad.
  • Lucas: not as bad as yourself. Ink girl.
  • Maya: shut up, you loved it
  • Lucas: indeed (kissed her)
Reylo gif sets I need when the blu-ray comes out

- Gifs comparing the set-ups of Poe and Rey’s respective interrogations.

- Gifs comparing how Kylo responds when Rey ignites the lightsaber (”I’m in love!”) to how he responds when Finn ignites the lightsaber (”I HATE YOU!”).

- “You need a teacher!”

- Gifs of the magnificent close-ups of Rey and Kylo’s faces as they’re poised on the proverbial brink.

- “Don’t be afraid. I feel it too.”

- Gifs demonstrating that Kylo is persistently trying to disarm Rey in their duel, rather than attack her.

- Gifs demonstrating that Rey’s lightsaber fighting style post-epiphany draws heavily from Kylo’s.

- Gifs showing the chilled-out stormtroopers positioned right next to Kylo as he deigns to lift Rey into his arms.

- Gifs comparing moments in Rey’s vision with parallel moments in her main story (looking up and seeing a ship, facing Kylo in the forest, etc.).

We can then file them under the heading ‘Evidence’, keeping them on hand for use whenever we’re told we’re ‘reaching’ or ‘refusing to listen to the truth’.