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Thought I’d make a masterpost of sorts of the currently running/active AUs for this loveable AI. 




Merlin Memory Month: Day 7, Path III - Emotion/Mood: Amused

“Alright, spit it out! What’s so funny?” Merlin pulls at Arthur’s armor impatiently.

“What?” Arthur widens his eyes in faux innocence.

Merlin glares. “You’ve been grinning like this all day. What is it? Do I have something on my face?”

Arthur smiles, endlessly amused, “You’re wearing my shirt.”

Merlin gasps, looking down at – sure enough- Arthur’s red shirt; Merlin had dressed up in a hurry in the morning. He rushes to take it off but Arthur grabs his hand.

“I like it,” he whispers, coming closer.

Afterwards, if Merlin mixes their laundry every now and then… well, Arthur doesn’t mind.

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hey spanish / july 2016 / Karolina Koryl

Dear Evan Hansen Fantasy AU

This is a result of me being bored at the grocery store. (side note: I’ll write this eventually but I can’t draw for crap so that’s not happening)

  • Evan is a tree wizard, and lives in and cares for the forest. Whenever he’s feeling an emotion strongly flowers spring up around his head, usually corresponding to what he’s feeling. He can make plants grow and he can heal others.
  • Connor is a shadow creature, who usually stalks around in wolf form. But as he’s hunting prey in the forest one day, he’s caught by a hunter’s trap and is heavily wounded. Evan finds him and takes him in.
  • Zoe is a light creature, with a bird form she rarely uses. She lives with her studious human girlfriend Alana, who’s trying to write an encyclopedia of magical creatures and plants.
  • Jared is an annoying elf that occasionally checks in on Evan.
  • Connor slowly develops feelings for Evan as the time passes, and when he heals, he makes excuses to stay or “accidently” injures himself so Evan can fix him up again.
  • They’re both very obvious.
(I have more but its kinda hard to put into context. You can shoot me an ask if you want more detail on something. I’m probably gonna develop this more, so stay tuned!)

A bit of Larcana to soothe the soul <( ̄︶ ̄)> Read right to left!

I was headcanonning about how they met and bam this happened I say bam but this took five days XD

ALSO, KUDOS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO MAKE LITTLE DOUJINSHIS AND TO MANGAKAS LIKE HOW DO YOU DO IT?! The writing, the drawing, just everything! You all have so much patience and skill and I’m even more impressed than before, I really appreciate the effort you put into it!

I really hope you all like my attempt!! <3

i guess this is kinda like a mock/fake cover for hero!kook au of kookmin? If I ever wrote/drew it or whatever >w>;; [my original tweet]

if anyone is interested, basically it takes place in canon universe, BUT kookie is fighting evil by moonlight! and winning love by daylight!!! As Fencing Man, his powers are a magical voice, and wielding a fencing sword, ofc. One of his fans happens to be his fellow BTS member Jimin (ofc) whom Kookie will end up encountering as his alter ego when Jimin finds himself in trouble and in need of a saviour! When you’re saved by a dashing hero with an angelic voice, of course Jimin’s heart has to get just a little moved…. okay maybe a LOT moved…!

Aaaand there’s more details, but I won’t reveal for now, hahahaaha (and because from just this blurb, u can tell how bad i am at writing lol)

  • Me: I should draw one of the other Silmarillion characters today. I haven't drawn Finrod yet, I'll do him.
  • Me: *draws an elf*
  • Me: *makes him beautiful*
  • Me: *erases one hand*
  • Me: FUCk. Might as well draw Fingon, too.

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Tips on how to fix handwriting? I can't doodle OR write nice for shit, and it makes me feel bad when I see the studyspo posts :(

I see a lot of studyblrs just tell you to “practice”. Practice is important but if you just practice with bad technique there’s no point and it just hurts your hand. 

Handwriting is all about honing your fine motor skills. I learnt a little bit about paediatrics for my optometry course :) Generally if someone has poor handwriting or drawing skills, they didn’t develop fine motor skills correctly during the child developmental period. Sometimes this can show through incorrect pencil grip (source). 

Many people are stuck in a 4 finger type of grasp from failing to properly be taught how to hold a pencil. A lot of people report their hand tiring out after writing a lot for example. I personally have a perfect tripod grasp, and I could probably write something like five to six 1200 word essays in 2 hours with minimal strain and no pain. (I could probably write more, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to write more than five essays in a row like with English lol). 

So one way you can try improving your handwriting is to change your pencil grip to the tripod grip. The other thing is that holding the pencil you shouldn’t put any force into bending your fingers - a lot of people have that lateral tripod grasp (bottom right) where they press down and the last joint of your fingers bends inwards instead of forming a circle. The last thing to remember is that there shouldn’t be any wrist action when you write - you need to train your fingers to do the fine motor movement - that’s what they evolved to do (instead of your wrist, which can only do crude sweeping motions). 

The other benefits of the tripod grip is that it’s also easy for you to see what’s being written - some people’s hands cover their writing because of the way they hold their pencil, which of course is better for improving handwriting

The other thing about neat handwriting is that it’s all about uniformity - so use paper line guides for kindergarten children so that you can practice making your d, t, l, etc. letters all the same height, and all the g, y, j, etc. with the same downwards loop. Just search up “handwriting paper” - there should be a series of 3 repeating lines. In the sample below (source), you write on the red line, and the two blue lines act as guides for the tops and bottoms of letters. You can scale them to whatever size you want. 

Of course, this method is somewhat like learning an instrument. You might want to play beautiful concertos on piano at first, but you can’t - you need to practice a little bit. But at least practicing using a good technique is better than just bluntly ramming your pen against the page using no technique whatsoever. 

Hope this helps! ^_^


Here we go~  

Fire witch Candela Licht (I dunno, names are difficult xD) Well, she is a travelling witch who comes from a wealthy family of merchants. She likes to collect aroma candles and burn things. Candela is always eager to start doing something new that she hasn’t done before, but her passion for it goes out very fast. The only thing she didn’t give up(yet) is a witchcraft. Her hair kinda looks like flame but it’s just a regular(?) hair.

Likes: to travel, to collect various things (trash) and aroma candles, to burn things, tea and cookies.
Dislikes: Rain, winter, to stay on the same place for too long, bitter food, her older sister

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Hey Viria, thank you for your art. It makes me feel inspired and happy at the same time. I guess I'm writing to you cause I'm in a tough spot because I've never had a true best friend since 5th grade and I ended it with the one sort of friend that I've had for the past year. I really hate high school social life cause I can't connect with anyone; i guess it's because I don't belong to any grade. sorry for ranting! I just wanted to tell someone who I trust. Could you draw a Phoenix rising?

The first part is very pleasant to hear, thank you!

As for the second part, I can definitely say that I feel you about high school, I couldn’t quite connect with people there too. I realize now it’s mostly because we have very different value in approaches towards life and that’s okay, even though I still don’t share those.

I never quite had a true best friend there as well, but life gets better! I found “my” people in the university, and you’ll be able to find yours too! You belong, it might just not yet be your place.

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Hey I'm somehow both an INTP and an INFP. I'm not sure how this works, or what I'm even writing here. I'm not sure what my point was as I know none of my friend's types, so I can't even ask you to draw anything... Whelp, I already wrote it. (Its 3am)

Hey friend! MBTI can be kinda weird, but cognitive functions can help with typing so if you’re interested these are my intp and infp friends as examples! 

and here are some of their thought/words towards each other!

Hopefully you figure yourself out and get lots of sleep!!!

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I have a bit more of a specific question regarding comic creation? I can draw and write well enough, but I can't seem to incorporate the two? Like I have no idea what characters should be doing as they're talking you know? Do you have any advice?

yes! i will do my best to answer this!

what your characters are doing can be called acting. you can draw the characters, you can write the dialogue and narration, but your acting needs work.

- pay attention to people’s body language during real-life conversations! you’ll notice gestures people make when they talk, facial expressions, poses and stuff

- watch movies and tv shows to see how they do it! some are better than others but there are plenty of good examples to look at!

- look at other comics to see how they stage their characters to keep things interesting and natural. for some reason i always think of Calvin and Hobbes. It’s a very simple strip, but I think it’s one of the best ones out there! It can be very conversational, and the reason it works and doesn’t bore most people to death is because it’s not usually just two characters standing still, facing each other as they talk. they’ll be talking as they run from one place to another, jump into the air, pick up a newspaper while pouring coffee, walk across a fallen log in a forest or hop across some rocks.

you get the sense that these characters are living and breathing and that time is passing because of their actions, gestures, and expressions. hobbes’ tongue sticking out as he balances on the rock as calvin jumps with his arms up and hair flowing in the first panel, then in the next panel hobbes bending with his arms up to prepare to jump as calvin lands with his arms out. the timing is great and the gestures are genuine, if not a little exaggerated (which i think is good! i think better to exaggerate than to not do enough)

this one’s got a calmer feel to it with them laying in the grass and talking. but i think it feels just as alive as the previous one where they’re actively moving! hobbes is laying down comfortably in the grass with calvin sitting in a different relaxed position beside him. in the next panel, calvin is now standing and hobbes is sitting up, both growing more involved in the conversation and the idea that something should be different about the sky. 

the idea of something being wrong with the sky is unnerving, so both of them grow less relaxed as the panels continue until the end. this is reflected in how both of their positions become less carefree and comfy, and more awake and thoughtful.

i know it’s a weird analysis of such a simple comic, but i think it could be helpful to look at other comics this way if you have trouble with your acting! 

i hope this could help! i’ll add to this if i think of anything else :)

When you can't draw,edit, or write but you still want to contribute to the fandom

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I can't remember what this fic is called. I know that you can write on each other's bodies. But when Yuuri draws on himself, Victor wipes it off cause he's competing and thinks it's childish. Then later when he's skating he writes in Russian that he wants Yuuri to leave him alone or something and Yuuri goes to Minako to translate but he gets disappointed. It's a soulmate AU I think. What is it called!?!?

UGHHH I have read this but I can’t remember the name either!!! 

Anyone know what this fic is?

i patiently wait for the day a darker shade of magic will become a tv show so that i can blissfully watch all the talented people drawing more fanart, making gifset from the show with powerful quotes, writing more fanfics

and only then i will be truly satisfied and i can proudly say I WAS THERE I WAS THERE TO WITNESS THE RISE

Whenever I join a new fandom
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> This fandom is awesome! These posts are so lit!<p/><b>Brain:</b> contribute<p/><b>Me:</b> Maybe I should write fanfiction?<p/><b>Brain:</b> no time. you lazy. grammar bad.<p/><b>Me:</b> Uhm, I can try drawing fanart?<p/><b>Brain:</b> can't even draw potato.<p/><b>Me:</b> Then...<p/><b>Brain:</b> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)<p/><b>Me:</b> I see. Shitposting it is.<p/></p>