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doors in survival horror/horror vidya
  • Silent Hill: The door is rusted shut. It also has no knob and isn't real. None of these doors are. What, did you think we'd let you in any of these doors? Fucking idiot.
  • Resident Evil: This door requires an absurdly specific key only obtainable by doing an absurd puzzle. Why is everything in this building fucking locked?
  • Resident Evil 4: Just kick the door in half. You don't give a fuck. Fuck this guy's house, it's my house now.
  • Haunting Ground: Go print out some words on a stone printer. They're like keycards. But rocks.
  • Rule of Rose: Some little fucker is going to shut the door on you. What a prick.
  • Dino Crisis: I hope you like scrabble.
  • Dino Crisis 2: It seems that someone misplaced a large vehicle into this door. Go find a key in a pond to open the other door.
  • Fatal Frame: Hey I hope you like doing silly puzzles because here's a clock, go ahead and input that time you read about earlier.
  • Left 4 Dead: I mean, yeah, that door opens, but the hunter behind it isn't going to make things easier for you. Oops, it was just a horde.
  • Penumbra: Well that door's right fucked, innit? You see those boxes over there? You know what to do.
  • Amnesia: Same as above but with Mr. Struts on your ass the entire time.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: If it's a locked door, you're gonna need a keycode. Hope you're ready to fight the burer behind it. The pseudogiant, too.
  • X-COM: There's a lobsterman behind that door. Don't open it. Don't even open the sub door. There's lobstermen out there. Time to leave.
  • Cryostasis: You're going to have to go into some guy's memories and make it so that he doesn't get dead to get through this door. Or maybe a bear's memories. Awesome.
  • Echo Night Beyond: Look through some really slow moving cameras until you figure out what you need to open the door, then proceed to immediately make a mad dash for the items while a ghost of a little girl kinda jogs towards you in an apparently immensely threatening fashion because your heart rate is literally breaking 300 bpm whenever she's within 3 feet of you.

I’ve been inspired lately by pixel RPG games along with watching the new walking dead trailer (more than once), getting extremely pumped about it, so this was born

it isn’t supposed to be good, I just wanted to do something fun aha

and fun it was not

props to pixel artists, I don’t know how you guys do this stuff


You were Namjoon’s guilty little pleasure. 

Warning: Very mature content. 

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For the first time in a very longtime, Namjoon didn’t have to fake his smile. It came too naturally that he found himself randomly grinning at everything and nothing. Even the boys were suspicious of him and his sudden energy.

He couldn’t wait to go back home knowing you would be waiting for him. It was a promise, a gift, for working hard, which he did. Namjoon didn’t waste another second after the fan-meeting was done, he didn’t even say a proper goodbye, before jolting out.

Other people might deem him a fool, which is why he kept your relationship a secret. It was definitely not taboo but, with his kind of job, it could become a weakness. Neither of you wanted that.

That didn’t stop it from being insanely hard, trying to juggle both his career and personal life without having to give up one for the other. Namjoon was trying and for that you were understanding. As long as he didn’t leave you waiting for too long, you would always be there, that was the promise. And, so far, neither of you broke it.

On the ride back, Namjoon couldn’t help but scroll through the pictures he took, pictures you didn’t know he took, that kept him going while he was away.

Unlocking the door, the dorm was quiet. He knew the boys wouldn’t be coming home any time soon which meant more prolonged alone time with you. He took off his shoes before slowly stepping into the house.

He could already see you in the kitchen, oblivious to his presence. A smile crept onto his face once again and he took a moment just to admire the beauty that he was lucky to call his. It was always the best moment of his day, when he first sees you. It still feels like the first time he fell in love with the taste of you.

Quietly, he stepped around the dinner table to slowly reach for you. You fit perfectly in his grip, something he always loved. No matter what anyone said, or hardships along the way, the feeling of you against his skin always managed to soothe and calm his nerves.

It was just perfect. He was alone, no one to disturb his moment,

“ I have you now ” Namjoon whispered ever so gently, ever so quietly, grabbing you. He waited for you to say something to react but you did nothing. It made him want you more.

His lips just a breath away, his fingers tight around you, he closed in the distance and bit slowly.

“ Such a beautiful apple ” Namjoon breathed out in relief, finally in ecstasy.

Namjoon was a hungry apple man, but now, he was a happy apple man.

Look, if I fooled you twice with this shit, you only have yourself to blame.

Also, can you tell that I’ve low-key given up on life? 

Wait what do you mean no one wanted to see a TLK and PZPTH crossover?! 

I mean you have the potential of Boone-Boar, Zazu-Sash, Rippen-Scar and if you don’t think Penn’s hair was made to be a mane then we have nothing to talk about. Shoo I say!

(credit to the character designers on pzpth for having designed such memorable characteristics that I could draw these guys even without references)


sooooo … guess who spent like 10 hours on a shallura animatic without breaks?? 

yeah I did … and my wrist friggn’ hates me for it but I hope you guys anyjoy it anyway! 

song is ‘Find my way/Finale’ from the legally blonde soundtrack

You guys do realize 'Young Forever' is the next 'Born Singer'? When they perform this song and ARMYS start singing along together near the end, everyone will cry. I won't be at the concert, but you bet your ass I'll be crying my eyes out at home.


the hot, athletic, Russian, “I look good without trying”, “Don’t you touch my sister or I will murder you”, “You know you want me in your pants right now” one,

and the cool, rocker, ahead of his time, “I look badass and I know it”, “I steal random shit because I can and what else I am supposed to do”, “Doing crazy shit gives me a thrill” one (that got a super sick slo-mo scene).

I think I speak for all of us here when I say I definitely can’t pick between them.

(side note: evan’s version was anti-authority and liked to nick things and was a fast talker, literally, and aaron’s version was quite a cocky piece of shit and protective as shit of his sister and between the two of them they got the impatience and the running down pat so I think that’s why I can’t pick one. They both make up the entire character so you can’t say one is better.)

i doubt i’ll ever write it, but i have a dumb au idea where a reincarnated morro, without any past-life and past-undeath memories, hitches rides halfway across ninjago because he’s sure if he visits these badass ninja he’s heard about, he’ll be their new protege or whatever, immediately

meanwhile kai and jay are arguing about the dotd stuff with the past villains. “i’m just saying,” says jay, “how do we know that anyone we defeat stays gone?” “pff,” says kai, “you’re the lightning guy, what happened to ‘lightning never strikes twice’? since when do we ever get a repeat of someone’s evil plans?”
someone knocks on the door. “you get it,” says jay, who hasn’t got up from the couch in three hours
“yeah, right. i’ll do it so you don’t get hurt, jay! (mimicking jay) be careful, kai, you never know who’ll be at the door! (regular voice) what, is pythor here to get a cup of tea? is chen here to sue us for stealing his recipes? is morro back from the dead and here for th–”

opens the door. stares at a tiny 9yo morro for a good thirty seconds, without blinking

closes the door

We Can’t (Prologue)

Author’s Note: This is the start of a series I’m writing. Part One will be up later tonight. I hope you guys enjoy. I’m open to any criticism.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 415

Since you were born, you had the ability to manipulate time. At first, you used that ability to do your homework without studying, but through practice, you were able to expand your powers. For instance, when your mom dropped her coffee, you were able to freeze the coffee in time before it hit the ground. It got to the point you were able to travel through time. It was quite spectacular. The first time you did it, you traveled 10 years before you were born. Luckily, you were able to go back to your proper time with ease.  

Ever since you were little, your parents secluded you from the outside, in order to keep you safe from the people who were afraid of the unknown. You loved your mom and dad so much. You spent everyday with them. You were homeschooled, meaning you didn’t know much about the outside world. You didn’t need best friends, for they were your best friends.

However, HYDRA ruined that when they tried to kidnap you to use you as a weapon. Your parents hid you in the basement to try to protect you. When you heard their screams and gunshots, your body had shut down. You screamed in pain knowing what happened, leading you to travel back to the year of 1926- 90 years to the past.

You didn’t return to your time. If you went back, the men would take you away and your parents sacrifice would be worth nothing. Ever since, you started to limit your usage of powers. Who knew if there were men like HYDRA during this time. Either way, you weren’t going to risk it.

You were only eight at the time and were placed into an orphanage. Fortunately, a lovely couple from a wealthy home adopted you. You promised to yourself that you would protect your new parents and make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to them.

You adjusted well in the 1940s. You had an enhanced education, but seeing as you were only eight when you left the future, you didn’t know too much of the past. You were just like every other kid, attending school and playing outside with all of the others. By the time you were 16, you fully adjusted to this time and had full control of your powers. Sometimes, you forgot you even had these powers, because you haven’t used your powers since you came to the 40s.

But you can’t, and you never will.

Do you see this child. Do you? Well, this motherfucker looks like an innocent cinnamon roll but this smol child is actually a kinky little shit that won’t hesitate to feel you up when nobody be looking. He is a naughty butler that must be stopped because the MC is a very shy loser who needs to stop and actually trying fucking the other guys without doing that blushing, stuttering shit. Anyways, even though this kid is a naughty, kinky little fuck, everyone must love him because he is beautiful and adorable and just perf in every way.


A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out - September 27, 2005

“The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage” - September 27, 2005

“I Write Sins Not Tragedies” - February 27, 2006

“But It’s Better If You Do” - May 16, 2006

“Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” - August 7, 2006

“Build God, Then We’ll Talk” - March 26, 2007

Panic! at the Disco


LISTEN HERE. Steve said, “She’s with us” after throwing her his shield which means that Natasha was probably toyed around with Wanda previously. DO YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING? Thor and the others probably doubted Nat will come to her senses but Steve freaking Rogers lend her his shield without knowing if she’s back yet, only blindly believing that she is. And then she used it before he went “She’s with us” with that knowing look of: see I told you she would come back. And Thor just laughs and probably went “this guy is always right.” POINT IS: Steve Rogers is a good man who believes people will always come back to their good self. Just like what he was doing in the Winter Soldier—waiting for Bucky to come back to his senses. Coincidence? I think not.


i creeped through my own post and just wanted to say that I without a single doubt love every single one of my followers and will continue to do so for the next twelve forevers.


Ugh, I had this idea in my head for weeks and I just needed to draw it out.

I wanted to practice on Rhys a bit more, so here is some practice. Buuut this image wouldn’t be anything without that dork down there. UGH ♥

This is me when I text my fiance in character we are dorks and I love it. ;A;


btw i don’t care if this isn’t how echos are used it just happened and there is that. dontcareatallbackoff.