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trans man hawke headcanons


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  • bethany is the first person hawke tells, when it’s just the two of them, and she helps him cut his hair. it’s an utter disaster and when she sees, leandra immediately flies into action to save the terrible haircut while malcolm watches and laughs.
  • hawke waits a while to tell the rest of his family because he’s so nervous. he knows his parents love him but what if they only love him as a girl? bethany holds his hand under the table while he tells them, and hugs him right after. it’s still scary, but she helps.
  • malcolm understands at once, but leandra has never come across this before. it takes her a long time to stop ‘mourning her daughter’ and realise she is hurting her son.
  • when carver discovers he isn’t the only hawke son, he locks himself in his room. he emerges rather sheepishly several hours later and offers some of his clothes to hawke for him to try out.
  • he asks people to call him ‘hawke’ because he knows he wants to change his name before he knows what he wants to change it to. ‘hawke’ is an easy middle ground, and it sticks.
  • there’s a gaggle of kids who give hawke a hard time when he goes into town, laughing at his short hair and his boy’s clothes. hawke grits his teeth and ignores them, but he comes home crying more than once. carver disappears one day and returns with a split lip and a grin. the kids don’t bother hawke again.
  • malcolm stumbles over pronouns at first, and hawke is too nervous to correct him. but bethany is always there to step in and gently remind their father for him, and soon malcolm is always getting it right.
  • leandra doesn’t remember so well, and finally hawke ends up crying when she forgets and misgenders him yet again. malcolm finds his son out in the barn and sits with him, tells hawke how brave he is, how proud they are of him, how much they both love him. when they come back inside, leandra cries her way through an apology and promises to do better.
  • the family has to move once because a man deliberately misgenders hawke and bethany sets his trousers on fire. their parents are angry at her for putting herself in danger, but her brothers stand up for her. leandra can’t help thinking this is the closest she’s ever seen the siblings.
  • the first time hawke hears leandra refer to him as ‘my son’ to someone, he can’t stop smiling all day.
  • helping hawke choose a new name becomes something of a family ritual while preparing for dinner, batting names around the room. bethany picks names from romance novels, carver suggests the names of his heroes, and malcolm invents outrageously long and ridiculous names that invariably involve terrible puns.
  • leandra is upset at the thought of hawke changing his name - they named him after malcolm’s mother - but eventually even she joins in, drawing on family naming traditions in her suggestions.
  • sometimes hawke worries whether it was worth putting his family through all this trouble, changing his relationship with them for ever. but then bethany calls him her brother, or leandra calls him her son, or someone refers to ‘the hawke boys’, and it just feels so right and he feels warm inside, all over again.

On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Pretty sure Dave has a journal somewhere with I heart KJ written all over it.

who remembers that Faryen had a lil fox bc I’m sure that thing must’ve grown by now

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.


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Don’t you just love how Uta is able to make us doubt of everything he does everytime he appears in :Re?
  • Uta : *uses the Arima mask*
  • Readers at first: yea lol he's good at crafting
  • Readers 2s later: omg *what if* he actually has the possibility to switch faces?! WAT IF HE WAS HIDE IN THE SEWERS?!
  • -
  • Uta: *talks with Yomo about the Clowns*
  • Readers at first: wtf he's such a joker
  • Readers reading the following page: OMG maybe he's actually a good guy and he's playing the double agent for the Clowns, V and Yomo's group ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!
  • -
  • Uta: *calls his kakugans eye tattoos in front of Sasaki*
  • Readers at first: jfc man can't u think of a better lie?
  • Readers immediately after: WaIt what if those ARE actually eye tattoos of a ghoul' kakugans so he can totally look like one in front of a CCG investigator, even when he's one in reality?! THAT WOULD BE SUCH A FUCKING CLEVER MOVE BECAUSE NOBODY WOULD ACTUALLY BELIEVE FOR SURE HE'S ONE!!
  • -
  • Ishida basically: *plans something with Uta*
  • Ishida: lol i think i'll keep on doing that until the end

Everlark featured in ‘did they or didn’t they’, Geeks Who Drink 1x10.

The look on Anakin’s face when he realizes that he’s being sent to commit genocide against the Jedi says a lot. He hates what he’s doing, and he started hating Palpatine the moment that Sheev admitted that he didn’t really know how to cheat death, telling Anakin that he just got played. He’s not really under the sway of the Dark Side yet in this scene, although he’s made the conscious decision to embrace it. He’s still rational (well, to the degree that Anakin is ever rational), and it’s clear that if he saw any other alternative at this point, he would take it. 

But he doesn’t see one, because he’s Anakin and so he doesn’t want to admit just how much he’s fucked up. Fine, he’ll sacrifice the Jedi to prove to Palpatine that he’s really changed sides, but only because he thinks they deserve it…even though he really doesn’t, and he’s probably trying very hard not to think about the exact scenario concerning younglings that winds up happening. Human disaster.

And of course the entire reason that Sheev is sending him to kill the Jedi is because he knows the effect it will have on Anakin. Anakin’s not needed for this - the entire 501st Legion against a relative handful of the least battle-prepared Jedi in the Order? That would have been a massacre with or without Vader. But he had to be there, because it’s where he shoots straight down into the Dark Side. This is the last time where he’s rational: in every scene after Knightfall, Anakin acts like a complete psychopath.

peacekeeperangel  asked:

In regards to the Comic suggestions.. I'm sure people don't mean any harm, maybe just a little overeager for more comics? Sometimes someone can misinterpret a slow pace for a lack of inspiration or something like that. Either way you're being very accomidating Atomi-Cat. =w=

Thank you.And don’t get me wrong. I know they mean well, and I know I’m slow. XD; I’m the only one working on these along with a mountain of other things that I’ve been wanting to work on for awhile, too. But sometimes when someone says “hey! I have an idea!” and the proceeds to tell me, it’s well meaning and all, but it kinda stresses me out, too. Mostly because I can’t get to every idea, nor can I do every idea that suggested to me. As much as I would love to work on the boneheads comics, or just comics in general, on a more frequent basis, I can’t because of a lot of other things going on  - the biggest one being not having a stable income. And as long as that continues to be an issue, I can’t spend as much time as I would want making -let’s be fair here- free art. This doesn’t mean I won’t make the boneheads comics anymore, it just means that they won’t come around all that often, because it depends on whether or not I have the time.

The overwhelming response to Sounds Like Home is incredible? Like those were just feverish thoughts I had in the shower and lazily typed up. You guys are wonderful I can’t even believe.

Also the love for the Klance fic? I’ll be sure to do more with them.

If you want me to do more stuff like that (more Klance, more headcanons, more tummy aches, what have you), send me a message with a topic! I will happily continue to ramble and write for you!

The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 3 (12/12)

One David Getting the Special Recognition That He Deserves

INTP Problem: Just... FEELINGS

Fe Person: *Thinks INTP dislikes them*

INTP: *Doesn’t dislike them; simply prefers to keep a straight face*

INTP: *Tries to convince Fe Person that they don’t dislike them by using logic*

Fe Person: *Isn’t convinced*

INTP: *Tries to use Fe to communicate better*

INTP: *Ends up sounding fake / forced*

Fe Person: *Is beginning to think that INTP dislikes them more than they originally thought because INTP doesn’t even sound emotionally passionate about the situation*

INTP: *Is logically passionate about the situation because Fe Person should know the truth – that INTP does not, in fact, dislike them*

INTP: *Makes the situation worse by trying to make it better*


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Apollo: You sure? What about the spikey hair on the back of the head?
Athena: Ooh, I know! The boss is right there! Go pull some out and you can glue it on!
Apollo: Okay, I’m on it!
Phoenix: Objection!
Phoenix: Ouch! Ouch!!! What do you think you’re doing, Apollo!!!
Apollo: S-Sorry, Athena. I… I couldn’t do it!
Athena: Tsk, don’t be such a wimp!
Judge: How disappointing. And I was hoping to see where this was going!
Athena: It’s all Apollo’s fault!

Just do it Apollo just RIP PHOENIX’S HAIR OFF JUST DO IT

these games never fail to amaze

I’m not a sports fan at all but I’d just like to say I’d pay money, right now, if I could see the England rugby team doing the Hokey Cokey in front of a line of bemused All Blacks.