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Dear Voltron Fandom

I know no one will read this, but I’m going to give my opinion on the stuff that’s been going down. Please feel free to correct me if anything I say is wrong or misinformed.

The show has been out for a couple months, and you are already self destructing.
You do realize that all this hate is either a) scaring people out of the fandom or b) scaring people away from watching the show.

You know what this does? It causes views to drop.

You know what that leads too? The show being cancelled.

Please stop. From what I understand there has been no actual 100% confirmed information about anything, just statements from crew and cast members that all seem to end up debunking each other. If I’m wrong please correct me and point me to an official site.

Please let people have what ever head cannons they want.

Please let them ship whoever they want.

Please wait till things are 100% confirmed before you start loosing your shit over ethnicity, ages, etc.

It will really suck if this show gets cancelled due to all this hate. Please stop and think about if your actions are worth it.

All I’m seeing are a lot of people hurting each other. People are bullying each other out of the fandom, black listing them, and now I hear people are actually sending Shiro/paladin shippers child porn. I can’t even describe how messed up that is. I personally hope that if this is a thing, that they get reported for distribution and possession.

I have never been more happy to not have contributed anything to a fandom then I am now. Sure, I’ve reblogged and liked, but I have made nothing for it.

The stuff that’s happening right here? This is why people think Tumblr and fandoms are toxic.