i can't delete tags on my phone

hi i just got home 2 hours ago and it turns out i don’t have time to stay up all night even though i have a 4 day weekend bc tomorrow i gotta visit houses so im upsetti


The lovely @1000-directions​ and @polaroidgirlfriend​ both tagged me to post ten pictures from my phone camera roll. I never delete anything so this spans some months.

Featuring the very first time @ferryboatpeak sent me a message because I’m the kind of sap who keeps stuff like that, a lovely octopus seen in Paris, a peacock from Da Vinci’s garden, Harry and Mitch in my tv, the kitty who got me my only viral post ever, my brother’s watch collection, windmills because that is literally my favourite sight in the whole world, the 1d badges on my bag (still bummed out that I lost Niall :(), my own darling cat looking at a fly, and the public book book I saw while in Amboise, which is the fucking coolest thing I’ve ever seen and I love it more than words can say.

I also can’t remember who’s been tagged already and who’s done it, so tentatively tagging @ferryboatpeak​, @umthatsliam​, @magicalrocketships​ and anyone else who fancies doing it! ♥


@inkedpingu, @yslboner, and @goldbootedbaby tagged me to post six unseen selfies and i just deleted like 90% of my selfies three days ago, so. this will do.

i tag whoever hasn’t done it yet bc i’m lazy and ur all too beautiful 💞