i can't decide which ones to keep

You know what’d be a great fic idea for the secret-altean!lance theory?

One where his altean side is like a superhero idenity

Maybe something happens that’s messing with his ablity to shapeshift (alien tech, altean illness maybe) and he starts sneaking off whenever his true form reveals itself

Only he keeps bumping into the other paladins and they’re all like ‘omg another altean!’ only they don’t realize it’s Lance (If it’s previous blue paladin!Lance he keeps slipping away before they can ‘introduce’ him to Allura and Coran).  

And then when he’s human looking everyones talking about how he missed seeing this altean guy everyones certain he’d get along with and Lance is like ‘man, i can’t believe i misssed this guy, he sounds like great boyfriend material’.

Or maybe Lance legit becomes a superhero.  Like he’s feeling insecure and thinking he does too little for the team and so he starts sneaking out to help with the less ‘world wide’ problems in the galazy, or attacking smaller galran bases, or trying to find our information for keith and pidge about their families and his hero get up is literally his altean form and like a spare space pirate outfit

And news is quickly spreading of the altean hero and lance is just like ‘haha wow could that handsome devil be’  (in the case of previous blue paladin!lance, Allura and Coran are very confused)

Except theres that one paladin that just like narrows their eyes at him like ‘i am so on to you lance’ and starts trying to gain evidence that Lance is this mysterious altean because no one will believe them without photos