i can't decide which one i liked better

what if Robbie accidentally finds out who one of the kids has a crush on, and they are FLIPPING THEIR ENTIRE SHIT BECAUSE ROBBIE FOUND OUT AND IS PROBABLY GOING TO USE IT AGAINST THEM BECAUSE HE IS THE VILLAIN, and Robbie is promising and promising to no avail, and then he blurts out “WELLIHAVEACRUSHONSPORTACUS” and it ABSOLUTELY calms the child due to the pure shock

and then they have this weird mutual agreement to keep the other’s secret, to cover for the other if necessary, and everybody else is suddenly wondering why they are suddenly getting along way better than before


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Lol, sorry- probably a stupid question, but I'm looking to buy one of your Otter Pop T's And i can't decide which color it would look better on!! (╯︵╰,)

I personally liked dark purple and black!! It makes the colors stick out more for me! <3 Thank you so much for buying! ALSO, I would LOVE to see you guys wearing the shirts, it’s honestly been my biggest dream for someone to wear a shirt with my ocs on them (since i was a kid!). So if you bought one, please considering sending pictures or selfies! <3 <3 


Aaron Tveit singing “Castle on the Hill” (Ed Sheeran) double feature.  First up was at House of Blues: San Diego on 5/13/17

And secondly, Aaron singing it at The Belasco in Los Angeles on 5/14/17

I absolutely love this song, love Ed’s version but I am obsessed with Aaron’s version. Can’t decide which night’s I like better, both have their merits both vocally and in the form of adorkable dance moves. Try to ignore the obviously superior sound quality from the HOB and just focus on his performance. Which one do you all prefer?

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I love sleeping Dean, like... I'm not the only one, there's no way. He's just so peaceful and adorable I almost wanna cry. But I can't decide which I like better... sleeping Dean, or winking Dean. They're both murderous assholes, it just kills me.

Dude, if you want gifs, just ask…

Let us take a look at each … so that we can, ya know, come to a scientific conclusion as to which is better. 

Sleepy Dean: 

Winky Dean:



I think you get the point, but let’s just take another look to be sure. 

And my personal favorites:

In conclusion… The best Dean is, in fact, Dean. Winking or Sleeping is just fine by me. ;)

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Just wanted to say that your josuyasu comics are beyond amazing, I am absolutely in love with your style and skill. Found them almost accidentally while looking for some art to be inspired myself, and oh my god, I can't even decide where to start to try to express all my FEELS from this masterpiece, so I better just say that these are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for creating them.

Ah dood, thank you so much??!! I love my boys and drawing those comics was basically like therapy for myself and knowing people like them only warms my heart like I can’t even describe. I haven’t posted any in a while, but do have one in the works which I’ll have to post in two parts as it is 16 pages long haha… Dunno when I’ll have it ready as I’m working on so many different things at once (I do not recommend this), but here’s a little preview I posted on twitter a few hours ago~