i can't decide which one i liked better

what if Robbie accidentally finds out who one of the kids has a crush on, and they are FLIPPING THEIR ENTIRE SHIT BECAUSE ROBBIE FOUND OUT AND IS PROBABLY GOING TO USE IT AGAINST THEM BECAUSE HE IS THE VILLAIN, and Robbie is promising and promising to no avail, and then he blurts out “WELLIHAVEACRUSHONSPORTACUS” and it ABSOLUTELY calms the child due to the pure shock

and then they have this weird mutual agreement to keep the other’s secret, to cover for the other if necessary, and everybody else is suddenly wondering why they are suddenly getting along way better than before


Aaron Tveit singing “Castle on the Hill” (Ed Sheeran) double feature.  First up was at House of Blues: San Diego on 5/13/17

And secondly, Aaron singing it at The Belasco in Los Angeles on 5/14/17

I absolutely love this song, love Ed’s version but I am obsessed with Aaron’s version. Can’t decide which night’s I like better, both have their merits both vocally and in the form of adorkable dance moves. Try to ignore the obviously superior sound quality from the HOB and just focus on his performance. Which one do you all prefer?

*jake and amy kiss*

me: that is the most perfect kiss i’ve ever seen in my whole life i will never see anything better than this ok there is no media content in the world that can top what seems like the greatest display of affection broadcast on national television, the true epitome of love and tenderness, my favourite thing in the universe… just and simply The Best

*jake and amy kiss again*

me: that is the most perfect kiss i’ve ev

rammi-san  asked:

Just wanted to say that your josuyasu comics are beyond amazing, I am absolutely in love with your style and skill. Found them almost accidentally while looking for some art to be inspired myself, and oh my god, I can't even decide where to start to try to express all my FEELS from this masterpiece, so I better just say that these are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for creating them.

Ah dood, thank you so much??!! I love my boys and drawing those comics was basically like therapy for myself and knowing people like them only warms my heart like I can’t even describe. I haven’t posted any in a while, but do have one in the works which I’ll have to post in two parts as it is 16 pages long haha… Dunno when I’ll have it ready as I’m working on so many different things at once (I do not recommend this), but here’s a little preview I posted on twitter a few hours ago~

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Here's a silly question for you and I do hope it's okay to ask. But for your Breakdance AU version of Ladybug, what exactly is on her hands? I've seen some people use fingerless red gloves, and others use those wrist sweatbands (both in fan-art and cosplay photos). I really want to put together a cosplay for this design, if that's alright ^.^, and want can't decide which one to do. So what better thing to do then ask the creator! Thanks!

 for my design they are gloves

feel free to use what you’d like though :>

burningsorr0ws  asked:

Hello there ! I hope you are doing okay and you had an amazing wedding :) I had a bad day (more like a bad week ^^) and I'm looking for a fic who will make me laugh? Do you have any that comes to your mind right now? Just a fic to think about something else and smile :) Because I just can't decide which one i want to read ... Thanks once more for your amazing blog, you're the best xx

Thank you! I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time- I hope it gets better. My inbox is always open if you need someone to talk to. Here are my recommendations for you, I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you need more.

The Favor | PinkRabbitPro

Truth or Dare | SpookshowBabyx

A World of Difference | cautionarytale

FindLove | Scarlet in The City

Home | Eponine Faye

Over, Under, Die of Pleasure | Exquisiteliltart


Oikawa Tooru & Sugawara Koushi (haikyuu!!) - Fanart

Yesterday was raining… that got me in the mood aaaaaaaand I did this…

External image
  I hope you like it

Also… thank you so much guys for all the messages and reblogs on my previous work! Your words were so nice! ;______;!!!!  I’m really happy! ;AAA;

I’m waiting for more headcanons and fics! I NEED FICS! <333

I can’t decide which one I like it better…so I’m gonna leave the two of them

PD: sorry for my english :’D it’s not perfect

One time I almost incited a riot ‘cause of a school faculty member, this lady was, like, the head of student resources or something, and one day she decided to stand outside the lunch room and instate a Lady’s First rule for the day where none of the boys could go in until all the girls had gone in. Which, y’know, weird, but whatever. And me, I’d been a Known Trans to the entire faculty for years at this point. And she looks me dead in the eye and goes “Lady’s First, none of the boys can go in until all the girls are in, so you head on in.” and I went “All the girls are already in there.” and stood there with the rest of the boys (many of whom also knew I was trans). But she refused to let anyone else in until I’d gone in. So some of the guys were like “Omfg just go in” and some of them were like “Don’t you dare give in to her” and in the end there was like 15 of them that were like “Hey let’s just go to the principal and report her for sexually harassing Tobi” and lo and behold, suddenly she let everyone in.

The revelation of Leo's belly button?
  • Shindong: Leo's question was, "This time around, would you willing to be exposed again for the sake of fanservice?" And you answered, "No." If it's for fanservice, isn't that okay? Why (you answered no)?
  • Leo: What kind of 'exposure' that we're talking about here?
  • Shindong: Well.. What kind of exposure that you think about?
  • Leo: (Opening some button on my) shirt..
  • Shindong: Wait. So exposure like opening pants also exist?
  • Leo: No, no, it's not like that. It's just that I've never tried that (opening the button of my shirt) before.. But it's not like I can open the zip of my pants in front of the fans..
  • Shindong: No, no. During Voodoo Dolls there's a video of the zip of your pants opened on stage.
  • Leo: Oh..
  • Shindong: Because that video existed, the fans are asking about it. What were you thinking? It's now strange (to talk about this)! (laughed)
  • Leo: (shyly laughed)
  • Shindong: (It's not Voodoo Dolls) but it's Dirty Dolls!
  • Leo: I thought.. You know on that other program where I exposed myself..
  • Shindong: So you were thinking about that? I see. (Back to earlier question) so are you willing to be exposed for fanservice? To what extend would you willing to open the button of your shirt? A shirt usually got up to 7 buttons. Of course it's okay to open the first button.
  • Leo: Yes.
  • Shindong: The second button is also okay, isn't it?
  • Leo: Yes.
  • Shindong: What about third button? Is it okay?
  • Ravi: Up to third button is perfect.
  • Leo: I think up to third button is still okay.
  • Shindong: Fourth button?
  • Leo: Fourth button.. No.
  • Ravi: What about the sixth button? Revealing your belly button.
  • N: (laughed)
  • Shindong: Yes, if you can't then what about revealing the middle part (of your body)? Only your belly button will be showed.
  • Leo: (contemplating) No, I can't show my belly button.
  • Shindong: No? So you would rather to show your chest then?
  • Leo: ....................
  • Shindong: It's decided then!
  • Leo: Wait a second..
  • Shindong: Which one do you think is better? Open up the two lower buttons or the five upper buttons?
  • Ravi: (laughed)
  • Shindong: It's like this, if you open the five upper buttons, there are some THINGS that can be shown through. But if you opened the two lower buttons..
  • Leo: (shyly laughed)
  • Shindong: (to Leo) What is this? You seem to like this too much. This is weird........ Well. If you opened the two lower buttons, only your belly button will be shown through.
  • Leo: Yes..
  • Shindong: So what do you think?
  • Leo: (wishpering to Ravi) Lower?
  • Ravi: (answering Leo) Lower is good.
  • Leo: I'll opened the lower buttons..
  • Shindong: Lower buttons? Okay! So for the viewers, since it's a viewable radio. Belly button revelation! (laughed)
  • Leo: Wait wait wait........
  • Shindong: You seem to like this..
  • Leo: (on the verge of crying) I am not..................