i can't decide if it's hilarious

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A friend who's never played DND before joined my group, and his back story is that a wizard accidentally summoned him from our world. He's literally just a sleazy car salesman, and so far he's talked a bandit chief and priest into buying cars. Cars that don't exist. I can't decide if it's aggravating or hilarious that the rest of the group has decided that his sales-talk is going to be their opening move in every battle.

That is a fantastic backstory and a great idea, one of my party had an idea to create a snake oil rogue and this will serve as good inspiration

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I bet Lance is the kind of lee that falls into nervous giggling just by being tickle-talked to... Like, once he had made him helpless (cornered, pinned down, or tied up) all Keith has to do is saying stuff like "you're gonna get it now~" "you know what's coming" or even just "tickle tickle tickle" and Lance would start giggling and shaking his head and repeating "no no no" over and over, he can't control it, and keith thinks it's hilarious but also really cute and takes advantage of it a lot...

oh goD This is so cute thank u for sending this ;~;

lance shakin his head and giggling with his pleading lil ‘no’s is my fav thing ever. and keith’s too probably omg. lance does that nervous thing where he’s all twitchy wherever keith decides to hover his hands, and keith will kiss his cheek and forehead and all over his face in between “stop laughing i haven’t touched you yet” and “you already know what im gonna do, huh?” and meanwhile lance is just kickin his legs a bit and going “keihehehehth!!!!” all cute and just hhghghg i love this


I found this horrifying monstrosity in last year’s art class sketchbook and decided to shade it realistically.

His name are Sunk de Hudgehag and he go vary fest.

Oh and @flamboyant-prince decided they wanted it as their icon so?????

If anyone else wants this eldritch monster as their icon (for some reason?????) go ahead, just credit me or smth.

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I just realized a domestic!dom can be shortened to a dom!dom and all I can think of now is Stiles coming to that realization and finding it so hilarious and Derek is like "Why did I ever decide to let YOU be my dom? My sex life and a large part of my emotional well being are in the hands of someone who can't stop laughing at the short hand version of domestic dominant-" "But DOM!DOM Derek that sounds like it's from The Flintstones!!" "Exhibit A"


I can’t. 

I just can’t.

This would just be Stiles though. And it probably happens when they are watching The Flintstones with their daughter on a Sunday or something and it just dawns on Stiles. And little Lily or can’t understand why Papa can’t watch The Flintstones anymore with her without blushing and looking very very annoyed at Daddy who just grins and throws his head back laughing, kissing Papa on the cheek. Adults are very confusing sometimes. 

red - Minho-centric, jongtae, one-sided 2min

~1.8k words, pg-13, college au/soulmate au

He never really wanted to meet the person he’s attached to.

Minho has always seen them.

They coat his world in color; little shreds of red lay across the roads like perfect lattices, constantly moving, constantly changing. When he was younger he’d sit out on the porch and watch as they rose with the snow. Sometimes they’d snap in his vision and fade away. They’re interesting for sure, but they set him apart. Minho is the only one who can see them; Minho is the only one who can hear them beating, vibrating. They’re almost sentient, he thinks, but really, they’re just there. They don’t even trip him up—the strings—they’re just… there. Almost everyone has them.

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spice up your life - written by bottomlinsons (grimgrace)
By Organization for Transformative Works


After a conversation with his Uni friends, Harry worries that his relationship with Louis has lost it’s spark.

(aka: an incredibly silly modern day love story ft. awkward boners, grumpy neighbours and Cosmopolitan sex tips.)

Author - bottomlinsons        Tumblr - @bottomlinsons

One shot | 9,501 words | Fic published July 5, 2015

Fic post here

Review - 9 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!

I laughed so much throughout this fic, oh my god.

This is pure goodness! The misadventures of a well-meaning Harry Styles is so entertaining. He’s convinced he needs to rekindle the flame in his relationship, and he sets out to make sure Louis is never bored in their love. He decides to follow some tips from Cosmo, and the results had me rolling with laughter. 

Read this fic when you’re looking for a delightfully fun established relationship story.

That mafia au, but where Eren just joined and is such a rookie still and Levi being forced to take Eren under his wing and he’s all reluctant about it at first, like “What? I didn’t sign up for this shit. I know how to kill a man, not change diapers.”

But Eren does grow on him eventually, of course.

And “No, Eren, you’re not doing it right,” and Levi showing him how to hold a gun and shoot properly and do other things properly ( ̄ ̄ ̄▽ ̄ ̄ ̄)

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What was, in your opinion, the most bizarre episode in the original PPG? Like, I can't believe this is actually happening kind of strange? For me it's a tie between "Speed Demon" and "Cat Man Do."

The first thing to pop into my head for “bizarre” was Monkey See, Doggie Two (which I thought was a great concept even if it was for an episode that was essentially reusing animation to save money… but what a hilarious idea, oh man) when Mojo decided that steel underwear would stop the girls from biting his behind… even though he had already planned not to turn them into dogs again…

What a weirdo.

But, if we’re talking bizarre bizarre and not like creepy bizarre… the most bizarre one is definitely Beat Your Greens if only for the fact that it’s full of weird alien invaders that just happen to be brocolli that just happen to be destroyed by being eaten… by the kids of Townsville. It’s an overall weird and strange and… well, super great episode (and one of my faves!).

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I read a one shot ages ago and basically dan and phil always had vanilla sex and they decided to try some things to "spice up" their sex life and its basically a compilation of them failing at all of the things (e.g BDSM) they try to do and in the end they decide they're happy with their vanilla sex life. it was just hilarious and I'd love to read it again but I can't find it :/ - That sounds like "every small disaster (is still a cross off our kink bingo card)" by plantboylester (plantfics).

Every Small Disaster (Is Still A Cross Off Our Kink Bingo Card)Dan and Phil try to spice things up in the bedroom but it turns out they’re just really into vanilla sex and cuddling. Starring: Danisnotaroused and AsphyxiatedPhil. Contains no actual sex.


- tori