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Emma was really mean to Isak during the party scene when Isak sees Even kissing Sonja. Don't get me wrong she has every right to be upset that he used her as a beard, but still idk I feel like she's being a bit unsympathetic with the whole it's 2016 get out of the closet. I can't even imagine how difficult it is for someone to get out of the closet but idk I felt like she was unsympathetic about it, and then she goes on to out him which is just plain unfair.

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NO, she is not very nice, at all! and i guess that’s not the point either. BUT, i think it’s very realistic and shows how well julie did her research. 

actually, let me give you some examples! one of the girls in the podcast “sammen om skammen” (a norwegian fan podcast) said something very similar in one of the earlier episode. that she couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal for isak to come out, because it’s 2016 and he goes to a city school in oslo, where being gay is widely accepted. i also saw many similar comments on the skam page, both on isak’s trailer (“i don’t think it’s that interesting to see a story about a gay boy, it not a problem being gay in 2016” etc.) and during the first weeks of the season (like “obviously, jonas isn’t going to have a problem with it, why can’t he just tell him”). probably mostly ignorance from otherwise ok people (which had my blood boiling a lot of times let me tell you).

but the interesting thing is how this so drastically changed throughout the season. the most liked clip from not only s3, but all of skam, is vært litt spess i det siste, where isak comes out to jonas. and the comments there were so nice and positive and talking about how isak was brave and jonas was great and people sharing their experiences with coming out. and obviously i can’t be sure that those were all the same people as before. but in the case of that girl from the podcast, i specifically remember her reacting to emma’s statement (which was very similar to something she has said weeks prior) with something along the lines of “that doesn’t matter, isak has to decide that for himself, when he is ready!!!” and they were all very vocal about that in the podcast. so i think julie (and all the people that have advised her) are really good at pointing out our prejudices and misconceptions, and addressing them in a way where people actually learn something, without feeling like they are being “taught a lesson on what is right and wrong”. which is so great!! (and i can’t wait for it in s4, it will be glorious, i can feel it!!)

as for the outing, i can’t really agree with myself on how harshly we should judge her on that! because how different was what she did really from what noora and eva did?? or sonja? based on what we know, it’s very hard to tell, and i’m not sure i want to demonise her based on that. however, i wish the show had taken the time to emphasise how outing someone is a really hurtful and potentially dangerous thing to do! 

Why Can't Anyone Hear Me? (Part 2)
Pairing: Phan

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Rape, Depression, Mental Issues, Cursing

Summary: Summary: Dan and Phil have a healthy, happy relationship that has been on going for five years and one day when they get into a fight, Dan wonders off to a bar to be hit on by a stranger.

Part 1

A/N: So this is chapter two to my infamous phanfiction. One person actually liked it and messaged me about it and it was fkn adorable and I love you. If this possibly gets 30 notes, I’ll update faster. That sounds like a deal, am I right ehhehehee. By the way, I love getting cute lil anons about my writing and like always, suggestions are always accepted.

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