i can't deal with you two going from all that to not even being friends

the signs based on people i personally know
  • aries: probably the hardest working and also the best procrastinator. they have no filter. will drop everything to help you. has the wildest almost unbelievable stories and evidence in case you don't believe them. can make you smile even when you feel like shit.
  • taurus: the biggest romantic with the biggest heart. you don't think they care about you? they do. fuzzy blanket enthusiast. no matter how busy they are, how much work they have to do, if you need to talk, they're there. they won't share unless you ask. always watching a new tv show.
  • gemini: probably knows the scientific explanation behind that. not two faced contrary to popular belief, but is just so goddamn charming they can get along with various types of people. will literally wallow in their negative emotions until they burst. humour is their best defense mechanism.
  • cancer: will call you out if you act stupid. wants you to remember all the good times you've had with them because they're scared you'll forget and leave them behind. willing to drive for hours to get some really good food.
  • leo: has the courage to say the things that everyone else was too afraid to say. can be sobbing one second and making jokes the next. has the most random things on their wall, but in an organized way. will drive to your house at midnight because they wanted to be with you.
  • virgo: their room is actually a mess most of the time. likes to avoid their problems a lot. but once forced to deal with them, it didn't even seem like they were struggling at all. more of a listener. often has flashbacks of dumb things they've said.
  • libra: prioritizes the wrong things. it takes a while for their jokes to be understood by the public. has a recognizable catchphrase. has no tolerance for assholes and will literally go off on you and make you rethink your life choices.
  • scorpio: so determined. will do anything to distract themselves from their emotional instability. has hundreds of friends but only considers 3 of them as real ones. sleeps a lot because its the only time their mind shuts up. will remember that one thing you said seven years ago.
  • sagittarius: always thinks of something fun to do. has a lot of doubts and insecurities about themselves and won't believe you when you try to reassure them. very picky about the people they choose to spend their time with. clumsy af and will literally trip on air. you probably owe them money.
  • capricorn: sometimes you can't tell if they're being serious or if they're joking. often questions the validity of their friendships. probably cried the other night. likes to go on roofs. good at looking productive but they are actually just looking at cat videos.
  • aquarius: so incredibly talented. cannot multitask for their life. belts at the top of their lungs in the shower. when they're walking it looks like they're walking to the beat of some 80s funk song. they are the shoulder you cry on. handles confrontation well.
  • pisces: tries to act really tough and independent but in reality they just want a big hug. loves insulated water bottles. has an encyclopedia full of inside jokes they share with their friends. was probably the teacher's favorite. owns books they haven't even opened
bfl (boyfriend bestfriend lover)

genre: fluff, fluff, and more fluff

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 1,545 words

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

opening line: “Although your boyfriend is highkey a manipulator and gets petty at times, you still love Jung Jaehyun for being there for you when you need it the most.” 

*happy birthday jjh you make me swerve too hard for you but I still love you very very much, you dimpled cutie.* 

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"I can't stop thinking about you." + Robron. Thank you! <3

 a bit of an alternative universe drabble for you, anon. i hope you enjoy!

Robert wasn’t sure why he was so nervous to pick up the phone, and just ring Aaron. It’s something he’d done a thousand times before, calling his - well, friend? boyfriend? hot guy he met in a bar he’d been sleeping with for months now? He wasn’t so sure what to call him, not really.

The point was, he’d phoned Aaron so frequently, it was a normal part of his daily routine. But here was, sitting at his desk, looking at his phone as though it was going to bite back if he picked it up, his stomach in knots as he tried to convince himself to just call Aaron.

It wasn’t that hard, it was hardly a big deal.

But it was, it was a big deal. What Robert had planned to say, well, it was a big deal, and it had the potential to change everything.

He was terrified.

Still, the prospect of things continuing as they were were even worse, so Robert reached for his mobile, ignoring how his hands shook as he scrolled through his contacts, pressing call on Aaron’s number before he could talk himself out of it again.

Holding his phone to his ear, Robert did his best to try and steady his breathing as he waited for Aaron to answer, his panic getting worse the longer the phone rang, Aaron usually the type to answer quickly.

“Hi, it’s Aaron. I can’t get to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I’ll get back to you.”

Of course it was his voicemail. The most important conversation of Robert’s life, and he was about to have it with a machine.

There was a joke in there, somewhere.

“Hiya, it’s me - it’s Robert,” Robert began, smiling to himself as he looked at the couch in the corner of his office, remembering how they’d sat there the other night, eating takeaway from the new Thai place down the street, their dinner date turning to Aaron straddling his lap and making a whole lot of new memories on a couch that usually housed reams of paperwork, or a steady stream of boring clients. “I was hoping to get to say this to you face to face, but I guess maybe I won’t bottle it, if I’m talking to your voicemail.”

He could practically hear Aaron laughing at him, laughing at his ridiculousness as he spoke, Robert leaning back in his desk chair. “I love you,” he continued, straight to the point. “I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone, if I’m honest. You just - you make me feel like a stupid teenager, when I’m with you.”

It was true. When they were together, Robert felt like he was some idiot teenager in love, Aaron making him feel giddy, and lighthearted, and on top of the world, however cheesy all that sounded.

Eight months of being with Aaron, and Robert had turned from cynical sarcastic pain in the arse, to hopelessly in love, a soft, silly, hopeless romantic with his mind constantly on Aaron, and when he’d next see Aaron, when he’d next get to hold him close and kiss him, be with him.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” Robert admitted, his heart racing as he spoke, tried to find the words. He’d pictured this a thousand times over, rehearsed it in the mirror enough, but it was close to impossible to get it all out now, tell Aaron everything he felt in the short few minutes he had to speak to his voicemail. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about you. God knows I’ve tried, Aaron, but I just can’t get you out of my head.”

This was it.

This, this was the moment he’d been agonising over for weeks now, trying to figure out if asking it would push Aaron away for good.

“If you leave him, I’ll leave her, Aaron.” Robert said, glancing at the framed photograph on his desk, the woman he’d called his girlfriend, his partner for close to four years now, thinking of the kindly faced, dark haired man that Aaron shared a life with, the man he’d fallen in love with at twenty and been with ever since.

He’d leave Emily, for Aaron. Robert never thought he’d say those words aloud, never though he’d have convinced himself to do it, but as he sat, speaking to Aaron’s voicemail, his decision was made.

“I will, I’ll leave her for you, because I love you. It’s you that  I want to spend the rest of my life with, Aaron,” Robert trailed off, wishing he was really speaking to Aaron now, wishing he could gauge his reaction, see how Aaron felt about his proposal.

“Are you being serious?”

Robert nearly dropped his phone when he heard Aaron’s voice, the other man standing in the doorway of his office. “What are you doing here?” he asked, standing up and shoving his chair back unceremoniously.

Aaron held up a paper bag, the branding of the Thai food place around the corner catching Robert’s eyes. “I figured I’d bring you dinner,” he said. “Have a repeat of the other night.”

Robert nodded, nervous now. “Okay.”

Aaron set the takeaway bag down on Robert’s desk, closing the space between them. Robert’s stomach flipping uncomfortably as he noticed Aaron’s wedding ring, the metal band on his finger telling of the fact his boyfriend did belong to someone else.

A band not dissimilar to the one on Robert’s own left hand, the symbol of the commitment he’d made to Emily close to two years ago now.

“Did you mean it?” Aaron asked again, a hint of desperation in his voice.

“Yes.” Robert said, firm in his own words, confident in a way he’d never been before, when they’d both wondered if they could leave their marriages. “I can’t stop thinking about you, Aaron, even when I’m with her. I can’t live like this anymore, I want to be with you.”

Aaron let out a shaky laugh. “We’re both married, Robert,” he said, his gaze drawn to the well worn ring on his hand. He’d married Ryan close to four years ago, more settled than Robert, despite their age difference. “It’s going to be an absolute mess.”

“I know.”

“And you’re still willing to do it?” Aaron pushed, seemingly unwilling to touch Robert just yet, his hands hovering awkwardly between them.

Robert grinned, feeling fairly hopeful he had Aaron on board with the plan now, that maybe he’d agree to it, and they could start over, start a real life together - have more than stolen moments and late night takeaway dinners in Robert’s office. “I’m game if you are.”

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I ship Lapidot hardcore, but I can't tell if the crew is trying to tell a story of two best friends living together or two beings who started off hating each other then end up falling in love

That’s totally understandable.  The line between “best friends” and “lovers” can be an incredibly thin one - especially if you consider that a lot of people in life consider their romantic partner to also be their best friend.

However, I’m very heavily leaning towards “lovers”, in the case of Lapis and Peridot.

I’ve written about this subject at length, of course; but there really are some key points to consider if you’re trying to figure out whether or not their relationship is platonic, which I’m going to try and lay out here.

First of all, people make a big deal about how certain characters look at each other.  Peridot and Lapis do smile/grin at other characters an awful lot (it’s perfectly normal to do this to your friends, of course), but there’s something more in the way that they look at each other that truly sets their interactions apart…

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Peridot’s not just smiling here - she’s positively beaming in a way that she’s never, ever done whilst looking at any other character before.  The way she draws her hands in to her chest while giggling is very typical of how cartoon characters tend to look at their crush/love interest.  And those eyes

Lapis blushes at her and has to look away.  Is this because she’s thinking “oh no she’s really freaking cute”?  Because it sure looks that way to me.  I’m struggling to think of any other reason why she would have to look away like that.

The change of lighting in this scene - with the sun finally coming out in-time with Peridot’s huge smile - makes the whole thing seem rather poetic.  Lapis has spent the entire episode, up until a couple of minutes before this fateful scene, behaving in quite a mean way towards Peridot.  Her resentment was plain for all to see… and yet, she had a change of heart and saved Peridot from the Roaming Eye, specifically stopping to ask her if she was okay afterwards.  And then when Peridot smiles at her and the lighting changes, this could easily be interpreted as being symbolic of Lapis looking at Peridot in a new light.

This isn’t the only time that they give one another loving looks, either.

Originally posted by giffing-lapis

The three characters in this GIF are all watching Peridot.  Look at Lapis here, and compare her facial expression to the other two.  She’s smirking in a way that almost looks suggestive, especially when coupled with those half-lidded eyes…

…and this is something that Lapis tends to do quite a lot - but only when looking at Peridot.


…Peridot also looks at Lapis, and only Lapis, in a tender way on more than one occasion (particularly note her hands in the second picture - again, it’s the archetypal “cartoon character looking at their love interest” pose).

Originally posted by doafhat

It’s worth noting that the pair of them haven’t had a single negative interaction, of any description whatsoever, since the closing scene of Barn Mates.  After that episode, they are then shown in Beta to be sharing basically everything - not just a home, but their interests as well.  Best friends can be close, of course; but Peridot and Lapis appear to share a bond that goes above and beyond something that’s simply platonic. 

Indeed, their interactions in Beta are often compared to those of married couples, and it’s very easy to see why.  They’ve become incredibly close in a short space of time, and are very much settled in their new home together.  Niether of them has ever appeared as happy and relaxed as they are around each other.

Originally posted by estufar

They’re also in absolutely perfect harmony with each other.  In the GIF above, for example, Peridot doesn’t even need to look at Lapis to know that she’s going to get a high-five, she just knows.  It’s also interesting how her facial expression perfectly mirrors Lapis’ as they’re high-fiving (again, without Peridot even looking at Lapis), further empasising how in-sync they both are.

Originally posted by entediadoateamorte

If Barn Mates had them move in together, Beta had them behave like a married couple - then Gem Harvest had them taking the next step, getting a “child”.

Peridot and Lapis embark on a mutual desire to create a new life together (arguably metaphorical of a couple who have a mutual desire to raise a child together) - resulting in “Veggie Head”, the pumpkin.They both treat it like an actual child in many ways, rather than a pet - with Peridot even trying to teach it to speak! 

Steven also says about Veggie - “it’s nice to have a new addition to the family”, meaning that that even he considers Lapis and Peridot to be an actual family unit, rather than simply being close friends.

These reasons (and many more) are why I believe Lapis and Peridot are, in fact, being written as a romantic couple.

Being Renessmee's Twin Includes
  • Rosalie: I'm naming her Bella. I will not allow you to butcher and mesh two more names. Her name is Carlie. Deal with it.
  • Carlie: Why can't I fight with you and momma papa? I want to show the Volturi that I'm not a scared little girl. Anyone threatens to kill my family, I refuse to run away
  • Bella: Carlie, how many times have I told you? No throwing knifes in the house. You could hurt Renessmee or yourself. Be more careful.
  • Emmett: C'mon kiddo. I'll teach you how to fight.
  • Jasper: *scoffs* It'd be best if I teach her. You get frustrated too easily Emmett.
  • Carlise: Carlie, your growth is more rapid than Renessmee's. Your genes must be slightly different from hers. It could be an attribution to a power we haven't discovered yet.
  • Esme: It's so sweet of you to help me make dinner for you and Renessmee. I feel like you and I hardly get any time together. Renessmee's always off with either her parents or Jacob and you keep to yourself most of the time. Just know that I'm here if you ever want to talk to someone sweetie. You are my grandbaby afterall.
  • Edward: Your mother and I don't love Renessmee more than you Carlie. We love you both equally. She just relies on us more than you. You've always been more independent than your sister.
  • Carlie: I'm more independent because you and mom are always with her and Aunt Rose takes care of me. But whatever. I don't care anymore. She'll be stuck here in Forks and you all will have to leave eventually and I will travel the world once I reach an acceptable age growth.
  • Bella: Where have you been Carlie?! You've been gone for three whole days! What on earth are you wearing?!
  • Carlie: *sighs* Relax mom. I went to Comic Con in San Diego and cosplayed as Harley Quinn. I went to have some fun. Geez, it's like your trying to keep me trapped with you forever since Renessmee started solely hanging out with Jacob. I bet you really hate that imprint now cause you finally have to pay attention to your other daughter.
  • Alice: Carlie, come shopping with me. We never spend any girl time together since you started buying your own clothes.
  • Carlie: But there's a Gotham marathon on today. How about I go shopping with you tomorrow then?
  • Jasper: *watching the Romanian aired teach you how to fight and use weapons from a window in the house because Bella and Edward forbid him from teaching her himself* I don't see what the problem was with them Alice. I have no urge to drink wither of the girls blood and I adore Carlie. I should be teaching her how to fight, not those barbaric two.
  • Alice: I know Jas. But she finally made some friends that weren't a part of our family. Renessmee has Jacob and that's all she needs. Carlie is free to expand herself unbound to anyone. We don't want to smother the girl by crowding her all the time.
  • Rose: I can't believe Bella never told you about periods. Oh wait, I can. Look Carlie, you have nothing to fear. It's completely natural.
  • Jacob: Why do you hate me Carlie? I never did anything to you.
  • Carlie: *rolls eyes and scoffs* Exactly. I hardly even know you and you're the guy my sister is bound to for life. You've hardly ever acknowledged me before. You've hardly ever spokento me and you have no interest in anyone but my sister. I don't like you because I know that the imprint you have with my sister isn't how you really are or were before my mom even started screwing with your life.
  • Bella: How can you say such a thing Carlie?!
  • Carlie: Oh please. Shut up mom. You know I'm right. You only support that imprint because now, Jacob will forever be within your grasp. Just because you chose not to have him all those years ago doesn't mean you get to keep him around when he's moved on with his life.
  • Renessmee: Will you be my maid of honor?
  • Carlie: I haven't seen or heard from you in nearly four years sis. And frankly I don't want to go to your wedding at all. You know your marriage won't end well. You're in love with Nahuel and whether you admit it or not, you don't feel the same pull if the imprint like you used to. Stop dragging Jacob along. Stop your relationship with him and decide what you want. God, you are worse than our mother. Make up your freaking mind.
  • Leah: I didn't think it would be possible, but I am actually best friends with someone who shares half her DNA with Bella Cullen.
  • Carlie: Oh hush. I'm nothing like my mother and you know it. Now shut up so I can hear Tom Hiddleston say "mewling quim."
  • Seth: Are you sure about this Carlie?
  • Carlie: Yes, for the thousandth time. I love you and I refuse to be bound to someone I met only once. I fell in love with you and that is what I've always wanted. To fall in love, not be bound by fate to become whatever my mate pleases.

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If you're looking for kitanishi prompts, how about Natsume thought they were dating and gets worried he's wrong because he thinks he can't understand social cues. Cue kitsnishi pairing realizing they kind of were dating lol

It starts with an invitation.

One of Satoru’s classmates at cram school invites him to go out with her and a few of her friends over the coming weekend—and since some of them would have dates with them, he’s more than welcome to bring his girlfriend along!

The problem:

Satoru doesn’t have a girlfriend. Satoru is terminally single.

He could cancel, but he wants to go. He could show up alone, but that would be all kinds of awkward—especially if he was the odd man out, especially if they were expecting him to have a date.

So he puts his brilliant mind to work in coming up with a solution.

“Natsumeee, what do I do?” Satoru is sprawled piteously across Natsume’s desk. “I need your advice, man.”

“Go by yourself?”

“Natsume! I need better advice!”

Natsume eyes the book he was reading, trapped under Satoru’s arms, and visibly gives up on the idea of extracting it before the idea can even half form in his eyes. Instead he sighs and leans back in his chair, accepting Satoru’s dilemma as his own. They’ve come a long way as friends.

“Honestly, Nishimura, why ask me?” the heartthrob of year two asks obliviously, pushing dusty blond hair out of his eyes. “I have literally no experience when it comes to this. I’ve never been on a date.”

Satoru narrows his eyes at him. Somehow it’s even more annoying that Natsume is so sincerely clueless about how stupidly popular he is. Satoru has no idea how to verbalize this, so he settles for glaring quietly.

“Besides,” Natsume adds, unmoved by Satoru’s expression, “I figured you’d just go with Kitamoto.”

Satoru sits up slowly, staring. “Uh. Why would I go with Kitamoto?”

Natsume looks uncertainly back at him. “Because you’re dating him?”


There’s an impasse of stark misunderstanding opening between them like a yawning chasm, and Natsume visibly retreats back into his little socially awkward shell like some kind of giant skittish hermit crab. Satoru watches him go, totally bemused.

His face is red, hands tangled anxiously together in his lap, eye contact a thing of the past.

“I just assumed—I’m so sorry—”

“Dude, it’s okay, I just—have no idea where that came from?”

“I’m really, really sorry—”

“Natsume, seriously. Stop apologizing or Tsuji’s gonna think I’m bullying you—oh, great, here he comes now.”

Satoru leans back in his chair when Tsuji stops by the desk, and watches Natsume’s face as the pale boy hurriedly assures their class rep that all’s well. Natsume was wrong, obviously, but it’s not like Satoru's mad about it. Natsume doesn’t have much experience in being sociable or having friends (which is an ugly thought, and Satoru hates that it’s true) so it makes sense that he sort of read the cues wrong. It’s no big deal, not even worth thinking about.

But he’s thinking about it. Tuning out the conversation going on right beside him and staring without seeing out the window.

Thinking about what cues Natsume read, and how he possibly could have read them wrong.

“You’re not wrong,” Tsuji is saying calmly, in stark defiance of Satoru’s innermost thoughts. He tunes back into the conversation sharply, watching Tsuji pat Natsume’s shoulder comfortingly. “You picked up on the same cues everyone else did.”

Wait, what?

“Wait, what?” Satoru sits up straight, more than a little gobsmacked, and stares at Tsuji, who stares right back.  Natsume is a shade of pink Satoru has never seen on him before, but it doesn’t look like he’s about to die of humiliation or try to crawl under a rock or something. Compared to the Natsume they started with, this is progress.

“Nishimura, come on,” Tsuji says. “It’s obvious.”

Outraged, Satoru squawks, “No it’s not! What are we even talking about!”

Tsuji gives him literally the dryest look ever. Honestly, Satoru has seen his own mother look more enthusiastic than Tsuji does right now. He’d be impressed, if he wasn’t so busy being offended. 

“You, my friend,” Tsuji says kindly, even leaning over to put a caring hand on Satoru’s arm, “are an idiot.”

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Supercat. Kara realises her feelings for Cat when Cat's beautiful ex girlfriend visits National City for a few days and she can't quite hide her jealousy

“I’m sorry, do you have an appointment?” This isn’t the first time that Kara has had to face down someone determined to make it into Cat’s office, but something is different about the woman in front of her. There’s a confidence to her step, an unconscious ease that few carry with them when facing Cat Grant.

“I’m afraid I don’t, but Cat always said I’d be welcome to drop by,” the mystery woman says with a smile and wink, not bothering to hide a searching glance up and down Kara’s figure. “If I’d known she’d finally hired someone decent, I might have stopped by sooner.”

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Could u suggest some good jikook fanfics with angst. No vkook though please. Vmin is fine 💜 I really can't find any good fanfics. With good storylines

Okay this is a list of most angsty fics I’ve read. But I more than likely forgot some. I recommend going on AO3 and just searching for angst fics by outting it in the “additional tags”. There’s like 700 fics for angst, I’m sure you’ll find one you like 😊😊

This list has I think one fic with side tae/kook and a few with side V/min and Min/joon!  

The list is also in no particular order!

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Could I request a Taehyung smut where he is a rich spoiled kid who is a douche and likes playing with girls' hearts? You start working as a maid at his families house and Tae shows interest in you and likes teasing you and stuff but you can't stand him. One day something happens (like you for example fall asleep in his room, if you have a better idea please pick that instead) and shit goes down from there ;) Thank you in advance and I really love your work!!

Originally posted by mvssmedia


(This was waiting in my box for ages and I am so sorry for that. I am also sorry as it is this short. I just thought I would tease you guys so I hope you still enjoy it >.<)

Life was cruel. Well at least for the ones who wasn’t born with a silver spoon, just as Kim Tae Hyung. The very annoying son of the rich family you were working for…as a maid. 

You had to pay for the collage and that was one and only reason you put up with those endless teasings of his. Either his eyes or words. He always found a way to piss you off. 

For your good (!) luck he was at home for the day. He called your name rather bored and flat.

“Make me some cocktails.”

You hardly kept yourself not to roll your eyes.

“Sir, you parents made it straight. You aren’t allowed to drink.”

He just ruffled his hair while huffing.

“Oh for God’s sake… They don’t even know how much I drink when I am outside with friends. Just do it already.”

When you didn’t answer he held some cash between his point and middle finger. Being all persistend, his voice got lower.

“I will pay you extra.”

You looked at the dollar cash in his fingers with a pokerface.

“Sir, I’m affraid I can’t do it. If your parents find out I will loose my job but I would like to keep it.”

TaeHyung’s dark eyes were darker than ever when he took a step towards you. He cornered you in front of the shiny dark grey workbench. His large hands lying on the workbench by each side of your hips. TaeHyung leaned in, whispering.

“You have always been disobedient. You never do what I say. You look at me as if you hate me but you like me, don’t you?”

Your eyebrows were furrowed out of confusion. Where was this attitude of him coming from? You put your hand between his chest and yours, faking a slight cough.

“Excuse me sir…I don’t know where does this nonsense come from but if you move …”

He didn’t move away. In fact he got even closer, even holding your wrists. You just looked into his eyes. His eyes were even deeper and captivating, voice like a cold venom.

“Nonsense huh?”

His lips found yours. It was harsh yet kind of sweet. You had to be strong. You just couldn’t kiss him back because employees did not kiss their bosses sons. No… You had to stop him. You put your hand at his chest that was moving with his heavy breathing. 

“This is…sexual harrasement. I…I can sue you…”

TaeHyung smirked in the most confident way possible.

“Sue me? Go ahead sweetie. What do you think I will end up with? Jail… No”

He giggled before he went on, eyes burning into yours. His hand gently caressing your hair. Eyes and tightly shut, you just squealed.

“TaeHyung don’t. ”

His right hand grabbed your chin, forcing you to face him.

“Eyes closed, breathing heavily… Who are you fooling Y/N? You have always wanted this, haven’t you?”

Damn it he knew. Even though you hated him TaeHyung had this different charm that made you feel things that you should never feel. He knew that was a lost deal. You were just playing for nothing but you had to. You could not give up after whole this time. You shook your head.

“I didn’t”

And mentally cursed yourself for talking because your voice betrayed you when it cracked. TaeHyung licked his lips as he chuckles.

“Still stubborn… You know… Its way more exciting when you just won’t accept it. I am just gonna break you down.”

He turned you so quickly that you couldn’t even proceed what was happening. Your upper body laid down on the bench, your skirt pushed up above your hips. Your wrists held together behind by one of his large hands. You were all helpless but nothing came out of your mouth.

The other large hand of just laid on your ass cheek lightly. You squirmed and tried to break his grip. That only caused another stronger spank.

“Let me go.”

You tried again but your voice gave out more of need than hate. He gave you another spank. 

His two finger pushed your dark purple lace panties down then made you step out of them. His hand grabbed it from the ground, shaking it above your eyes. His voice was even lower when his breath washed over your ear.

“Look at how wet you are for me. Do you see this?”

Without a word you only nodded. TaeHyung’s long fingers teased your pussy. Slightly touching but not where you need it. You muttered a please. TaeHyung acted superior as he asked.

“Please what?”

You didn’t want to say it. You hated yourself for being weak like this. However the throbbing of your core could not be denied anymore. 

“Touch me.”

Your voice was so low that you weren’t even sure if he heard. Hell knew he heard you damn well but he pretended he didn’t because his already skyscrapper high ego needed to be filled.

“I can’t hear you.”

He said, the teasing obvious in that voice. You repeated louder.

“Damn it TaeHyung you heard me. Just touch me, ok?”

He chuckled before he showed two long fingers inside you. They slid into your fold quickly and filled you up. You couldn’t help but moaned continiously when he moved them in and out. He was fast and merciless. The wet sound of your fold filled the air along with your whimpers. TaeHyung moved his fingers deeper and faster. Hell or heaven… Either way you were getting close.

He opened the zipper of your black uniform slowly. He moved your body up then just forced the uniform out of your perfect skin with his one hand.  Then he enjoyed the sight of you. All naked except your bra and helpless. Still seeking for your release in need. 

The boner has been poking the zipper of his dark jeans became painful for TaeHyung. The waited enough for this. Putting your wrists together behing you again, he made your panties useful when he tied your wrists up quickly. Kissing you kind of soothingly on your shoulder TaeHyung got you up on your feet then whispered.

“To my room sweetie. I will do whatever I want with you there…”

With that he grabbed you by the arm, dragging you upstairs to his unnecessarily large bed.

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Do you think Severus loved Lily romantically? I always headcanon him as loving her (purely) not lust nor love because of his childhood, I could see him a little kid and there's this red-head with a compassionate heart, and he just can't help but love her because she reciprocated it. I'm a firm believer that there's types of love much more prominent than romantic. *I'm saying this because honestly, I'm sick & tired of people writing how Snape just wanted to screw Lily and what a perv he was.

As with most of my Severus headcanons, I sway all over the shop; I can go along with Severus loving Lily romantically, but no, it’s not my predominant reading of the series.

I can quite imagine that he liked the idea of having a relationship with her when he was 15 or so because she was one of the only people (not even girl!) who paid him any attention, or treated him kindly.  I can also quite imagine that he was in a heterosexual world, and like all other teenagers, he was dealing with raging hormones - and he felt a pressure to date a woman, and aspire to settle down and marry and have children.

…but I actually don’t see him as genuinely coveting a sexual relationship with Lily past the point that their friendship is over, and most certainly not once she started dating James.

Fandom wants to present him as the spurned lover, or a friendzoned loser but I don’t read him that way at all.  He is the spurned best friend, which is very very different.

I’m very fortunate in that I’ve had many great friendships through my life, and I’ve got friendships that have spanned decades.  But, like most others, I am old enough to have gone through some traumatic friendship breakups.

I had a friend from the age of 8, and we had a serious wobble around 15/16, and another serious wobble at 22, and we ended up breaking things off entirely at 23/24.  The thing I recall the most was a huge amount of pain at 15 or so (which is why we made friends again, but looking back logically, it was never the same - and the subsequent breakup was inevitable).

At 9 and 12 and 14, I loved that person and I am certain they loved me.  There was no sexual desire towards each other, no romantic feelings, no wish to marry.  We were friends - best friends - and we spent most of our days together.  It didn’t work out.  We went our own ways, and I dare say that we are much happier for it.  The person they became, and the person I now am…well, we’re not compatible at all.

Does that lack of sexual desire between us mean that we weren’t best friends?  That we didn’t love each other?  That we didn’t spend all of that time together?  Does it mean that because we’re now just people who knew each other that we wouldn’t step in if a maniac wanted to murder the other?  Would stepping in mean that we wanted to have sex with the other?

And bear in mind, we are two people who separated because of “reasons” - and not because we were against the backdrop of war, and one dropped the other when the second person didn’t want to be dropped.  (No judgement on Lily’s actions, just factual statement; Lily dropped Severus, Severus didn’t want her to.)

It is possible to read Severus as desiring Lily, and wanting to date and marry her.  It is equally possible to read Severus as merely being her old friend, and him being devastated at the idea that she would be murdered.  It is a rather extreme circumstance that he finds himself in.

Moreover, the ‘accepted’ hater argument that Snape was a friendzoned bro is a deliberate misreading of both the text, and the definition of the friendzone.

Love is a beautiful thing, and should not be kept to just your romantic partners.  I love my friends, and I love my family, and shock horror, I’ve even had sex with people without me loving them, or them loving me.

I think it’s a sad reflection that some people assume that love = sex.

Imagine: Marinette with the Butterfly Miraculous instead

I have no idea how this would work but bare with me.

So instead of Marinette gaining the Ladybug Miraculous, she gets the Butterfly Miraculous. Maybe the Ladybug Miraculous is being wielded by the bad guy in this one (Sorry Tikki!)(#FreeTikki2k16).

Adrien is still our lovable flirty mess of a black cat who has only met the mysterious “La Mariposa” in person a few times but she made one hell of an impression before they both agreed that keeping her behind the scenes and away from the actual battle would be better.

So Marinette creates “Champions” as the Miraculous is supposed to be used to fight evil. She finds people who are willing to help. 

Sometimes they are sad (Mariposa gives Kim a pep talk as Kim/Cupid helps with the latest battle). 

Sometimes they are angry (Lady Wifi had to be talked out of going after Chloe but Mariposa was stern and spoke to Alya about being the better person. Though Mariposa did speak to the Principle about getting Alya’s suspension revoked). 

Often they are scared (Courage was Mylene’s Champion form and gave her the strength to help her friends.)

As La Mariposa, Marinette is able to help people overcome the negativity in their lives to become better people. It also helps her control her own emotions resulting in less spazzing around Adrien, less overthinking and generally helps her maturity develop.

Chat uses the Champions as temporary teammates…

And of course, as a means to flirt and interact with La Mariposa, no matter who the champion is.

Just Imagine during alternate episodes:

Alya/Lady Wifi: Is he … always like this, Mariposa?

Marinette/Mariposa: *resigned sigh* Believe me. He gets worse.

Nino/ The Bubbler: Dude, did he just…?

Marinette/La Mariposa: Tell him if he says one more pun, you’re punting him into space.

Nino/ The Bubbler: I don’t know. It was pretty good. I’d hate to burst his bubble.

Marinette/ La Mariposa: Mon Dieu, don’t you start!

Mylene/ Courage: Um, Miss Mariposa, why is he flirting with you through me?

Marinette/La Mariposa: Frankly, at this point, I don’t even know what goes through his head. 

*About Theo/Copycat* 

Marinette/ La Mariposa: Nope, I refuse to deal with two of you. One is bad enough.

Adrien/ Chat Noir: You just can’t get enough of me, can you My Lady?

Just imagine a Butterfly!Marinette doing her best and a Chat Noir!Adrien who gets to interact with all these people (improving his social skills) and still know at least one person has got his back.

Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 54

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Chapter Fifty-Four: Adorable

Lucy’s eyes slowly opened when she heard the sound of leaves crunching. She looked up just in time to see Natsu walking around the large tree. His lips curved into a smile once he saw his girlfriend sitting there peacefully.

“Found ya.”

She smiled along with him. “Looks like you did.”

“Yeah.” He looked up, placing a hand on the thick trunk. “This is the Sola tree, Magnolia’s pride and joy. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.”

Lucy shrugged, moving to pat the spot beside her. “Guess I missed that bit of information.”

It took Natsu a few extra seconds to sit down, his muscles aching from walking so much. He did better than others since he was used to walking everywhere, but he didn’t normally walk eleven miles all in the same day.

“Water?” Lucy offered, holding up her bottle.

He took it without hesitation, thankful for the cool liquid. He was in such a rush to find Lucy he forgot to stop and grab something to drink. After taking several gulps, he sighed. “I’m beat.”

“You look like it,” Lucy giggled, noting the sweat clinging to his skin.

“Yeah, I’m all sweaty.” He laughed, grabbing his shirt to pull it outwards, letting the air touch his skin. “Good thing I brought deodorant.”

Lucy watched as he fished in his side pocket of his cargo shorts, pulling out a stick of deodorant. While applying it, Lucy saw a hint of his stomach. She turned away to give him a little privacy.

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I really wanted to trust the writers to develop Bellarke this season. But I can't. They had so many opportunities but they threw them out the window for Niylah. Where are they going with Bellarke? Don't know and possibly nowhere. I am so disappointed and tired. They are wasting Bob's and Eliza's chemistry. Bellarke was ripe for development this season, they started so close together. But maybe it was all a trick to get Bellarke fans hooked, and now I fear they won't make Bellarke happen. Sad!

Hello nonny!

It’s almost 24 hours later and some of us are still a bit frustrated about the newest episode, at least Bellarke-wise.

I cannot deny that I am one of them. The trailer really seemed to me as if we could get a Hakeldama 2.0 but seeing it, it fell flat. Not that their scene wasn’t good (like you said, Eliza’s and Bob’s chemistry is phenomenal!). It even offered a huge, or rather more explicit revelation in terms of Clarke’s feelings about Bellamy (romantic or not) in that she cannot lose of sacrifice him at all costs.

No, it was the QUIETNESS of the scene. I think many of us expected an outburst of emotions similar to Hakeldama (me included). They had their feelings bottled up to a point where they were exploding at each other with anger and by shouting their arguments in hurt and pain. Afterwards, they had a moment of rawness, some time to consider what had happened and a bit more to reconcile.

This time however, they were pretty calm. No shouting, no anger. Only raw emotion. And no moment of verbalized reconciliation. These kind of scenes and moments can be quite meaningful but for us, it felt like something was missing in comparison.

Maybe that’s where a part of the frustration stems from.


For Bellarke development this season, we started quite good in my opinion. And yes, there were some opportunities where they could have sealed the deal but they didn’t. Because the writers play it long term. And it involves that those two idiots in love need to realize, to accept and to act on it. But life is a bitch and the world is ending, so that might have to wait a bit. They are simply to busy with being responsible leaders.

Still, they develop. As individuals, as partners and soon, everything will fall into place. This season? I am still holding out for it. Next season? Absolutely! (unless the Writers are some hidden dungeon masters who like to torture us further)

I would even dare to say that similar to the bunker scene, the Bellarke development in season 4 is far quieter now, nuanced even, and takes place in their individual headspaces in contrast to season 3.

So please, trust me, believe me and don’t lose hope yet when I say that Bellarke will happen. There might be times when things get frustrating but this ship is still on course.

Therefore, don’t fear Niylah or see her as a threat in any way. The relationship that Niylah and Clarke have is that of friends with benefits as stated in 4x6 “We Will Rise”.

We know that Clarke seeks people out for more intimate moments whenever she feels the need for being comforted, by people she trusts in one way or another.

With Bellamy imprisoned, with being responsible for that situation and for feeling guilty, she needed a safe space which Niylah provided in that moment as being an almost non-judgemental person. And a bit of cuddling haven’t hurt anybody yet. ;)


Maybe this helps you a bit nonny.

For me, it certainly did. Thanks to your ask, you gave me the chance and some time to reflect on last night’s episode a bit better. :)

We Can’t Part III ~ Sirius

Here it is!!!

@wordacadabra and @a-jem-found-in-a-papaya wanted me to tag them so here it is!
I think this is the last installment of this series, thanks you all for reading and being so supportive of it! I love you all. 

School started up again in September. The sky was clear and the air was fresh as you got off the train. The opening feast and sorting dragged on slowly. The food was good, of course, but you were tired and you just wanted to sleep.

On your way to your common room, you caught Sirius Black’s eye and he smiled a little bit. You immediately looked down at your feet to avoid his gaze. You could still feel his eyes burning into your head but continued ignoring him and kept walking.

You reached your dorm room and collapsed on your bed. You hd forgotten that going back to school would also mean seeing Sirius. You looked at the ceiling and sighed deeply, just thinking about what to do about him.

He had come to your window a lot over the summer and you would go to his. You spent the nights talking together then making out, only to stop when you wanted him most. He never pressured you into anything and was respectful when you forced yourself to your senses, and that peaked your interest in him.

But none of that mattered now, you were tired and wanted to figure out what was going on between the two of you on another day. You closed your eyes ad drifted to sleep soon enough. You heard the faint chatter of your roommates as they shuffled into the dorm and went to bed, excited for the year to come


You and Dorcas met up for breakfast the next morning, walking to the Great Hall together. You two were comparing schedules and talking about the professors as you entered the hall to grab your breakfast and head outside.

You and Dorcas always took your early meals outside to avoid the clamour of the Hall. It started in third year and has continued since then. The grass was still wet from the dew of the night when you sat don at your normal place that looked out over the school grounds.

“How’d you sleep?” Dorcas asked, pointing out the circles under your eyes.

“Eh, could have been better. I fell asleep but was restless, you know?” You told her.


“I guess I was thinking subconsciously.” You shrugged, taking a bite of your apple.

“What about?” She pressed the subject further, furrowing her brows.

“Uh- Sirius Black.” You coughed.


“Sirius Black,” You said louder this time, “I don’t know what to do about him.”

Dorcas looked at you as if to say ‘I told you so’

“He’s not bothering me, it’s just- I want more of what it is we have, but I don’t know how to ask for that, and I’m scared of what will happen if we-”

“Relationship?” Dorcas’s eyes widened, “You’re not telling me something.”

“I haven’t and I’m sorry, but I’ll tell you now,” You apologized, standing up so you could pace to calm your jittery nerves, “Sirius and I have been getting together at night and talking for a while, then we snog and I’ll call it off before it gets too heated.”

“Have you told him anything he can hold against you for any reason?”

“No. It’s just small talk, and stuff about his family.” You reassured her.

“Well, keep on doing it if you want, just make sure he is committed if you take it further.” She advised.

You nodded and finished your breakfast while talking about the dorky first years and laughing at the girls fawning over the attractive boys.

You went through your classes quickly. You always hated the first days of school. It was all rules and procedure and course objectives. You knew everyone was going to break the rules, the procedure was the same as every year and the objectives would either be met or passed up depending on the class.

You had potions class in the afternoon. Before even sitting down, Professor Slughorn made you gather up your things because he was going to assign partners that would sit together for the year. Dorcas got put with Remus Lupin, your friend Lily Evans got put with James Potter. Poor Lily, that guy was all over getting Lils to go on a date with him. And just your luck (not knowing if it was bad or good), you got put with Sirius Black.

“Hey, love.” He said, sitting next to you in the back as everyone shuffled to their spots in the classroom.

“Hey,” You replied, “snog any girls yet?”

“Not yet, I’ve got my eye on one though.” He smirked.

You couldn’t tell if he was talking about you or another girl, and you weren’t sure which you wanted.

“Sounds fun.”

Slughorn started talking and you two lowered your voices to a whisper.

“You excited for this year?” You asked, trying to practice confidently speaking to him.

“Yeah, I’m especially ready to learn some dueling technique.” He told you, leaning in closer to you so you could hear him.

His breath fanned your neck and if you weren’t distracted before you were now.

“You alright?” Sirius asked, ginning at your response to him being so close.

“Shut up.” You told him, knowing he would tease you if you didn’t answer.

“Just asking.” He smirked, pulling away.

The room suddenly became colder with the absence of Sirius right by you. You made eye contact with Dorcas, who was watching you from across the row of chairs and tables. You smiled at her awkwardly, making her laugh and looked at the Professor, trying to recenter yourself and focus.

For the rest of class, every move Sirius mad agonized you. You forced yourself not to look at him, but if was hard when he was inching closer to you to pretend to read the notes you were taking to help you focus. By the time the hour was up, you needed a cold shower and ot up as soon as you were dismissed.

“What the hell was that?” Dorcas hooted once you two joined in the hallway.

“Horrible.” You blushed, walking along side your friend.

“You looked like a scared bunny!” She laughed. “What was I supposed to do when he was trying to get my attention? Give it to him? Retaliate? I’m sorry if I didn’t want to snog in the back of the classroom where everyone could see us!” You scoffed, lightening up.  

“You need to talk to that boy.” SHe shook her head in disbelief, “You need to figure out what you two are.”

“I know.” You sighed.

You were able to stand your ground and flirt with Sirius during potions as the week went on. He would say something witty and you would throw something back at him, the two of you laughing in good sport afterwards.

You turned your focus from boys to school and worked on getting good marks. You bundled up all your feelings for Sirius and shoved them to the side. You get closer with your group of friends and even made some new ones.

Without the snogging that went on during summer, you didn’t have to really worry about defining what you and Sirius were. You were just friends. Sure you had stronger feelings, but you wanted to play it safe. You decided to push those feelings aside. You knew they will bubble up again sometime, but you were hoping maybe you could keep them at bay for as long as possible.

And you did. You got quite good at pretending to not care even though you did. You even convinced yourself at one point that there was nothing going on between you two at all. That was, until Professor Slughorn gave you a potion to brew for homework and you and Sirius had to get together outside of class.

It was after all the classes had let out and people were in the library studying, or in their dorms sleeping or outside, screwing around with friends. You and Sirius made plans to meet up and get ahead on brewing since it would take a few days.

You were the first to arrive in the hollow classroom, empty of everyone except you and the Bloody Baron who just scowled at you.

“OI! Baron, scram, we’ve got work to do and you’re bothering the lady.” Sirius’ voice said as you were trying to avoid the gaze of the ghost and set up your notes.

The ghost screeched in reply and disappeared from his spot in the corner.

“Thanks,” You laughed as Sirius came up beside you and looked over the notes.

“Felix Felicis.” He murmured.

“Liquid luck.”

“You have any idea where to start?” He asked you.

“With the ingredients.” You said, moving to the cabinet in the back of the room that Slughorn kept the materials in. You opened it up and Sirius read off the list of things for you to get. After filling your arms with the materials, you walked carefully back to the table you were working at.

You began brewing the potion. You and Sirius were focused on the work and didn’t talk much. There was he occasional comment about a class or drama going around the school, but that was it. There were times when his hand would brush against yours, or he would go behind you to grab something on the other side of the table and place his hand on your waist.

It was those times that you thought about the nights during the summer. Then you started thinking about why things were different now, and how much you just wanted him for yourself and how you wanted to tell him things about you even though you didn’t trust him.

But you wante to trust him. You wanted to trust him completely with everything. He had that effect on you. You didn’t know what to do. Now was the perfect time to say something, but you weren’t sure you could pluck up the courage to.

Finally, you did.

“Sirius,” You said calmly while still working on your potion, “what are we?”

“What are we?” He paused his work and you, though you kept your head down, could tell he was looking at you.


“We- we’re friends I guess, friends that snog every now and then.” He said as if it was no big deal.

“And how do you feel about that, deep down?” You asked, stirring the potion three times.

“Does it matter?” He asked awkwardly.

“Yes.” This time you looked at him as you spoke.

“Okay- I uh- it’s cool.” You could tell he was putting up walls.

“Just cool?” He nodded.  

“Just cool.”

“Well, Sirius Black, can I tell you what I think?” You didn’t wait for an answer, “Ever since I met you I was intrigued by the boy in the mask. When I found out your identity and you mine, my heart fell because I knew you would never care for me, and if you did, the world would be against us because of status. When you came to my window the first time, I was so happy because I thought you actually cared. Then you came to snog me and I was disappointed because I was just a means to an end, but then you opened up to me. I didn’t open up to you because you can break my heart with anything I tell you.

“And our little meetings happened more frequently, and we got closer and closer. Then you stopped when school started and it has been two months. Every time you touch me my skin burns. I miss the feeling of your lips and your hands on my body, but I’m not sure how you feel. So I’ve left those desires to simmer down and die, but they haven’t. But let me tell you, I will not be burned by you. So, you better tell me exactly how you feel about me and break my heart so I can go back to normal, because we can’t go on like this. I can’t.”

Sirius stared at you blankly. You could tell he was searching for words that he could not find.

“(Y/N),” He breathed a last, “I- I don’t know what to say.”

“What are you thinking?” You asked.

“Think I want to kiss you>” He smiled, looking down.

“Use your words.” You laughed.

“I’m not good with words.” He said, looking you deep in the eyes.

This time you moved to kiss him. Slowly, not as urgent as all the other times.

“You think we can do this?” He murmured against your lips.

“I think we can.”

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Can't get enough of your beautiful writing! Here's a desus prompt where Negan takes Daryl in 701 but desus are already together/established relationship.

The smell of blood was fresh in the air. It was the first time in a very long time that Paul felt the weight of it, the first time in a long time that the smell of blood made him physically ill. Paul’s stubbornness outweighed the feeling though, and he kept his head on straight. He would not fold. Not now. 

Next to him, Daryl was shaking violently. Not only had he just witnessed not one, but two murders right in front of him, he was suffering from injuries that were only getting worse. Paul’s hand twitched, it was second instinct for him to take care of his boyfriend, but he knew if he moved now, Daryl could die. 

“Now,” Negan said. Paul couldn’t look at him, he could only look at Daryl. The pain on his boyfriend’s face was indescribable. It made Paul ache more. “We’ve all learned our lesson I think, but maybe just one more thing to seal the deal.”

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Hey uh is that an autism thing that I can't keep friends for a long time? Like, it always reaches a point where I just... can't deal with them anymore and just.. stop caring. This goes for both digital and face to face friendships. The only person I'm emotionally attached to for a long time is a my girlfriend, but even then is just five years. I'm tired of being like this, idk

This is not at all uncommon with autistics, and I think it might have less to do with our ability to maintain friendships and more to do with NRE as a stim, and just the expectations we have in general for relationships. Whatever causes it, it is typical for autistics.

Essentially, when you first enter a relationship, be it friendly or romantic, you experience NRE - new relationship energy. This is how we describe the increased endorphins and neurotransmitters that flood our brains when we first start a relationship we like. NRE is very, very, stimmy for most of us, and sometimes it can be a sensory overload.

But also, we just have different expectations than allistic people do. Everyone, allistics and autistics alike, have relationships that come and go. I have found that the general expectation from autistics is that we will come and go, and that’s okay. None of my autistic friends are going to get worried if we don’t talk for two weeks or a month or even a year and then pick up where we left off.

Allistics, however, seem to need constant validation of a friendship to understand that it is a friendship - which is to say, they require regular contact. You have to spend time with them, you have to talk to them, etc.

It doesn’t have to be constant as in every hour or even every day, but it does have to be fairly regularly and probably fairly frequently by most autistic’s standards.

With an allistic, if we interact once or twice a week and suddenly I don’t interact with them, they tend to think something is wrong with the relationship or with them.

The expect it to continue as it was, and they will push for that level of interaction even though you have seen too much of them or spent too much time talking to them online, or whatever.

This can easily lead to “social overload” for lack of a better term - basically, too much them. And sometimes, the only way to get them to stop is to push them out of your life.

Some allistics do get that we come and go more frequently, and can interact with us on our terms and on according to our needs and expectations - this is how we end up with autistic cousins.

Basically, it is a lot of work to maintain friendships with the expectations that allistics have, and sometimes we just can’t put in the work the same way they do.

When we talk about relationships, all of this is what comes to mind for me. I’ve written about this before on my personal blog, so here is a shameless plug for that personal essay. I would suggest reading it, and see if you relate, and if you have questions, or if you don’t relate, send us another ask and we’ll see if we can come up with another answer that is more appropriate to what you are describing.

- Sam

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I've been scrolling through the "abused" tag but I can't really find much that deals with /derek/ being hurt? I was wondering if you knew of any good fics were Derek is the focus of all that hurt/comfort? Thanks for having this blog, you guys are the best.

We have a hurt!Derek tag where you can find more….hurt Derek! Tada! And here’s an update. - Anastasia

Originally posted by alevay

Why didn’t you get rid of those ratty, old sweats? by lunasinger

(1/1 I 889 I General I Sterek)

Derek has owned this dirty and ratty pair of sweats for years and Stiles wants to know why does he still have them and wears them.

This is us by Nocturnalnightmare

(1/1 I 1,014 I Teen I Sterek)

The Stilinski household looked bare, empty. Even from the outside.
The garden overgrown and the windows black. Stiles let out a shaky breath as he stared at the house he grew up in.
His mothers laughter filled his ears and his dad’s witty sense of humor too as memories flooded his brain.
He pictured his dad, lying in the cold coffin. His skin as pale as snow. The sheriffs uniform covering the wounds, covering the truth of what happened.
Tears rolled down his cheeks as he brought his jeep to life, the engine roaring as it rolled gently out the drive way.
He had to go, he just had to.
He had to leave Beacon Hills.

No Shoes, No Socks, Better Morning Derek Theorem by A_Graph_You_Look_At

(1/1 I 1,271 I Teen I Sterek)

“Dammit,” Stiles sighed angrily and shoved a hand through his hair, tugging at it hard. He fell back against the tangle of blankets and pillows he’d left behind and closed his eyes. “Dammit, Derek.”

“What did I do this time?”

Fine by Nerdy_fangirl_57

(1/1 I 2,136 I Mature I Sterek)

In a world where everyone has the last words they hear their soulmate say inked into their skin Derek is devastated when he finds out that Paige, the love of his life who he has been dating for nearly a year now, wasn’t his soulmate after all.

Nobody by BrotherlySoulmates

(1/25 I 2,382 I Teen I Sterek)

When Stiles’ wish to become powerful finally comes true, he gets more than he bargained for and he wants nothing more than to become a nobody again…

Two Souls Into One Flesh by DerekHaleGirl97

(1/1 I 2,537 I Teen I Sterek I Girl!Stiles)

It all happened so fast.

One minute, Stiles was standing there besides Allison, watching with a wide smile on her face as her best friend and the love of his life were getting married.

Then the next minute, everything went to hell.

Dark Paradise by lollypops

(2/? I 3,308 I Mature I Sterek)

After one to many drinks Stiles walks home alone after celebrating is 18th birthday.

He was suddenly attacked from behind and dragged into his home where he was raped by a stranger.

Derek climbs through his window at the wrong time and false accusations are made.

The pack starts avoiding him, accusing him of cheating.

Stiles begins to take up an old hobby of his; Figure Skating.

Shitty Little Things in Boxes by inatshej

(1/1 I 3,577 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek looked over Stiles’ books and all the other shitty little things he was bent on keeping, not caring about them being Stiles’ possessions anymore and gripping them tightly, crying over each and every one that struck a memory in him, crying even more when he didn’t recognise another small nonsense because apparently, that’s what was left of his life with Stiles. Shitty little things in boxes. 

Soul Bitten by BasquillINKPot

(5/? I 10,925 I Explicit I Sterek Rape)

Stiles confronts Derek about kicking Isaac out. After a brutal argument Stiles goes to the preserve to clear his head only to have his most life changing encounter yet.

We’ll figure something out by Anarik

(1/1 I 12,691 I Teen I Sterek)

After a witch attack, Stiles and Derek are cursed and have to live in an alternate dimension while watching the others figure out how to bring them back.

Third Time’s A Charm by iKnightWriter

(7/? I 15,609 I Teen I Sterek)

When Jennifer Blake suddenly calls it quits on her and Derek’s relationship, it not only leaves two wolf packs without a fully trained emissary to keep the peace between the two, but a heartbroken Derek behind. Enter Stiles Stilinski, Scott’s best friend and also emissary in training. With some words of wisdom and a heavy dose of sarcasm Stiles must try to find a way to get the packs back the way before. But first, a certain Alpha needs to get a boost of confidence back.

Voltron: Legendary Defenders- Galra!Altean!Keith AU

So, what if it’s Galra!Keith with a twist… he already knows he’s an alien.  He’s known for his entire life.

Keith’s father, Thace, is secretly a member of the Galra resistance.  His mother is Altean, a descendant from those who managed to escape Zarkon’s destruction of Altea ten thousand years ago.  Keith was born and lived on a secret resistance base for maybe the first five years or so of his life, hidden away on the fringes of the known galaxy.  From a young age, his father teaches him how to fight (as much as you can teach a five year old to fight, anyway) and his mother teaches him how to use his shapeshifting abilities to his advantage– both in battle and in normal life.

At some point, Zarkon discovers the base and orders it destroyed.  Thace gives them enough warning for them to evacuate, except during the escape, Keith and his mother’s ship is  damaged and separated from the rest of the group.  They go spinning off into deep space, presumably lost forever (leading Thace to think that he lost both of them), but in reality they crash-land on Earth.

Keith’s mother, once she pulls herself and Keith out of the wreckage, realizes that the ship is unsalvageable.  They’re trapped on an unfamiliar planet, who knows how far away from civilization– if the planet even has a civilization –and with only each other to depend on.  

And to top it all off, they seem to have landed in a desert in the middle of nowhere.  Wonderful.

After several long and harrowing days trekking through the desert, they stumble across a town.  Once Keith and his mother disguise themselves as humans, they find the homeless population and integrate themselves into there.  Keith’s mother learns everything she can about Earth, Keith has to adjust to losing everything he’s ever known, and consequently the next few years are very hard for both of them.

Soon enough, Keith’s mother figures out how to hack Earth systems (“Rather primitive, compared to ours, but we don’t complain about easy marks, eh?” she says to Keithek– no, Keith, who grins in agreement) and fakes their records so that they can really blend in with the rest of the population.  Her name gets changed to a similar Earth equivalent and Keith gets his changed from Keithek, his birth name, to Keith.  From there, she finds a job, they get an apartment, and things sort of settle down.  Eventually, they save enough money to even just build their own little house far outside city limits, where they can go back to their natural forms and be themselves.  (Yes, this is Keith’s wooden cabin-thing from the first episode.)

Except, then, the accident happens.

There’s a traffic-heavy intersection.  A drunk driver.  Keith is the only one who survives.

A combination of a concussion and trauma from the accident gives Keith minor amnesia.  His memories get… scrambled.  Some things stay, but others don’t.  He knows his name wasn’t always Keith, but he doesn’t know what it used to be.  He knows he isn’t human, but he doesn’t know what species he really is.  He knows he’s an alien, but all the memories he has of space are flashes, impressions, hazy images that fade even further as the years pass.

It doesn’t help that he’s immersed in Earth culture, living amongst humans who treat him as one of them, and there’s nothing left to keep him in touch with his heritage.  Nothing except a dagger, hilt beneath its wrappings inscribed with two symbols that he understands mean family but can’t remember why.  Nothing except a dagger and the tattered fragments of his memories, but even those are slipping away, and that terrifies him.

(I don’t want to forget, he whispers to himself, clinging to the sound of his mother’s voice.  He saves what he can, holds them close to his heart, but sometimes the little things slip through the cracks.

I can’t remember what Dad’s smile looks like, he realizes, and has to try very hard not to cry.)

Keith grows older, moves from foster home to foster home, and never quite manages to fit in.  He joins the Garrison, drawn to space and flight and he’s good at piloting, he knows this, and the first time he gets behind the controls of a ship he has a sudden image of longer hands wrapped around his, a gentle voice guiding him through the sky, and it was Keith’s father who taught him how to fight but it was his mother who taught him how to fly.

But the problem is he’s still too wild to obey the Garrison’s rules, too reckless and disobedient and despite his talent they still force him out.  He ends up wandering after that, but is still drawn back to the desert.  Back to the little cabin his mother built, following a strange pull he can’t explain, and then–

An alien ship crash-lands in a fiery explosion.  Keith goes out to investigate and turns out it’s Shiro, Shiro whom he hasn’t seen in years (they were neighbors, once, even friends, but then Keith left that foster family and they hadn’t crossed paths since), Shiro whom everyone thought was dead somewhere out in space.

Keith rescues him, meets three other teens in the process and somehow he ends up driving them all off a cliff.  But it’s fine, everything works out, and they escape the Garrison successfully.  Even if Keith is dragging along three more people than initially planned.

He doesn’t know why, but he tells him about the strange energy he feels.  About how he was drawn out to the desert, about the lion cave, about all the strange things that he’s found.  Then it turns out that Hunk and Pidge are veritable engineering geniuses, the carvings can light up like neon, and there’s apparently being a giant blue robotic lion sitting hidden in the desert for who knows how long.

(Ten thousand years, he thinks, and isn’t quite sure why he feels so certain about it.)

Flying in the lion is an adventure.  Going through the wormhole, even more so.  The castle, majestic and proud and oddly barren, is breathtaking.

Princess Allura, on the other hand… the first time he sees her, it’s a struggle not to let his knees give out on him.  Because she has pointed ears like his mother’s, eye-markings just a few shades paler than hers were, and perhaps Allura’s hair and skin and eyes are the wrong colors but she’s similar enough that it makes Keith ache.

She is what my mom was, he realizes, when she speaks to them of Altea and her people and what is ancient history for them was just yesterday for her.  My mother… was Altean.  

…I’m half Altean.

But he doesn’t tell her or Coran, in part because he’s afraid and in part because after he gets the Red Lion and sees a Galran he knows what species his father was.  The memories are trickling back, not quite clear and not quite sharp because it’s been over a decade but they’re coming back.  They’re coming back, slowly but surely, yet sometimes Keith wishes that they weren’t.

Because he remembers now.  He remembers that while he might be half Altean he’s half Galran too, but it’s the Galran Empire that they’re fighting and it’s his people who have taken over most of the universe.  It makes him sick that he knows, now, and for the first time in a long time he’s wished that he was human like the others.

(For a moment, Keith thinks he might hate his father.  But– no.  He can’t.  His memories of the man are blurry but warm, tinted with affection and happiness.  He wonders where his father is, if he’s even still alive.)

Keith doesn’t tell the others, of course.  He would never admit it but he’s scared, scared of what they’ll think and what they’ll say.  Terrified, actually, and half-convinced that they all would hate him if they found out.  It was Galrans who destroyed Altea, after all (and isn’t it strange to realize that Altea could have been his planet as well, that it was his father’s people who destroyed his mother’s), it was Galrans who captured and tortured Shiro, it’s Galrans that they’re fighting and Galrans are the enemy.

So, yeah.  Telling them: not an option.

(But that doesn’t stop it from tearing him apart inside.)

Keith buries it.  Buries the doubts and fears and all thoughts of his alien blood deep, deep within the crevices of his mind, and throws himself into being a paladin.  He knows he can’t ignore it forever because it’s festering, eating away like poison like rot, but– he can put it off.  Just a little longer.  He can deal with it on his own, and the others need never, ever find out.

(And then, to make things worse: Zarkon says to him, You fight like a Galra soldier.  Like it’s a compliment.

And Keith, Keith feels angry yet proud, because his mother taught him how to fly but his father taught him how to fight.)

flatsound sentence starters
  • "Tonight I walked through a field that used to scare me more than I scared myself."
  • "I wish I had known you then."
  • "It was never death that interested me; it was the idea of an opportunity to follow a cold breeze that promised to take me anywhere but here."
  • "I’m sorry you thought this couldn’t work, because I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life than to prove that it could."
  • "You were not my world, you were my universe."
  • "And I wonder if that’s what it feels like to die."
  • "Why do I wait, wondering how long it’ll take you to admit it?"
  • "I’d rather keep my mouth shut then start to say what I can’t finish."
  • "I sit here wondering if anything you said was true."
  • "We both noticed something had changed."
  • "I called you up again today and you didn't pick up."
  • "I didn't expect it to happen this quickly, you know?"
  • "I sit here and I worry about myself so much."
  • "I wanted you to care, I wanted you to be nosy, I wanted you to be there."
  • "I know it's stupid of me to say that you don't care, I mean, of course you do, but I want you to care so much more."
  • "I can't be around all these people who all my life have tried to change me."
  • "I can't hide who I am."
  • "I will be happy for the first time in my whole life."
  • "It makes me feel good, makes me feel pretty."
  • "I will go to sleep; just know you’ll be in my dreams."
  • "If I cry, it won’t be because of you."
  • "You don’t have to wait or pretend that he’s just your friend."
  • "It scares me more than I'd like to admit."
  • "My only problem lately is I've got too much time so all I'm left with is that what's on my mind."
  • "I left out everyone and all I have at the end of the day is that what's on my mind."
  • "Say I came back today, would I have a spot in your heart?"
  • "I cheated with your ex best friend."
  • "You can't stand in my doorway for long."
  • "It's eleven o'clock, he's expecting you home."
  • "I'll walk you up the hill to your car."
  • "No, don't let go, don't let this die."
  • "I just need to know what I did to ruin this and turn your body cold."
  • "If you walk through that door there will be no us."
  • "I thought you were being distant."
  • "I did not mean to make this the worst night of your life."
  • "I need you to know what happened."
  • "I saw you walking by, you didn't say hi, you didn't even smile."
  • "You're not the only one who's feeling anxious toward the bullshit that's attached to growin' up."
  • "You said things would stay the same; well, have they?"
  • "I know you're scared, but you'll never get better if you keep running away."
  • "Sometimes you need to be self centered to understand yourself better."
  • "I'm not in the mood to stick around."
  • "Every day I think about you and why you had to turn into my enemy, when all I need's my friend."
  • "Look at me and see how much I've changed since you left."
  • "Well, is this what you wanted, for me to admit that this fucking hurts?"
  • "I was never good at talking smoothly."
  • "Now I don't remember how you speak; I mean, it comes to me in dreams, but by morning, I lose everything you ever said."
  • "I'm not perfect, I think I'm quite the opposite, I'm nothing to adore."
  • "Perfection is opinion and nothing more."
  • "I'll be here waiting when your plane lands."
  • "Hi, my name is none of your concern."
  • "I like the way you make me feel at home."
  • "It wasn’t a mistake - so please dont think it was."
  • "I didn’t have a lot to drink, I just needed a bit for confidence."
  • "They won't find out, no one cares enough about it to run their mouths."
  • "Just please, when you’re ready to go, try not to make it so painful."
  • "Will you write another sad, sad song?"
  • "It's obnoxious and it's useless to fight a war you're losing."
  • "This might be your only chance."
  • "Is it you who calls the shots?"
  • "I don't know why they're choosing to confide in someone who will talk about anything."
  • "There are people who miss me and I don't know why they're investing all their time into someone with my history."
  • "Why did you say that I was one in a million? Because I believed it."
  • "I thought I had something that you were too scared to lose."
  • "I also saw how often you say goodbye."
  • "Things were never supposed to be this good."
  • "Nothing I can say now would justify a thing, just know I'm sorry."
  • "I just wanted to say I hope you're okay."
  • "You're already hurt, I'm scared that if you put your trust in me, I'll make it worse."
  • "You're still so young, you have room to grow into something amazing."
  • "You won't remember who I am."
  • "I can't live with the chance that this feeling's ever coming back."
  • "I don't hate you, but honey, this still hurts."
  • "I'm not dumb, I know everything."
  • "That liquid he consumes makes him speak the truth."
  • "Look at me, because I exist."
  • "It's a shame that we're not soulmates because if I didn't know better, I'd say this feels pretty good."
  • "You've been gone for too long, why'd you go?"
  • "Is this what you think it means to be responsible?"
  • "I went to class, you didn't show up."
  • "I thought we said that we'd keep in touch."
  • "So live up to the name you’ve been making for yourself."
  • "Last night you had that dream again, the one where you try and run from your fears but you can’t because you’re wearing fabulous stilettos."
  • "If I were the sun, I'd shine my light on you and leave the people that hurt you cold."
  • "We’re fighting again, more than usual."
  • "I’m sorry about being me."
  • "I'll sleep on the couch."
  • "Bring me a cat to be my best friend."
  • "It isn’t like you ever said that you were committed to the thought of me and only me."
  • "I can’t believe I spent all morning trying to tell you I’m sorry about yesterday."
  • "You smell like the devil but you feel like the lord."
  • "I didn’t dodge all your bullets, I just denied that they hit me."
  • "If I told you I loved you would you reach out and touch me?"
  • "I wish we had just gone to bed."
  • "This could have worked."
  • "The best part of that whole song was skipping ahead to Nicki Minaj."
  • "I will not make the same mistake twice."
  • "I know you never really liked people, I didn't mean to make that worse."
  • "I still know the roads that take me to your street."
  • "I know I promised that we'd talk more it's just, I'm surprised you even want to talk at all."
  • "I'm so scared that you still think I'm the one who gave up."
  • "The plans we made were never mistakes, they just didn't work for us."
  • "You always knew the deal that we made and what this was worth."
  • "I'll go to sleep at a decent time when I find something worth waking up for."
  • "I keep checking my phone to see you haven’t called at all."
  • "I thought I was the best part of your life, now I’m pretty sure that I was wrong."
  • "You’re impossible to read so if you love me, come clean."
  • "I’ll refer to you as my special love, the one that set me free."
  • "I’m feeling lost in towns that were my home."
  • "It's my own body, I did what I wanted."
  • "It’s not that I don’t have words to say, I just don’t want to be the one that speaks them."
  • "Your only flaw is that you’re flawless.”
  • "I’m so full of shit, I’m surprised you bought it."
  • "Well congratulations, I didn’t know you two had made things so official."
  • "Don’t call me when it fizzles; in fact, don’t call me at all."
  • "What a beautiful sight to see you alive."
  • "I can't hold you responsible anymore."
  • "I'm lost now in the thrill of it."
  • "I just want to lay in bed with you."
  • "I'll throw everything I have into the flames just to make it last."
  • "There are reasons that I can't stay."
  • "I built my life around watching everything you do."
  • "I wonder if you're having fun."
  • "You said you were done; well, how done?"
  • "I want to believe that I really don't need him."
  • "I can't wait until I see your face and my brain feels nothing."
  • "I would never want you to stop your life."
  • "You were always a shitty friend."