i can't deal with this video


Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?

mental health has been my main concern for the last three years and it was so scary to open up about it to my friends and family and the fact that dan made an entire video about his mental health is just extremely special. of course many youtubers make videos about their mental health and depression but considering i see myself the most in dan, seeing how he is dealing with his mental health the same way as me is really comforting. it’s important for people to speak out about their mental health and how they feel and cope because it brings new perspectives to the wide spectrum of mental illnesses and i’m just so incredibly grateful he made the video. i can’t even express how i feel properly. almost my whole life has been influenced by people around me having mental illness and many people around me have been ignorant to these issues. there is still a huge stigma against mental illness that is so ingrained in society due to misunderstanding of neurology and hyper masculinity; the fact that dan is continuing the conversation on his huge platform is extremely brave and frankly touching. of course much of his audience is young and impressionable but they all have their own emotions and minds. opening up this conversation even more helps break the cycle of being scared of getting help and educating people on mental health. i can’t even list the amount of people that have approached me saying their parents or people around them don’t understand or they are nervous to get help for their depression/mental health. he was cheesy and sounded like a uwu mental healthcare tips uwu post on tumblr but i still appreciated it so much. i know dan’s voice might seem like just another drop in the ocean of people online talking about mental health but his voice really made waves for me.


If I ever stop talking about this, assume I’m dead… 


Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer on Call Me By Your Name at TIFF 2017


Daehwi <3 Our cutiepie Daehwiya, so pretty too pretty. Thank you for bringing hyung a birthday present. As we promised, we must go and get something delicious to eat.

Hyunmin: It’s a video though…
Daehwi: Why~~?
Hyunmin: Congratulations! *kisses*
(off-screen): Me too me too me too~

(cr: Byun Hyunmin’s IG bhm_99, 29170619)


Bighit what the fuck I wasn’t ready for this!!! People are already shooting theories and I just fucking woke up I can think straight!!! (Because I’m not haha good one self, good one) But seriously?!