i can't deal with this bs anymore

Honestly I’m seriously reconsidering whether I even want to be apart of the Steven Universe fandom anymore, considering whether I should just drop this fandom entirely and move on with my life because honestly is the Steven Universe fandom even worth the effort put into it to create works and deal with the bullshit? 

You guys are toxic. You guys are horrible people who seem to get a kick out of harassing and bullying other humans because of ships and characters.

Grow up already because guess what, the real world isn’t going to give two shits of whether you happen to like lapidot or amedot, of if you think Pearl is a good character or should burn in hell, and the rest of the world certainly doesn’t give a damn over the homophobic/racist controversies you all argue over if they are there or not, not when it’s more concerned with real life ones. 

Because guess what? There are more important things in this world than a cartoon show about a fourteen year old boy and his alien buddies. But apparently y’all can’t get that through your skulls.

So yeah, I hope you guys are proud of yourselves for being awful human beings. 

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Desi guys are so sheltered, My God, I remember that when I used to go to Islamic Sunday School, I got into trouble for wearing nail polish while I was on my period and the teacher said "we can't let guys know we're on our period" and I'm like what???? If they're old enough to learn about sex and their parts they're old enough to understand that what the fuck a period is

Sorry my dear, I want to agree with you but we’re not allowed to complain about desi guys on my blog anymore because it might offend some of the “non-judgemental, holier-than-thou” folks hovering over my ass

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i didn't think it was possible for me to get anymore bitter about the whole lexa death, but after tonight it was revealed that the limit does not exist, there is always room for more bitterness. i can't believe he tried to blame our sweet cinnamon roll alycia. she's too pure for this bs and even tho lexa's death destroyed me, I'm glad that alycia doesn't have to deal w him anymore

me too. she is free. free the rest of them, please.