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Any advice on how to deal with failure? College is kicking my butt at the moment and any advice would be helpful. By the way you did an amazing job on voices for BOTW, I can't wait to see what you do in the future!

Let me tell you something about failure.

Way more often than it should, failure manages to convince us that we aren’t something. Not that we aren’t enough, mind you, but simply that we just aren’t.

This isn’t true. Failure at singing a song does not mean you aren’t a singer; failure to climax doesn’t mean you aren’t a good lover. Failing a test does not mean you aren’t a proper student, and failure did not make Nikola Tesla “not an inventor”; rather, it taught him all the different ways that would not result in what he was going for, leading him ever closer to finding the way(s) that would.

When we fail, we are given an opportunity to reflect and pore back through our actions and decisions. We have the chance to try and figure out what went wrong, or what we might have done that wasn’t as effective as we thought, or even what we did that hurt our efforts more than it helped. It is the ultimate reminder to review our process, because it’s sometimes harder when we succeed to remind ourselves to go back and identify what contributed to that success.

Failure is incredible, because it is the single easiest way in the world to make new friends. Nowhere in life is there an easier starting topic of conversation than going to someone who you feel is doing well at the thing you failed at, and asking them to help you figure out what to do.

Can you imagine? Regardless of how well you know this person, you’ve already made them feel important and valuable by asking for their assistance, and in turn you’re giving yourself the chance to improve instead of simply giving up. And further still, you’ve already established a common interest that you both share and can grow at together! What ridiculous efficiency!

In voiceover especially, this kind of connection is essential, because often when we ‘fail’ we are given absolutely no further information on the degree to which we did not succeed. Of those 20 auditions I never heard back from, I have no idea whether I missed the mark completely, if I submitted a strong take but just happened to not be the subjectively ‘best’ choice, or if something happened that was completely unrelated to the audition but nevertheless had an impact on my chances. And despite not having this knowledge, I must push myself to learn by any means necessary; I must move beyond the sting of rejection and refocus on further bettering my chances at accomplishment.

Make no mistake; failure fucking sucks. But it’s not devoid of success, and it most certainly does not represent a complete waste of effort and time (unless we allow it to be). How we deal with failure is very telling of how we will deal with a lot of situations in life where the problem we’re dealing with is not as simple as we want it to be; it’s up to you to determine how much you want those moments to play an important role in your development and path to success.

The Cookie (IwaOi)
  • WARNING: this concept is not mine. It is from a fanfic and I thought it was amazing and had to post it. I do not own it. The inspiration for this post was a fic called: “you better catch it” by laubear, I recommend you read it, it's awesome. The scene is set as follows: there is a cookie between Iwaizumi and Oikawa, they are to pretend they are on a stranded island and the cookie is their only means to survive. This is how they deal with it.
  • Iwaizumi: Eat the cookie.
  • Oikawa *crosses arms and shakes head like the baby he is*: Nuh uh.
  • Iwaizumi: Eat. The. Cookie.
  • Oikawa: You can't make me, Iwa-chan. Unless you want to feed it to me?
  • Iwaizumi *aggressively wrestles Oikawa to the ground and shoves the cookie down his throat, so much so that Oikawa is forced to swallow and eat it*: There.
  • Oikawa *wipes crumbs off face*: I said feed it to me, not choke me with it.

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Somehow I have a headcanon with Bibi as roommates that despite can be mature most of the days, MakiEli are total children in the morning so it's up to mommy Nico to take care of them, from preparing glass of chocolate and coffee to making sure their shirts are buttoned properly. That's why, despite need to try hard not to gag at the rainbow NozoEli emmated or loud voices that make her can't sleep, Nico is secretly glad when Nozomi stays a night because she gets help at handling the two babies


tho I’m also laughing because Nico having to deal with Eli and Maki in the morning like that is amazing. I love the reliant on coffee hc’s for Maki, and with Ro’s recent post about how Eli isn’t a morning person, it makes this even better because I can 100% see this.

I just imagine some days they meet up with Nozomi and Eli is finally a functioning human, Maki’s getting there, but Nico just looks exhausted and needs a brief thirty minute nap 

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Hi your art style is really awesome!! I was wondering how do you deal with doubting yourself with being creative ? (like drawing,animation , cosplay ,etc. etc. ) also hope you have a lovely day and keep being amazing~ =]

funny you should ask that, since I’m currently in the worst bout of art-block, self doubt, hate everything I draw phases I’ve had in a while. What I’m doing currently, since it will affect my grades in school, is forcing myself to draw. I’m trying very hard to not think too much about how it looks, and more on how I can get it done. (this is hard bc my motivation is so low even a good grade isn’t enough to get me moving, apparently) At this point I’m just doing my work the second I have even the slightest inkling of motivation, then working till can’t. It’s. its sorta working.

normally, if I have art block, I just take a break. When I feel like nothing’s coming out right, and I think I’m gonna fail, I just let myself feel that way for a little bit and go do something else for a while. THEN, after an hour or two of dicking around on the internet or what have you, I come back and look at WHY I feel that way. if I can figure out why with fresh eyes, I focus on whatever the problem is. If I can’t figure it out, I say, “well there is always tomorrow, you got your whole life ahead of you, no point in wasting your energy on being upset about it” coz you know what one day I’m gonna find a good job and figure shit out and I’m going to look back on this thing that I think is shitty and probably go, “yeah that’s shitty, but I learned this, and I learned that, and I discovered that I really like drawing this certain thing, so it was worth it”

All I can think of after 1x19 is

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Have you ever considered a Les Mis high school AU where band-geek 'Ferre is hopelessly in love with the cute cheerleader Courf?

Well, anon, now I have jfc

And I got this just as I was about to start my work shift last night so I got to stew on this fucking adorable au all evening without being able to write anything down. You had better be taking responsibility for me grinning like a dork all night, anon, because my coworkers probably think I like cleaning chocolate pots a disproportionate amount now thanks to this

First can we just… focus on cheerleader Courf for a second because cheerleader Courf

C h e e r l e a d e r Courf

Courf is canonically a leader of cheer, this is his calling, this is what he was always meant to become

Imagine the school administration agreeing to let Courf join the team (after a bit of a battle because gender stereotyping, man, gender stereotyping), which is followed by much professional back-patting for being so progressive and someone starting to design a “boys’ uniform” for Courf and he’s just like?? No fuck that.  I want to wear the cute skirt, why the hell would I want to join the cheer squad if I didn’t get to wear the cute skirt give me the cute skirt.

And then there’s Combeferre, who has been absolutely in love with admired Courfeyrac since, like, grade nine, ‘cause Courf is such a warm person, he’ll talk to anyone and everyone, and is so funny and clever and cute and just fuck Ferre might have a bit of a crush.  Except Courf is one of the Popular Kids (more because of his outgoing nature and tendency to befriend everyone than anything else) and there is no way Ferre has the guts to go talk to him, and he really has no chance with someone like him anyways, so he is determined to get over this crush – darn it he is in high school, he’s on the honours roll, he is mature, he can do this, he can get over a silly childish crush.

Except then the band is called to help out with cheerleading practices, to provide the accompanying music.  And Combeferre sees Courfeyrac running around in that fucking skirt, his legs just flying all over the place, and he’s grinning so much because he’s just having so much fun and his cheeks are all dimpled from it, and his curls are bouncing everywhere, and yeah Ferre dies a little inside.

I don’t even know what instrument I want to give Ferre – on one hand I feel like a clarinet or flute because it’s kind of understated, “classic” high school band instrument (and then you can imagine Ferre getting flustered over Courf and making it squawk by accident).  But on the other hand: bass drum.  Imagine Courf getting ready to do a flip and looking over and seeing this guy carrying around a drum that probably weighs as much as Courf does, his arms flexing as he pounds away on it, and Courf just gets caught up imagining what his back must look like under that shirt, all rippling muscles mmm and he falls completely on his face.

Oh god and Courf trying to chat Ferre up and flirt with him, but Ferre is so determined that Courf is a Popular Kid and he’s a Band Geek that he doesn’t take Courf seriously, and Courf is just going slowly insane because either this really amazing kid is completely oblivious? or teasing him? or totally not into him and trying to let him down gently? or…???

And then they’re both equally screwed.

Here’s a commission the wonderfully talented @cocotingo did for my Inquisitor Rolfe Trevelyan.  I am over the moon at how amazing he came out!  Thank you for capturing The Boy so perfectly!

Alien {Sentence Starters}
  • "I'm sorry. Can I say something?"
  • "I can't lie to you about your chances, but you have my sympathies."
  • "There is an explanation for this, you know."
  • "You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you?"
  • "Well, I don't trust anybody."
  • "There's gotta be a way of killing it. How?"
  • "This is an order. Do you hear me?"
  • "I wanna go home and party."
  • "What was your special order?"
  • "You'll get whatever's coming to you."
  • "I've heard enough of this, and I'm asking you to pull the plug."
  • "I can't see a goddamn thing."
  • "What about our lives, you son of a bitch?"
  • "Well, how about a little something to lower your spirits?"
  • "That's amazing. What is it?"
  • "This is the worst shit I've ever seen."
  • "Yeah, we're going in, aren't we?"
  • "You were gonna leave us out there!"
  • "Oh, I see, you just broke it. Hmm?"
  • "Anybody ever tell you you look dead, man?"
  • "Open the door!"
  • "Why don't you just fuck off?"

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I can't even find the words to tell you how much I love your blog right now <3 I've just logged onto Tumblr for the first time in ages to tell you that because even though I'm not active anymore, I check your blog regularly and I've just finished re-reading every single fic on the top 25 list and it made me so emotional and I'm gonna shut up now because I can't deal with all the happy feels

there are so many good fics on that list. like the writers in the sterek fandom are just so amazing. ive stopped reading regular books for like a year because of how good these fics are. so a million props for fanfic writers (even through all the shit there)

 i am glad this blog helps by sifting through 36,315+ fics. but i wouldnt get through it without messages like this <3

Okay, real talk for a sec. How frickin’ amazing is this? We’re getting stuff we never get. Proper progression, meaningful scenes, everything from fights and bad stuff to sweet and sexy scenes, all woven into and at the center of the main season plot. We’re getting a bunch of scenes and screentime because it’s a relationship between the actual lead of the show and a character that’s a main in all but name. And it’s… Two women. Getting the treatment we never get. On top of that all, the showrunner, the writers, and cast are giving us a run for our money in how much they fangirl over them. Not to mention the overwhelmingly positive reactions not just from fans, but also official review sites. 

Also, they have a fucking musical theme with violins and shit. 

We’re so damn blessed, guys. 














Was watching the MTV Movie Awards Preshow, FOB came on and I screamed. My dad asked who they are, knowing exactly who they were. And kept saying
“whose the fat one with hat?”“they’re so old”

I just can’t deal with people hating on Patrick’s weight and not focusing on his talent. Fall Out Boy is an amazing band and should not be judged by how they look. They are amazing and different because its the punk thing to do.

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your work is amazing and I wish I could draw that well... I feel really blocked and can't draw, and am seeing my peers surpass me and don't know how to handle my jealousy... Any tips to grow as a person and not let those things bring you down?

Hey, thanks a lot! I’m glad you enjoy my work. 

To be completely honest with you this is something I thought I got over like, 4 years ago, but lately similar feelings have been bubbling up in me so it’s pretty embarrassing.

One way I’ve been dealing with it is to recognise that such feelings are normal and understandable - everyone wants to do well and be appreciated so when you’re not fulfilling expectations set for yourself it’s super disheartening. Sometimes these expectations are too much, so if you know you keep tearing your hair out over not drawing at __ level today, maybe it’s time to be kinder to yourself and relax about your standards.

Secondly, people improve at different rates. Some people are super lucky or hard working (or both) and get a head start, but after people draw for years and years and years, generally I think we all end up in a consistent base line of skill that isn’t too far off each other. From what I’ve experienced with friends, at some point some person is considered to be ‘the best’ of the group, then it’s another person, then it’s another, then.. well, it’s unpredictable for a while. No need to worry about things now, there is so much time for you to reach your full potential!

Another way to cope is to make your jealousy productive and to look to your peers as a source of motivation to do better. I’m not saying to burn yourself out by constantly competing and holding yourself up against friends, but it may be healthier than beating yourself up and avoiding drawing because you think it’ll just turn out badly. Look at their art and think about what they do well. Try to apply it to your own work as a means of learning! 

Finally, the most important thing I found to help with comparing yourself to others is to have times where you can be completely self indulgent with your work. Draw how you want and what makes you happy. So much so, that at the end of the day whether someone else’s work is better or more popular than yours, you can sit back and feel good that you made something YOU can appreciate. I hope this helps! :)