i can't deal with his attractiveness

you know what makes me so upset?? people basing luke’s entire worth on his looks or publicly shaming him for “getting ugly”. he’s not here to first be objectified and then harshly dissed when you feel like he no longer meets your physical standards. it’s fine if you’re not attracted to him anymore for whatever reason but please don’t make a huge deal about it and go around trash talking him solely based on his looks or screaming about how you’re “switching lanes” because luke “no longer does it for you”. you just look shallow and mean. so unnecessary.

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could you write a smut ficlet about percy tying annabeth up like you hinted at in "law of attraction"? I imagine annabeth being totally mouthy even when she can't do a thing and I wonder how percy would deal with that.

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Hi Emily, how do you and Kumail deal with jealousy? I started seeing a girl recently and she is great, however, she is not shy about pointing out when she's attracted to guys, whether they're friends of mine or moviestars. I know I don't really have any right to get upset about that because i'm guilty of thinking people are hot too, but I can't help but get jealous whenever it happens. I know at the end of the day, i'm the one she chose, but how can I calm myself down whenever that happens? Thx!

There are Tumblrs in the universe devoted solely to having crushes on my husband, so it’s definitely something I have had to get comfortable with. Girls want to put their arms around him and have photos taken after shows, and sometimes I am the one who takes these photos. It’s weird.

If we’re to assume that your girlfriend isn’t actually doing anything nefarious or cheaty or inappropriate and that the jealousy you’re feeling is just a result of her finding other human beings attractive, then that little ping you’re feeling is part of what will keep your relationship exciting. I promise you, you want to continue to find other people attractive, and you want her to continue to find other people attractive too. Being able to recognize beauty in the world is not the same as cheating, and is a basic human privilege that we should never let go of. You’re not guilty of anything. It’s okay to fantasize about other people. It’s okay to look at porn. Appreciate all women, and be okay with her appreciating all men, and it’ll make both of you more in awe of the fact that you chose each other. 

She chose you. You chose her. That’s stronger than anyone else’s hot tits/ass/arms. Her feeling safe and comfortable enough with you to admit that she finds other people attractive is very sexy and wonderful. You will maybe always feel that ping (I still do) but let that ping be a reminder of how much you care about this woman and this relationship. Let it draw you together than push you apart.

Try to reframe it for yourself like this, and if it’s just not working, pull her aside and let her know that you’re having some insecurity and wonder if she would tone down mentioning all the guys she’s attracted to. (Then you can just wonder who she is silently attracted to….)

Good luck! Keep pinging, but don’t internalize it! 

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I have a question for ya pretty lady. At howlercon how close did you get to seeing hoechlin? Is he as good looking in person as on TV and in photos?

Ok so I might have gotten a picture with Hoechlin and his arm might have been around me for an approximate ten seconds and he might possibly be the most attractive human being I have ever seen.

Seriously though, he is beyond gorgeous in person and also, inside scoop, he smells really good. 

And that’s not even mentioning what an absolute sweetheart he is. So positive and encouraging and genuinely grateful to all of his fans.

He was kind of too much for me to deal with, to be honest. I’m not used to being that close to sunshine.