i can't control myself with this movie

101 fluffy prompts
  • 001: "You're really soft."
  • 002: "You smell nice."
  • 003: "I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses."
  • 004: "Is it possible to love too much?"
  • 005: "I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."
  • 006: "I will always be there protect you."
  • 007: "I'm cold. Come closer."
  • 008: "I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”
  • 009: "The stars look especially lovely tonight."
  • 010: "I've never seen such gorgeous eyes before."
  • 011: "May I have this dance?"
  • 012: "I can't stop thinking about you."
  • 013: "You'll never feel alone with me by your side."
  • 014: "Let's get to know each other over dinner."
  • 015: "All I want is you."
  • 016: "I could never leave you, I love you too much!"
  • 017: "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face."
  • 018: "I want to hear you sing."
  • 019: "I don't think anyone could ever be as lovely as you."
  • 020: "You look incredible in that."
  • 021: "He/She's quite stunning, isn't he/she?"
  • 022: "Sometimes I just can't control myself when around you."
  • 023: "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
  • 024: "I think I'm in love."
  • 025: "I’d like it if you stayed.
  • 026: "People are jerks, but not you."
  • 027: "I'll share the blankets with you."
  • 028: "I have never felt this way about anyone."
  • 029: "I want this to never end..."
  • 030: "Can I kiss you?"
  • 031: "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks."
  • 032: "Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death."
  • 033: "Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?"
  • 034: "You can put your cold feet on me."
  • 035: "Your stray red item turned my whites pink."
  • 036: "A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you."
  • 037: "There was a power outage and now we have to have dinner by candlelight."
  • 038: "Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud."
  • 039: "I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on."
  • 040: "Our AC is out and it’s the middle of the summer."
  • 041: "You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar."
  • 042: "My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on"
  • 043: "We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches."
  • 045: "We’re watching Toy Story 3 and we can’t stop crying."
  • 046: "I caught the bouquet"
  • 047: "My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them."
  • 048: "We accidentally got married in Vegas oops"
  • 049: "I’m really drunk, please help me get safely out of the way so I don’t ruin our friend’s wedding."
  • 050: "I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to whole proposing thing."
  • 051: "I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it appeared to me that life is short. Will you marry me? "
  • 052: "If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life."
  • 053: "Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife? "
  • 054: "May I have this dance, wife/husband? "
  • 055: "You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so happy I can finally call you my wife/husband."
  • 056: "I jokingly told you that the only way I’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and I’m kind of charmed."
  • 057: "This is probably a bad time, but marry me?"
  • 058: "We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about. "
  • 059: "Your ‘miracle hangover cure’ couldn’t possibly beat mine."
  • 060: "I know you haven’t had the best experience with dogs in the past but look at its face please please can we keep it?"
  • 061: "I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."
  • 062: "I beat you at Mario Kart and now you're banishing me to the couch for the night?”
  • 063: "I surprised you with tickets to see our favorite band… WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SURPRISED ME WITH TICKETS TO SEE THEM TOO?"
  • 064: "I know we had a big fight but we still need to decorate the house for the holidays."
  • 065: "Oh! Hey! Could you come and taste this to see if it's okay?"
  • 066: "We’re arguing over book versus movie."
  • 067: "I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’"
  • 068: "We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years."
  • 069: "You had a business trip and I missed you so much that I kind of tore up the house in your absence like a dog with separation anxiety… sorry?"
  • 070: "We both have nowhere else to be so we get to spend our rare day off at home."
  • 071: "I bet it’s a girl/boy."
  • 072: "Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant? "
  • 073: "I thought I was pregnant but the test must have been wrong. I’m not. "
  • 074: "You’re lucky I’m pregnant!"
  • 075: "Can you help me up, your child is pretty heavy."
  • 076: "I could really use a foot rub right now."
  • 077: "Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy."
  • 078: "Do you wanna know the sex of the baby?"
  • 079: "The baby’s kicks are keeping me up at night."
  • 080: "Did you feel that?"
  • 081: "I can’t fit into my favorite dress anymore. "
  • 083: "I can’t be pregnant… or….OH MY GOD! "
  • 084: "I think you might be pregnant.”
  • 085: "It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear."
  • 086: "I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes."
  • 087: "Sh…they’re asleep."
  • 088: "I think someone had a little accident with the finger paint."
  • 089: "Mondays are your diaper days."
  • 090: "Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort, not me."
  • 091: "Ooh…someone’s got a tummy ache."
  • 092: "Are you sure you don’t want me to drop them off myself? I don’t think you could handle seeing them off alone."
  • 093: "I told you we should have just gotten that German Shepherd puppy."
  • 094: "What do you think for their punishment? Grounding? No video games? No going out for a week?"
  • 095: "Mm…your kid before five in the morning."
  • 096: "Come on now, I think you’re being too harsh. He/she’s just a kid. Remember all of the stupid things we used to do when we were their age?"
  • 097: "So, how should we break the news that they’re going to have a new baby brother or sister?"
  • 098: "I think we should have another."
  • 099: "Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?"
  • 100: "Okay fine, one more story, but then you really have to go to bed."
  • 101: "…They just grow up so fast."

today’s meeting was… explosive and I called it all. I called everything, from start to finish, I called them vilifying me, I called them treating me like a monster, like a beast who can’t control their feelings and should be restricted.

it felt good to walk out when I did, it felt good to spirit myself away to safety with another person help me down the escalators because I nearly collapsed from the worst PTSD flashback I’ve had in 5 years and the first one I’ve had in 2 years. I felt safe in my mourning and in my moment.

It felt oddly validating having our phones go off for the next hour from them trying to call both of us, it felt good deleting the voicemails and the texts, it felt good deleting the emails.

They know what they did, and now they have to deal with what they did.

anonymous asked:

How would the Karasuno's handle an S/O who cries really easily (be it from small injuries, arguments, movies, they don't mean to it just happens) not like sobbing but definitely some tears and they can't control it and they feel and especially when it comes to ending up crying during arguments bc it's not fair :(

i’ll group them together i hope that’s okay!!

Daichi and Suga would be very understanding of their partner’s inability to control their tears and they’d try hard not to do anything that would make them cry because it made them sad to see them crying.

Asahi and Yamaguchi would be extra cautious with their partner, as if they were tentative to do anything in fear of making them cry. Both of them seem to be in touch with their feelings so they won’t judge their partner for being so emotional.

Noya Tanaka, and Hinata would dote on their partner every time they let out a few tears. They’d try to cheer them up as quickly as possible and they’d continue to do so even when their partner said that it was nothing and that they were always like this.

Kageyama would be totally clueless the first time he saw his partner cry over a movie. He’d awkwardly pat their shoulder, telling them that it was just a movie. He got used to this kind of behavior after a while. finding out that it was better to let his partner cry it out.

Tsukishima would definitely use this as an excuse to tease his partner. He’d comment on how soft and fragile their heart is which would earn a punch on the arm for him. After the initial teasing, though, he’d be the one to wipe away his partner’s tears.

anonymous asked:

Hi I am a first year medical student. But I can't manage my time. I always spend my time on watching movies, playing games and others like that ones. I can't control myself. How should I do? Please give me a piece of advice. Thanks

Hello :)

I know that time management can be really tough. I have caught myself scrolling through Internet pages or watching movies many times. So here are some tips how to manage your time properly, which I tend to include into my study routine:

  • Keep a calendar/journal in which you’ll write down all of the upcoming assignments and deadlines for the week and then check them off to see your progress. Seeing that you’ve got only 2 tasks left can be an extra dose of motivation!

  • Make a to-do-list and prioritse tasks, then stick it above your desk next to a big calendar for the whole month, which will give you a great overlook of the exams and deadlines coming up

  • You can use the StayFocused Chrome extension and set a time limit for the websides that you spend too much time on. After the time has passed the sites will get blocked and you will no longer have an excuse for not studying ;)

  • Try out the Pomodoro study method, it’s a great help to manage time! There are many apps that use this method for your phone or computer. You can start off with studying for 25 minutes and have a 5 minute break and later on extend the duration of your study sessions

  • If you can’t focus enough at home I suggest to visit the library. It’s calm and quiet and if your computer isn’t necessary don’t bring it. Being surrounded by people who are also studying will be an additional motivation for you to get down to work

  • You can get together with a studdy buddy and motivate each other to work hard. But remember to plan your time wisely and study rather than chat. You can discuss a problem together and ask each other questions. It’s a great way to check yourself!

Hope this list helps a litte! Don’t think of studing as a must, enjoy it :) You can also check out some of our study habits here :)

Good luck and have a wonderful day! xx

anonymous asked:

dude what the fuck? Nice drug problem, I can't believe anyone let you have a kid. Also, your sex advice is really not that top notch or even remotely helpful. Grow up.