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“I forgot” does not mean “I didn’t care enough to remember”


Don’t remove the written portion of my art posts for any reason.

You’re welcome to respond to them and disagree with them in any way you want! But I consider the text portion to be as much a part of the post as the pictures. It’s hiding the text from everyone else who views the work off your blog, and everyone who then reblogs the textless version.  

Thank you and extra brownie points to everyone who’s asked me first before making edits to my work. Whether it’s a major or minor change to the original, I feel really appreciated as the creator when you ask and I usually say yes to everyone.

Had the privilege of seeing James L perform as Scorpius over the weekend and it was mind blowing seeing her play an own original version of the character. And the most important scene for me was in Scene 4. Usually Anthony would have his head down, shoulders hunched, fiddling with invisible dirt on his trunk and clearly distraught and grieving over his mother; but James sat completely straight up, eyes shocked wide, and seemingly not caring and numb to the world (script). Not trusting himself to say anything. Until Albus interrupts his thoughts.

Albus: I though you’d send an owl…

Scorpius: I couldn’t work out what to say. 

And this scene on stage played by James completely hones down to how shocked this poor little boy is. How distraught he is and how jumbled his feelings are. He must have sat in his room for hours with quill gripped tight in his hands, trying his best to write something, anything to let Albus know. To find some comfort in his best friend knowing but not able to write a single thing down. Not able to communicate his grief and sorrow. Not able to express himself for fear that he’d just breakdown and cry. 


So is that what it feels to have your ship canon?

My heart is going to explode. I am crying. For real. I am.

(Just waiting for Destiel to happen now, because I might never stop crying)


“He was in New York. I thought you might like to see him.” 
“Thank you, Tony.” 


 First of all: SHMIEL!!! 

Secondly: Tony, you are a mensch. 

He knows that Ziva is hurting and doing her best to push everyone away, but if he can’t reach her, he’s gonna bring her the one person who can. 

Because right now, this is about Ziva and what is best for her, and that person is Shmiel, who she probably feels the safest with. It’s so touching. 

I mean, that’s not even getting into the fact that Tony is in contact with Shmiel and knew that the Man of Steel (LOVE IT) was in New York at the moment, and arranged for him to travel to DC to be by Ziva’s side, and offered his home (his infamous sanctuary) for their reunion without a second thought. Tony may not like sharing his personal abode with just anyone, but clearly these people aren’t just anyone, especially not right now.

(Shmiel knows, you guys.)

Even ignoring the obvious heart eyes here at the moment, it’s just further proof of what a family they’ve all become collectively, that they’ve got this intimate knowledge of each other’s respective coping mechanisms. 

And then there’s Ziva’s reaction, which is so interesting. She’s still trying her best, initially, to remain cool, like she’s been trained for her whole life not only as a Mossad officer, but as a child who’s experienced a lot of loss due to where she grew up. And while she does kind of push Tony away at first, she does begin to relent a little – qualifying her short stay not as an insult, but because she’s going to go back to Israel ASAP to bury her father.

But then, Tony’s surprise, for lack of a better word, catches her off-guard in the best possible way, and suddenly the only person she can truly relax with in his world is by her side, next to probably the only other person who would come close. 

And that gratitude of hers is so genuine and lovely; she doesn’t have any fight left in her, and all she can do is be thankful that Tony, more than anyone else in her family, looks out for her best interests. Right now, if that means summoning the Man of Steel to his beloved man-cave so that Ziva can process her grief with one of the few people left in her life who’d understand, and who she can unequivocally trust? That’s love, there’s no other way to put it.

I’m sorry, I need to go drown in my feelings because there’s a whole lot of episode left and I’m not prepared.


Margaery knows. The High Sparrow has underestimated Cersei Lannister, and she will die for it. Loras will die for it. Her lord father will die for it. Dozens of innocent people will die for it.
She is angry. She thinks about the High Sparrow - looks at him and lets him know what a fool he was. She thinks about Cersei and it makes her sick. She thinks about sweet Tommen and how his heart will break. She thinks about Olenna and that is when she almost cries. At least she managed to save the Queen of Thorns. She thinks about her dear brother, about the Tyrell name that seems bound to disappear, and she cannot believe she will not come out as a winner at this game she knew so well. She had been almost flawless, she knew it.
But Winter is Coming. It has been for a while now. And it almost strikes Margaery as funny that she should be thinking of the Stark house words now, when all of her other last thoughts seemed to have made perfect sense. Almost is the keyword, because she knows. Margaery knows it is because of Sansa Stark, her sweet girl Sansa Stark. The Tyrell (it is bittersweet to use that name. She had loved it so much, and now she cannot believe it is about to be gone) knew that they could never, ever be. That nothing could ever happen between Sansa and herself. That her feelings for Sansa were not smart, were not good for the game. And yet…
Not that it mattered now. She was about to die. She had hoped to see Sansa again, but she was about to die. And she was thinking of the Stark girl. Would she be all right? Margaery knew how strong she was, how sweet she was, how smart she was. She really hoped Sansa would be okay. Then the Tyrell was filled with regret for having never seen Winterfell. How would the snow feel on her tongue? Would Sansa laugh at her southern blood when she felt cold?
And Sansa had not seen Highgarden either. That made Maragery’s chest hurt. She still hoped she would. She hoped Olenna would take her there (her grandmother had to know of her fondness of Sansa Stark), or that the next Lord of Highgarden was gentle and joyful and held tourneys and balls and invited all of the great houses to be there. Sansa would love the gardens and the masquerades, she was sure. Her eyes watered thinking about how much she would love to dance and laugh with Sansa, but Margaery Tyrell would not cry.
I hope you are happy, sweet girl. I hope winter comes and goes and you see summer again. Will spring make you remember me? And maybe somehow, somewhere, in some other world where there is no game I must play…
And then it was green, but the last color on Margaery’s mind was the blue of Sansa Stark’s eyes, and she thought she had a smile on her face as she went.

We’ll be washed and buried one day my girl
And the time we were given will be left for the world
The flesh that lived and loved will be eaten by plague
So let the memories be good for those who stay

Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds

Ahh I made this a long time ago but wanted to draw a few more comics (about Alain and Manon mostly) edit them and post all together nicely, but I have been so busy recently so I guess I’ll just post it like this anyway

also mini explanation