i can't contain the excitement


Don Juan Photoshoot with David Tennant

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i want to know how the snowball fight on the homescreen for Winter Wonderland even started. did Sombra try to eavesdrop on Soldier: 76 and Ana but was discovered? why is Roadhog there? how did they all get there? does this establish Ana as the superior sniper for landing a shot on Hanzo? so many questions i need answered.

can i just say gotham s4 starts in 2 days and i feel like this is gonna fuck me up so bad ((in a good way i hope))

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[ When you have nobody to share your excitement with in regards to Nintendo OWNING tonight’s awards show, because your bf hung up on you after you screeched into the phone like a banshee. ]

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okay but can we just have a moment of reflection on the fact that of the seven main characters in star trek two are now canonically lgbtq like beam me up scotty cause i'm in need of serious medical assistance

I know I just can’t believe it!! I must have died and gone to heaven!! 

And I read the rest of the what Simon Pegg wrote and he implied that Uhura and Spock’s relationship could have been non exclusive so now I’m just picturing KirkxSpockxUhura in a poly relationship.

Also the implication of Scotty x Keenser also made my day. (Do I have a new ship? Yes I do)

Could the real reason Bones got divorced is because he prefers men more than woman?? Well now I’m thinking that. 

But canonically gay Hikaru Sulu and pansexual Jim Kirk has made me soo happy. It’s slowly killing me and I really need to watch this movie. 

Simon Pegg is a gift.

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 months but right now he's away in Japan and has been for a month now. Me and him have been long distance since the start of our relationship since we go 2 different colleges that are far away from each other but once he comes back we won't be long distance anymore, we'll be able 2 see each other every day. There's still 23 days left until he comes bak and I am so excited 2 see him again literally I can't contain myself. In 2 days it marks 3 weeks!

Awh how amazing!! I’m so excited and pleased for you!! 💘


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