i can't color this show good anymore

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I'm 20years old and I love cute stuff. I like the colour pink, I like stuffed animals, I like bunnies,... But i also like deep conversations. I can be serious when I need to be. But i feel so ashamed of who i am. I feel like I'm so childish. My ex also told me that i was childish. I feel so stupid. I can't be myself anymore. I feel like I have to act diffrent.

I’m 20 years old and I still sleep with a nightlight when I am alone. I watch children television shows and films on a weekly basis. I still talk to strangers because I think everyone is good. I own a penguin Pillow Pet that I sleep with almost every night and take it with me whenever I stay somewhere. I buy coloring books and use them. I buy children books and read them. I buy chalk and sit on the sidewalk drawing. I play with my food and sometimes make faces out of them. I dance when I’m happy, no matter where I am. I highfive random people I see in public. But I’m not ashamed.

I’m 20 years old and I’ve been married & divorced. I’ve worked a handful of retail jobs to support myself. I’ve moved across country alone. I read a lot of novels, enjoy watching documentaries and researching about people in history. I can hold most adult conversations I find myself in. I skipped a grade in high school.

It’s okay to be an adult but still be young at heart. It’s important to never lose your innocence when you’re growing up because reality will try to break you down but you always have to try to stay gold. Some people are hardened by their experiences and don’t appreciate the little characteristics that make you who you are, but that’s okay too. Just find someone with a heart like yours.