i can't color this show for shit

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This whole shit on twitter with light skin/mixed women has got me fucked like I really can't believe the gaslighting and shit I am hearing.Since when have 3c haired girls ever been bullied for there hair since when have light skin women ever faced colorism since when.And light skin women are really showing themselves coming out with threads talking how they were hated for being light skin.Its like ever dark skin 4c haired were lying and never faced colorism nor texturism.

They really pissed me off. And it takes a lot to make me mad on here.

I really wish I could properly put into words the differences there are between not caring about white men and men of color. I’ve seen too many fandoms go “well I just don’t care about men” and act as if it’s okay when it comes to the disgusting behavior they have towards male characters of color on their shows, and that’s not right. Men of color do not have the same privilege as white men do. In fact, white women have greater privilege than men of color do. So when I see fandoms shitting on the men of color in their shows, especially when it’s to uplift white women, I immediately go on the defense. There’s a whole history behind this and fandom doesn’t exist in a fucking bubble and y’all need to check that shit. 

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has leo said anything about N's skin? and i've been trying to look for the recent thing they did to N but i just can't seem to find it! I heard they drew a picture of him or something like that? but yes! N-Bomb, yes please, that would be a pretty awesome ship.

Yeah, what happened is that they were drawing pictures of each other and Ravi, Hongbin, and Ken all colored in their pictures of N with black marker to show how dark he is. You can see Hongbin’s picture here (not-so-fun fact: this isn’t the first time Hongbin’s pulled this shit) Ravi’s here (ft. Hongbin cracking up and Hakyeon definitely not cracking up), and Ken’s here (not that Hakyeon still doesn’t look like he thinks this is fun).

As for Leo, yes, he has. Every single VIXX members has at least once, although Hyuk I think has done it the least that I can remember, considering I can only remember one occasion. I think that Ravi and Hongbin do it the most, but that might be because they talk more.

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there are almost no gifs of jason wilkes anywhere :/ idk how the whole agent carter fandom managed to erase the only black character on the show but they've done it. they literally ignore him. they won't even gif him. :/ i can't even find peggyjason gifs. im so upset about this ://

it’s the most blatantly racist shit i’ve seen from the marvel fandom in a while tbh i’m kinda impressed


i’m physically choking back tears tbh


(besides the quiet thing, this one more strongly calls back to their barns date in bllb but looking and looking away is such a frequently recurring image in their relationship that i didn’t want to go back and take pictures of all of the times it shows up)

  • liam: have u seen that LARRY flag people are bringing to our shows
  • louis: what
  • liam: the one with all the colors
  • harry: no liam that's the-
  • liam: i can't believe the gays made a FLAG for you. this is some CONSPIRACY shit man. gay conspiracy
  • louis: no, listen-
  • liam: i'd stay away from that if i were you. it's not that i hate gays it's just that larry is NOT real
  • harry:
  • louis:
I'm Still Pissed About Merlin

Merlin was universally well received. He was likable, charismatic, mysterious, and attractive to boot. He was a character that spent his WHOLE LIFE doing good. And he ultimately is killed. If this were a white character EVERYONE would be pissed. But to too much of the OuaT fandom he’s just another disposable guest. And that’s exactly what every other character of color is to them outside of Regina. A disposable “here one moment, dropped off the face of humanity with zero conclusive ending happy or otherwise” decorative character.

And I’m even more pissed about it because do you know how many “look at how attractive Merlin is. Look at how cute he and Nimue are” post I saw from people who are now going into overdrive defending his murderer? I sat here with a pit in my stomach and watched fandom fetishize one of the only Black guys to last more than three episodes for WEEKS, knowing they were going to kill him off. And now I have to watch them defend his greasy slimy murderer. BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY, NONE OF THEM GIVE A SHIT ABOUT MERLIN, OR THE ACTOR WHO PLAYED HIM.

If Merlin couldn’t get a happy ending, idk what character of color can. And because I refuse to debase myself and my beliefs as a person of color, I cannot in good conscience continue watching this show, no matter how much I enjoy it.