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Happy 34th Birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari! ♥


“Some people are born with tornados in their lives,
but constellations in their eyes.
Other people are born with stars at their feet,
but their souls are lost at sea.”
Perspectives, Nikita Gill

dean winchester graphic challenge | glorioustiel vs. hallowedbecastiel
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There. The blushy Jot you wanted. u:< Now go to sleep. I’m dying. LMAO

dgraymanweek  || Day 3: Blood Crusade

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“I will still continue to pray
Please bestow upon this child your love”


boy, that sure-fire desire is true; raw hands heart-beating to the smoky view

warm glow  hippo campus


SURPRISE! 12 weeks + 1 day! 

I posted these on my twitter yesterday and then realized…I should probably make a blog post too…But surprise, I’m pregnant!

I’ve known for awhile now, even before I took the test…which I put off, a lot, and still pretended to be surprised at when I took it lmao, but now…I’m sort of grasping the whole being pregnant thing. Much better than my initial reaction because rather than telling my husband like a normal person I threw the pregnancy test at his head and ran off, I’m a keeper, I know. But I still think it was some good news to have given to him on Father’s day. 

Emotional turmoil aside…we’re all doing really well. Lu is too young to grasp the idea of a pregnancy yet but I think she’s taken notice to just how emotional I’ve been lately…on top of the weight gain, I’m carrying pretty big for this early on lol. She pats my belly despite having no clue of what’s actually happening and I think its adorable. The Goober is all good, we had an ultrasound already (of which I almost passed out at) and everything is growing as it should, they’re on track to making a healthy entrance into the world. And Mooshie and I are still….processing, excitedly processing. I love them already…but I still haven’t quite processed that I will no longer be only Lu’s dad. If you couldn’t guess this pregnancy was not planned, so, now I’m just like ‘Woah, more than one kid…that’s uncharted territory’ and I’m not sure that I’ll process it fully until they get here. But for now, that’s okay, what matters is that they are loved and cared for by the time they make their arrival, and I know they will be considering all the love I have in my heart for them already.

 I won’t bore you with one of those log things, that’s what my pregnancy app is for, but I will say this first trimester has been rough. I’m happy to kiss it goodbye and hopefully start to enjoy this pregnancy a little more than I have been.

Much Love,

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I’m gonna tag some lovely people I feel I haven’t seen in a bit (but that’s probably cuz I’ve been busy and tired) so if @sh3lbysh3rb3rt, @whoduhthunkit, @lameeejaneee, and @xhailfirex-gaming would be down to take a hit that would be stellar.

From my KakaIru emotional hunger and breakdown on twitter (I just need more of them, OK? Is that too much to ask? *I’m looking at you ‘kakairu’ tag on tumblr*)

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Happy 4th Anniversary, Final Fantasy Type-0~! [27.10.11]