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is he okay 


rucas meme [½] seasons 

season one ▹ “what’s your name?” “riley” “what’s his name?” “lucas” “you like a good story riley? then start at the beginning.” 


ghoul · /ɡuːl/ (noun)
1. an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.
2. a person morbidly interested in death or disaster.

RLT/Oswald has green eyes!!!

Ok kids, I understand color is difficult and all but Oswald’s eyes are green. I have been in this fandom for over a year and you guys keep insisting on describing them as blue and I’m here to take your asses to school. I specifically cringe when you describe them, as ‘icy blue’. Guys. No. no, no. NO? His eyes are in fact warm in temperature and very much not blue. 

If you have trouble identifying colors all you need to know if that colors look vastly different when they are next to other colors. Also most people suck at identifying colors so, hey! You are not alone! 

This is a basic model for this concept. You use the same color for both squares but because of the color the squares are next to, they appear like different colors. So this is kind of why his eyes may appear blue to the untrained eye, because they are pale and you can superimpose what color you think they are rather easily on them. 

I made this example by directly swatching RLT’s eye color.  Also remember that the less close you are to an object, the less vibrant the color is. Colors neutralize with distance. A good trick is to compare his eyes to people with actual blue eyes, when he stands next to Babs/Erin you can clearly see the difference. 

and here are swatches in case you really need it

Anyway, and here are some photographs of his eyes that I think clearly show that they are green. 

But “they totally look blue to me!” I hear you say…well Beccy, that may be because eyes are made up of several different colors, and especially tourquose greens can appear to be different colors depending on what colors the person is wearing or the lighting, as pale eyes are reflective. As an artist you learn to isolate colors and identify what the local color is. Local color means: what the color looks like under light, not under the influence of reflective colors. The local color of Oz’s eyes is green. Hope you learned something!