i can't bring myself to smile

anonymous asked:

Madam, to be one to bring a blush to cheeks so lovely would be of greatest honor to any follow, be they friend, or naught by a knave who garners smiles from that which you shine upon lives otherwise drab and dreary. I know I can speak only for myself, but I am confident others echo my sentiment, the loveliness is not simply physical, you have a gorgeous soul that radiates through.

Oh man how.. do I .. respond. I am now blushing!

Thank you! I am so embarrassed, and if this is one of my followers you have succeeded! This is very sweet to read, and I would have answered yesterday but I had fallen asleep.

I hope that others feel this way, but about themselves too, so I return the kind words to you, my masked friend, that you are beautiful for sending this to me and I am every so grateful to have received it <3!