i can't breathe without you but i have to

  • Tim McGraw: The name of my first summer love.
  • Picture To Burn: Someone who's picture I'd like to burn
  • Teardrops On My Guitar: The last time I cried during a song
  • A Place In This World: The Place I'd like to live the most
  • Cold As You: The worst rejection I've ever gotten.
  • The Outside: When did I feel most alone?
  • Tied Together With A Smile: Who is the strongest person I know?
  • Stay Beautiful: Who is the most beautiful person I know?
  • Mary's Song (Oh My My My): The name of my first crush
  • Our Song: A song that means a lot to me.
  • I'm Only Me When I'm With You: A person I can be myself with
  • Invisible: An awkward confession.
  • A Perfectly Good Heart: I'll tell you something sweet about your blog.
  • Fearless: My biggest fear.
  • Fifteen: A memory from when I was fifteen
  • Love Story: A story about something romantic that happened to me.
  • Hey Stephen: The name of my crush
  • White Horse: Have I ever been in love with someone who was taken?
  • You Belong With Me: Which celebrity shoyld see, they belong with me?
  • Breathe: Something I can't breathe without
  • Tell Me Why: A question of mine that has yet to be answered.
  • You're Not Sorry: Something I'm sorry for?
  • Forever & Always: What do I wish to have forever and always?
  • The Best Day: What was the best day so far?
  • Change: What do I want to change about myself?
  • Jump Then Fall: Who's laugh is the best sound I have ever heard?
  • Untouchable: My biggest dream
  • Come In With The Rain: My favourite kind of weather.
  • Superstar: My celebritycrush
  • The Other Side Of The Door: The last person I fought with
  • Mine: The best thing that's ever been mine
  • Sparks Fly: Who captivates my like a fireworkshow?
  • Back To December: If I could go back in time, where would I go?
  • Speak Now: *Insert any question here*
  • Dear John: Something I wanna say to my exboyfriend/girlfriend/crush
  • Mean: The meanest thing someone has ever said to me.
  • The Story Of Us: Tell a story about someone you know
  • Never Grow Up: A memory about growing up
  • Enchanted: Someone who enchants me.
  • Better Than Revenge: Someone you want to teach a lesson
  • Innocent: How easily do I forgive?
  • Haunted: A memory that haunts me.
  • Last kiss: The last person I kissed/wanted to kiss.
  • Long Live: Who will I remember forever?
  • Ours: Who has a pretty little mind?
  • If This Was A Movie: If my life was a movie, who would play me?
  • Superman; If I had any superpower, what would it be?
  • State Of Grace: Who is my achilles' heel?
  • Red: Someone I just can't forget.
  • Treacherous: The most dangerous thing I have ever done
  • I Knew You Were Trouble: The last time I got in trouble
  • All Too Well: Something someone said, I remember all too well
  • 22: My best birthday ever.
  • I almost do: How often do I doubt myself?
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Together: A couple you wish would get back together
  • Stay Stay Stay: Someone you can depend on
  • The Last Time: The Last Time I....*insert something here*
  • Holy Ground: I don't wanna dance, if I'm not dancing with....
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Something that makes me sad
  • The Lucky One: My biggest dream
  • Everything Has Changed: Something that has changed about me
  • Starlight: The most marvelous tune
  • Begin Again: What would I do again and again?
  • The Moment I Knew: The moment I knew...*insert something here*
  • Come Back...Be Here: Someone I miss
  • Girl at Home: Have I ever cheated on someone?
When i think of the signs, i think of ...

Aries: painting with water colors

Taurus: laughing so hard you can’t breathe

Gemini: reading a whole book without stopping

Cancer: rolling down a hill

Leo: speeding on a back road

Virgo: whispering in a movie theater

Libra: sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag

Scorpio: planning an adventure with maps and markers

Sagittarius: getting up to watch the sunrise

Capricorn: having a snow ball fight

Aquarius: roasting marshmallows over a campfire

Pisces: driving at night with the windows down

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Please, don't move to that moldy apartment! You might survive without asthma or other infections. But think about ethan! He's living every single day breathing that molded air in the apartment. You sometimes can go out and have fresh air but he can't. Mold is dangerous, it can't be washed away. Pls, think one more timebefore moving. If you get sick there's a possibility you have to give up all your stuff 'cos there's mold everywhere. Happened to my brother, trust me, I know. All the best xoxo

Hey! Thank you, i know this message comes from a place of concern. I’ve had two different people look at the mold since my last post, who have both said, it’s no biggie, and i’ve sent a very lengthy message to my landlord who said he would be working on it. 
However, beyond that, this is the appartment I can afford. I know youtubers aren’t always so clear with what kind of money they make, and it may seem like we live lavish lives, but the yellow, one bedroom apartment with a little bit of mold in the bathroom is what I can afford, and sustain as of right now. 
Plus, Pennsylvania doesn’t recognize mold as a reason to break the lease, unless it creates an inhabitable living space, which, in my situation, it does not. 
It took me a few weeks to gather up funds for the first, last and security, and my landlord was really cool with me showing him what little proof I do have of income (Youtubers are paid monthly, based on views, so my payment is inconsistent, and I don’t have ‘pay stubs’) 
My friend even took off the utility panel, or whatever the little trap door behind the tub is called, and told me the mold had not traveled through to the other side of the wall.
In philadelphia, for my budget, this is what you get. I don’t have any issue with fixing up my apartment, and actually hope that if I move out before my lease, one of my friends can take my apartment from me, since it IS very affordable considering the neighborhood and location, and honestly some sort of hidden gem despite the mold. I know a lot of people have told me, “Don’t put any work into this apartment, it’s a waste of time!” but I really do like DIY and home improvement, and patching up some drywall, and repairing some mold damage sounds like something that would empower me. ESPECIALLY if it meant benefiting me, and whoever takes my apartment after me. 
Through tears, and powerful feelings of regret, there is an overall sense of accomplishment i’ve noticed in the last few days, and even now, talking about the mold, or shuffling through messages similar to this one which suggest harm to my cat; i feel better, and look forward to everything ahead of me. 

Explaining misophonia to teachers is the worst. Like, how do you say “I can’t sit next to this person because they breathe loudly” without sounding like
A) a special little snowflake, or
B) some kid that is getting REAL creative with their excuses to sit next to their best friends


You were Namjoon’s guilty little pleasure. 

Warning: Very mature content. 

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For the first time in a very longtime, Namjoon didn’t have to fake his smile. It came too naturally that he found himself randomly grinning at everything and nothing. Even the boys were suspicious of him and his sudden energy.

He couldn’t wait to go back home knowing you would be waiting for him. It was a promise, a gift, for working hard, which he did. Namjoon didn’t waste another second after the fan-meeting was done, he didn’t even say a proper goodbye, before jolting out.

Other people might deem him a fool, which is why he kept your relationship a secret. It was definitely not taboo but, with his kind of job, it could become a weakness. Neither of you wanted that.

That didn’t stop it from being insanely hard, trying to juggle both his career and personal life without having to give up one for the other. Namjoon was trying and for that you were understanding. As long as he didn’t leave you waiting for too long, you would always be there, that was the promise. And, so far, neither of you broke it.

On the ride back, Namjoon couldn’t help but scroll through the pictures he took, pictures you didn’t know he took, that kept him going while he was away.

Unlocking the door, the dorm was quiet. He knew the boys wouldn’t be coming home any time soon which meant more prolonged alone time with you. He took off his shoes before slowly stepping into the house.

He could already see you in the kitchen, oblivious to his presence. A smile crept onto his face once again and he took a moment just to admire the beauty that he was lucky to call his. It was always the best moment of his day, when he first sees you. It still feels like the first time he fell in love with the taste of you.

Quietly, he stepped around the dinner table to slowly reach for you. You fit perfectly in his grip, something he always loved. No matter what anyone said, or hardships along the way, the feeling of you against his skin always managed to soothe and calm his nerves.

It was just perfect. He was alone, no one to disturb his moment,

“ I have you now ” Namjoon whispered ever so gently, ever so quietly, grabbing you. He waited for you to say something to react but you did nothing. It made him want you more.

His lips just a breath away, his fingers tight around you, he closed in the distance and bit slowly.

“ Such a beautiful apple ” Namjoon breathed out in relief, finally in ecstasy.

Namjoon was a hungry apple man, but now, he was a happy apple man.

Look, if I fooled you twice with this shit, you only have yourself to blame.

Also, can you tell that I’ve low-key given up on life? 

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I READ YOUR DORM HEADCANNON AND I LOVE IT! So let's say everyone in the UA gathered to have this big sleepover thingy in the lounge and stuff watching movies. Then, Sero, Kaminari, and Todoroki's fem S/o (seperate) gets a little handsy and frisky with them under the sleeping bags, whiles playing cool as she casually talks to someone innocent like Uraraka or Deku. What would the boys reaction be, or what would they do to conceal their sounds

Oh my


  • His hand is on yours quicker than you can pull away. He’s gonna clamp that shit down and make you behave yourself. He’s considering taping your arms down but probably thinks that might draw a little bit too much attention. 
  • Lowkey thinks it’s kinda hot but oh my god not in front of these guys.
  • Ends up having some coughing fit as an excuse to run out and drags you with him “for safety”
  • “Behave yourself, _____. Better save that for my room.”

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  • Nearly yelps before he remembers where he is. 
  • Can’t decides if he loves it or hates it but probably leans towards the latter and gives you a dirty look. 
  • Directs the conversation elsewhere so he can talk under his breath to you.
  • “I hope you’re ready for the fun I’m planning tomorrow, ____-chan… but until then you’re not touching me.”

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  • D O N T
  • Do ❌  Not ❌  Touch ❌  Without ❌  Permission  ❌
  • He’d legit get up and go sit elsewhere because there’s nothing he can’t stand more than being touched without warning or consent. It’s v important to him. Especially in such a public setting. He won’t allow it.
  • Doesn’t talk to you for 3 days straight and is considering a break up. 
  • You gon have to apologise to him. 

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You Are A Jerk (John Laurens x Reader)

Words: Dunno (Typed on Tablet) 

Warnings: None 

AU: Modern 

A/N: Since I’m just winging it atm (I feel incomplete without a series to do) I’ll post a couple of times a week for now. Any suggestions for fics are greatly appreciated! 

 John Laurens sat there, his hands trembling. You walked over to him, and touched his shoulder. His eyes brightened up for a second, but after realizing you weren’t her, the happiness faded away. Your chest tightened. You scooted next to him, resting your head on his shoulder. He sighed, placing his head on top of yours. His hairs tickled your forehead, but you ignored the feeling. 

“Am I a bad person?” he whispered, and you saw him holding back tears. You touched his cheek, shaking your head. 

“You’re an amazing person. Don’t question yourself about something that she did.” You wanted to say more, but you felt like you should let him vent instead. He already knew that you hated her, saying it while he’s upset would just make it worse for him. And you didn’t want to do that. 

“I must have done something wrong… I must have been a jerk-” You moved your head away, and positioned his head to face you. He was looking down, but you tilted his chin up, his bloodshot eyes staring into yours. 

“You are enough. YOU, are enough. If she valued you the way I do, she would have not put herself in a position to lose you. I… I can’t imagine being away from you, hurting you like this. I’m sorry to say this, but if she cared for you, she would have hated to see your heart breaking. Because right now, I feel my heart crying because of your anguish.” You placed your hands on the side of his face, desperately trying to wipe away his sorrow. He closed his eyes, sighing.

“I can’t breathe without her. It’s been months, Y/N. I can’t think without her. I can't…” You shook my head. 

“You can. Push through this John, heels pointed forward.” He whimpered, and you pulled him into your arms. “Tell me what to do, Johnny, please. I can’t bear to see you like this. I would do anything to see that grin on your face. I love your smile.” he chuckled. It was empty of emotion, but still, you made him laugh. 

It’s a start.

“Y/N, just… stay here with me. I’ll get over it. Just don’t leave me alone.” You nodded. And you two stayed like that. For seconds, minutes, hours. You weren’t really counting. 

John’s breath evened out, and you glanced down at his face. The immense crying might have made him exhausted. You ran your hands through his hair slowly, trying not to wake him up. You quietly slid away from him, but he placed his hand on your arm, grabbing it. You smiled at him, then laid back, his head resting on your stomach. Since he was rather warm, you didn’t need a blanket.

You closed your eyes, and slowly feel into unconsciousness. 

You yawned, lazily opening your eyes. You noticed you were in John’s bed, and jumped up quickly, hitting the body next to you. The man leaned up quickly, looking around. His hair was standing up in every direction, and his tired eyes looked at me in panic. Once he realized you were okay, he smiled, laying back. You stared at him.

“Are you alright?” You asked, and he laughed. 

“I’m fine, besides you waking me up. Jeez, Y/N, I thought you were dying.” he groaned, rolling over onto his stomach. You frowned. 

“You’re a jerk.” His laughing went away slowly, and his eyes bore holes into yours. 

“Maybe that’s why…” Tears formed in his eyes, and you panicked, throwing your arms around him. You whispered sorry and other apologizes countless times. You felt a rumble in his chest, and you peeked up at him. 

He had a huge grin on his face, stretching from freckled cheek to cheek. You hit him lightly on the arm, and climbed out of bed. Both of you went into the bathroom to take care of your hygiene. Once John came out of his shower, he jumped right back on to the bed. 

“Why am I in here, anyway?” You rolled off the mattress, and fluffed his hair. It was wild, strands sticking out of his ponytail.

“I carried you up here, and I kinda fell asleep right next to you. I’m sorry,” You waved him off, and he smiled, “By the way, I almost broke my back walking up those steps. You’ve gained a few pounds, huh?” You threw the pillow at him, and he tackled you onto his bed. 

 You were both laughing and giggling, making various insults towards one another. Your eyes met John’s, and his laughs faded away. His gaze kept on flicking towards your lips, and yours did as well. You looked at his eyes, and they seemed to widen with actualization. He leaned forward, slowly closing the distance between you two. Before he could make your lips touch, you rolled away, faking a laugh. 

“You almost suffocated me. Ate too many cheeseburgers?” You tried to ignore what just happened, but your heart beat was ringing in your ears. John stared at you, curiosity in his eyes. You knew he wanted to bring up what was just about to happen, but you couldn’t. 

You wouldn’t. 

You grabbed your purse off the side table, and cleared your throat. He stood up, and began to walk towards you. You reached over and gave him a quick hug, your bodies barely touching. You threw on your sweater that you always leave at his apartment and waved at him. 

 "See you later?“ his lips were pursed, and you knew he wanted to say something. You quickly turned to leave, but his deep rumbling voice interrupted your mad dash to the exit. 

"She broke up with me because she thought I was in love with you.” You stopped moving, your hands shaking. You didn’t know how to react, but you did not allow yourself to turn around and face him. It was too overwhelming.  

“She said that I was with you too much, and that the way I look at you made her think that I was cheating on her.” He explained, his footsteps coming closer. 

“That’s ridiculous. You would never do something like that, especially with me. Of course you don’t think that way…” You whispered, the pounding getting louder and louder. You clenched your fists. Shut up, stupid heart. 

You knew you loved John Laurens, immensely more than just a best friend. You were attracted to him, but he never saw you that way, never thought about you besides being his pal. It was impossible, and you accepted that a long time ago. You settled with just being his best friend. But the way he looked at you this morning, the love for him came pouring out, sneaking out of your little hiding place. You even knew the exact amount of freckles that covered his face. 

You felt his hands touch both sides of your waist lightly, and you shivered. 

“I didn’t know how to react. I mean, my girlfriend wanted me to pick between you and her. Of course, without hesitation, I chose you.” His breath tickled the small hairs on your neck. You moved forward, the wall being in your way. John placed his hands on either side of you against the wall, forcing you to stay where you were. The heat radiated off of him, and you knew it was time for you to turn around and face him. Still, you were going to be stubborn. 

“I…I don’t know what to say.” You mumbled. He moved closer, his body pressing against the back side of you. You closed your eyes, wishing that you could change the subject. “I need to get home, my car is going to miss me.” You turned around, and John was staring down at you, an unknown look in his eyes. You blushed at the intense stare, not seeing that look on his face before.

“I didn’t realize it before, but I like you, Y/N. No, that not the right word. I… I think I’m in love with you.” Your chest was tightening into a ball. 

“No, I am in love with you. I’ve probably been this whole time, not even realizing it,” he stared at you, then looked to the side, “I want to know-” The emotions you’ve hidden for so long came tumbling out. 

“I loved you for years John. I’ve settled with just being your friend, because I still wanted to be next to you, even if you didn’t see me the same way.“ He touched your cheek, and you blushed. He was red as well, his eyes shimmering. You finally recognized what the emotion was. 


"Can I kiss you now?” He asked softly, his lips getting close to yours. It was so intimidating, so unusual for a man to ask you that. He wasn’t like any other guy that just went for it. You smiled and nodded, to shy to say yes. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours.

Can't Breathe

Request: Okay so I have a request if you’re down for it. Bea Miller has new songs out and my favorite is I can’t breathe, now it sounds like a break up song and in some ways it could be but I Qantas to know if you could use the song for a Tom Holland type thing but without it being a break up.

Summary: You and Tom used to be best friends but he’s always wanted more and has never brought it up. You’re in an unhealthy relationship and Tom can’t bare it.
A/n: I’m trying to make this different than what I usually write so bare with me…. just use your imagination.

somebody get me a hammer, wanna break all the clocks and the mirrors, and go back to a time that was different.

Dampened pillow cases with unwillingly shed tears that carry reflections of memories with smiles, laughs and love. Pain was unimaginable then. A feeling of invincibility sparking in two hearts, but only were they invincible together, sharing the same soul.

A time when I didn’t feel like there was something missing. Now my body and mind are so distant.  

Outlined rib cage and weak arms painted in bruises, blanketed by fabric. Cast away from burning burning eyes, and questions answered with lies. But he could see the bags filling in her under eyes. He wasn’t stupid. She was distant. Locked away behind an impenetrable barrier, that she didn’t bother to try and knock down, not being able to bargain strength beneath the feet of belittlement.

Don’t know how to escape from this prison. How can I free my mind?

His breathes turned ragged, knuckles grew white, and eyes pinched shut. Some one laid hands on her. Some one hurt her. A cry of anger and desperation ripped out of his throat at the contact of a fist against gyprock wall. No one can hear him. He can’t help her. He can’t stop shaking, knees collapse at the pressure of his thoughts weighting down his shoulders. How can he help her if she’s not asking for help.

Cause I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe

She’s his every breath. Crucial for survival, essential for strength. He needs her. But he needs her to be okay more than anything. To be able to wear a smile that hasn’t been forced, to laugh and make his heart flutter so that he’ll know it’s still beating. And that it’s beating for her. She’s not alright, and he can’t breath. Lungs constricted in pain, throats burning from wordless outburst. Did they really make a sound if no one heard them?

How can I live in the moment, when my thoughts never feel like my own?It’s hard to admit that I’m broken. How can I be alright?

She can’t walk with out him controlling him. His stinging touch haunts her skin. No, she can’t wear shorts, he wouldn’t like that. No, she cant go out with her friends, he’d hate that No, she can’t talk to her best friend, he hates that the most. A puppet and it’s monster master tugging at the strings, keeping them short and tight. Her eyes do the talking, he’d never be able to trace unspoken words back to her lips. Tears are routine. Daily. Normal. Toms words echo from the forgotten corners of her mind, “You’ll be okay, everything is going to be okay.” How can it be?

Cause I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe

Eyes lock and fires ignite. Hitched breath and pleading eyes, save me. Like two magnets with an unbreakable force between them, distancing them no matter how hard they push against it. Souls reaching out desperate to be joined together once more. Why did it have to be this way.

A/n: This was something different that didn’t turn out tooooo bad….. Right?

  • Natsu: Don't you die on me, Luce! Don't you dare! We still have so much to do together, so much I want to do with you! With you gone, what am I supposed to do? I-I can't live without you, I can't breathe with you gone. Yo-you're my everything, Luce, so please don't go. No yet, anyway. Not until we're both old and wrinkly. Just-just open your eyes, okay? For me? Come on. Luce? Please.
BTS Reaction: Their S/O has to go to a specialist doctor because she's been in pain and she's scared about it.
  • No computer = no gifs I'm sorrryy. I hope you still like it and I wish the anon who requested this the best! Enjoyy💜💜
  • ———————
  • Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • At first he'd think you're just tired and having a random pain, nothing special. It changed when you told you him you'd been in pain for quite some time now and needed to go to a doctor.
  • Jin: Why didn't you tell me? I could've taken care of you.
  • You: I didn't want to worry you, you're busy-
  • Jin: and you think you're health isn't important?
  • Jin: Let me take care of you when you need it. I love you, what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't take care of you?
  • Jin: Let's set up an appointment with the doctor and see what's going on. Whatever happens I'll always take care of you, princess. –He hugs you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and his chin atop of your head–
  • Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • He noticed you'd been in pain for a bit but decided you'd be okay the next day or something but when he saw it wasn't he asked you if you were okay or if you needed a doctor.
  • You: I'm scared, what if I'm not okay? It's been like this for so long and I'm worried I'll be very sick.
  • Yoongi: You don't know anything right now, Y/n. Calm down. Wait till we hear a doctor alright?
  • You: I can't. It's..
  • Yoongi: Baby, Just breathe. Everything will be okay whether you're sick or not. I'll be there, I'll be there to help you and support you.
  • You: Thank you so much, What would I do without you?
  • Yoongi: Panic. -He smiles a little and wraps one arm around your shoulders-
  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • He'd be extremely, overly worried about your health. He'd cut off any doubt you had about being okay because he couldn't handle the fact of you may be extremely sick.
  • You: Hoseok, please listen. We have to consider what could be wrong with me.
  • Hobi: No, I refuse. I refuse to listen.
  • You: You're so childish.
  • Hobi: I am. I will be. I want to hear it from the doctor if you're well or not, okay? Understand that I can't handle knowing that you might seriously be unhealthy when I want to believe that you'll be just fine. Just fine.
  • You: Hobi.. I'm so sorry.
  • Hobi: I'm sorry too. Let's not talk about this. Let's watch Disney, sound fine kitten?
  • Hobi: Maybe it'll make you relax and forget some of this for a little.
  • Hobi: I hope you know I want the best for you. I love you and you'll be okay. You'll be fine, it'll just be something small. Believe that.
  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • You guys told eachother everything. There was hardly any secrets between you guys. So you told him what was going on and he listened carefully.
  • RM: First thing I want you to know is don't be scared. We don't know anything about what's happening and we can't just make assumptions.
  • You: But there's so many what ifs..
  • RM: Stop, those are the reason you get scared. They are just what ifs.
  • You: There could be something actually wrong with me.
  • RM: You don't know that nor do I. First let's get this checked out. You might just be in pain and need medicine simple as that. You might be extremely sick and need more care but you'll get better and we'll work together.
  • You: and if I'm not able to get better?
  • RM: Stop it, Y/n. We. Don't. Know. Yet. And I hope that's not the case. Let's look at this situation neutrally. Alright?
  • You: Alright?
  • RM: Don't be too scared. I'll be there with you, honey.
  • Park Jimin:
  • Once he knows he'd be making sure to talk to you, to ask you how you are and wait till your doctors appointment.
  • You: Do you think there's something wrong with me?
  • Jimin: No
  • You: Are you sure?
  • Jimin: Yes
  • You: I could be-
  • Jimin: Y/n stop. Please just be quiet, stop thinking these things. You'll be fine. You have to be fine.
  • You: Are you okay?
  • Jimin: I'm afraid. I don't want you to.. I don't want to lose you like this. I want to do so many things with you and I don't want our time shortened. So please, please stop.
  • You: I'm sorry.
  • Jimin: I know you're scared too. Just express your fear differently. I'll comfort you however I can, gorgeous.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • As he figures out this information he takes care of you every second he can. Super worried but tries not to show it because he wants you to feel safe.
  • You: Taehyung calm down. You don't have to do all this for me.
  • Tae: Aren't you in pain?
  • You: Yes but I feel like you need rest too.
  • Tae: No, I don't. I want to take care of you so let me. Until that appointment comes I'm caring for you.
  • You: What do you think is wrong with me?
  • Tae: I hope there's nothing wrong. I want you to be healthy.
  • You: and if I'm not healthy?
  • Tae: I'll still love and care for you, beautiful. But I believe you'll be fine. You will be okay, nothing will be wrong, and we'll be happy as always.
  • You: Come cuddle with me.
  • Tae: -He gladly agrees and you guys stay in a blanket cuddling and him caring for you hoping you'll be alright-
  • Jeon Jungkook:
  • He'd listen seriously to your explanation, that you have been in pain for awhile now and need a doctors appointment. You even told him how you were scared of what was going to happen.
  • JK: We really don't know anything until we go to that appointment. Let's not worry too much until we have information.
  • You: Are you sure?
  • JK: Yes, I'll care for you until then. You'll be just fine Y/n. I'll kiss it better.
  • You: You're so cheesy.
  • JK: Did I make you smile though? You'll have the golden maknae power to heal you and give you luck.
  • You: You're so cute.
  • JK: I'm not you are. You're an adorable Y/n who will be okay. You will be safe and healthy with me, alright doll?

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Ayyy I'm sick. I can't even breathe without coughing and my voice is an octave lower. My throat is killing me. But at least I can hit the low notes in songs now I was singing Your Welcome quite a bit today The pain was worth it.

fhdgd son maybe you shouldn’t sing when ur sick idk,, Anyway I hope you feel much better soon!! Just take your time with getting better and try to relax as much as possible. Sleep a lot as well!! It makes the pain go away for a bit. 

I’m really sorry you have to go through all that! I drew a pic of me taking care of u while reading you a jeffmads fanfic  bedtime story

  • Please be mine: I can't stop the rain from falling
  • Can't stop my heart from calling you
  • Hold on: When you love someone and they break your heart, don’t give up on love, have faith, restart. Just hold on.
  • Goodnight and Goodbye: I feel like we have fallen apart, open up your eyes girl and see, how wonderful this love could be.
  • Hello Beautiful: 'cause I could go across the world, see everything and never be satisfied, if I couldn't see those eyes.
  • Still in love with you: But your smile still makes my heart sing another sad song, I can't forget it, I won't regret it.
  • Australia: The only thing you knew was true has just walked out of your life. How does it feel?
  • When you look me in the eyes: Dreams can't take the place of loving you, there's gotta be a million reasons why it's true.
  • Inseparable: We can stop for hours just staring at the stars, they shine down to show us that you know when the sun forgets to shine, I'll be there to hold you through the night and we'll be running so fast we can fly tonight.
  • Hollywood: Fallen soldiers, all around us, but we're still standing strong. Embarrassing and contradicting 'cause now we're making headlines, primetime, saying "what a story!". Billboards, packed tours. Don't forget you can try to break us and make us fall apart, but the fires in our hearts.
  • Take a breath: People change and promises are broken, clouds can move and skies will be wide open. Don't forget to take a breath.
  • Out of this world: Said she'd seen it all before, made me wonder even more.
  • Lovebug: I kissed her for the first time yesterday, everything I wished that it would be. Suddenly I forgot how to speak. Hopeless, breathless, baby can't you see?
  • Tonight: Every single word's been said, broke each other's hearts again. As the starlit sky begins to shine, we're breakin' down, she screams out.
  • Can't have you: I don't wanna fall asleep 'cause I don't know if I'll get up, and I don't wanna cause a scene, but I'm dyin' without your love. Begging to hear your voice tell me you love me too.
  • Video girl: They're all the same, they all want the money, they're all insane, they live for fame, honey. They laugh at you when you're not even bein' funny.
  • Pushin' me away: Spinning round these walls are falling down and I need you.
  • Sorry: Filled with sorrow, filled with pain, knowing that I am to blame ror leavin' your heart out in the rain. And I know your gonna walk away, leave me with the price to pay, before you go I wanted to say that I'm sorry.
  • A little bit longer: And you don't know what it's like to feel so low and every time you smile, you laugh, you glow.
  • Before the storm: Just thinking back to where we started and how we lost all that we are. We were young, and times were easy, but I could see it's not the same. I'm standing here, but you don't see me, give it all for that to change.
  • Much better: Get a rep for breakin' hearts, now I'm done with super stars and all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter // I believe that the road that people lead, helps you find the one you need.
  • Black keys: She hates the sun 'cause it proves she's not alone and the world doesn't revolve around her soul. She loves the sky 'cause it validates her pride, never lets her know when she is wrong.
  • Turn right: Pick up all your tears, throw 'em in your backseat, leave without a second glance.
  • Don't Speak: There's a lot that you don't notice, when you read between the lines. The future's out of focus, when you're blinded by the light. It's a hope for all the hopeless in the worst of trying times. I resort to being speechless 'cause I don't want to lie.
  • Poison Ivy: I just got back from the doctor, he told me that I had a problem, but I realized it's you.
  • Fly with me: Maybe you were just afraid, knowing you were miles away from the place where you needed to be and that's right here with me.
  • Paranoid: I make the most of all the stress, I try to live without regrets but I'm about to break a sweat, I'm freakin' out. It's like a poison in my brain, it's like a fog that blurs the sane, it's like a vine you can't untangle. I'm freakin' out
I Am Sick

A plague.

An illness.

A disease.

A sickness.

My head is full of cotton balls,

my mouth is flooded with blood,

and my body is filled to the brim with lead.

I toss and turn in my bed,

but I can’t disentangle myself

from busy, burning, and bruised thoughts

while I sweat and cry and bleed.




What goes into sickness. 

What goes into illness.

What goes into disease.

What goes into plague.

My body is raging against the system

that’s been against me for so long.

My body is fighting to keep me alive

when my system swears to kill me.

I twist, flail,

pulling, tugging,

straining, and struggling.

I am alone in this fight.

I am alone in this darkness.

I am alone as I tangle,

as I twist and collapse.

Alone is what keeps me alive.

Alone is what protects me.

But alone suffocates me,

as I roll and shove off this sickness,

as I tear off this plague,

as I rip off this illness,

as I pierce away the remains of this disease.

There’s a disease.

There’s a sickness.

There’s an illness.

There’s a plague.

And it’s eating the cotton in my headspace,

it’s drinking the blood swimming in my mouth,

and wrapping itself in the lead of my skin.

It’s taking alone away from me.

It’s forcing me to speak.

It’s forcing me to disentangle.

I am cold.




I feel naked without my lead,

I feel thirsty without my blood,

and I feel empty without my cotton-filled headspace.

I am bare.

I have to build myself again

without my alone,

without my protection,

without my walls.

I can’t hide anymore.

Because if I do,

my disease will take more than just my lead,

it will take more than just my blood,

it will take much much more than my cotton-filled

It will devour me.

If I don’t fight back.

If I don’t escape hiding.

- Rose // 4:16 pm // A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

the signs as tfb lyrics
  • aries: she says, "you, you should admit it." but she knows I, I probably won't that he is the sound you want now and I, I'm just the noise you don't. (the feud)
  • taurus: I'm gonna get on my knees would you kick me in the face please? it'll make whatever I say sound like poetry. and as my gums begin to bleed the words will fall like teeth and whatever we had locked up now it's free. (lipstick covered magnet)
  • gemini: well I'm not gonna sit here and deny what I'm pretty sure I felt. I want what we had just wanna feel it with someone else. (I think your nose is bleeding)
  • cancer: I have stitched a mask of confidence and I wear it like a glove. (pale beneath the tan (squeeze))
  • leo: and I don't wanna make my mark on anything I just wanna show up then leave without anyone noticing. (silver shinbone (the bucket song))
  • virgo: and I refuse to take another breath till you change who you have become. (taking my uzi to the gym)
  • libra: I hear her whisper, "all I want is to want nothing." the room is dark and I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm asleep. she says, "it just don't make no sense. why can't it work out in my head? why can't I be happy when there's definitely reasons I should be..." (tattooed tears)
  • scorpio: well since when did I wanna hear your voice not become a good excuse? calling you three in the morning laugh at sleep that we'll both lose (twelve feet deep)
  • sagittarius: this is for the lions living in the wiry broke down frames of my friends' bodies. when the floodwater comes it ain't gonna be clear it's gonna look like mud, but I will help you swim. (twin size mattress)
  • capricorn: hey sweetheart, where'd you get those eyes? you think that I could have a pair? love the way that they glaze over - no point in pretending that we care. (just as big twice as swollen)
  • aquarius: I would stop doing all those things the doctor tells me not to do, but I don't think he understands I do all of these things for you (jim bogart)
  • pisces: everyone you think you're better than, what the fuck, I'm guilty too. half the time that I'm complaining I'm just talking shit on you. (the plan (fuck jobs)).

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ZUTARA SUCKS!!!!!! -yeah it's me Attackfish attacking you on anon because I can and I'm freaking tired of your bullcrap posts about Maiko and Kataang being abusive yet Zutara is perfect without any flaws even though Katara would be STRIPPED of her culture, and her only role would be to have heirs and be a figure head. HMMM WHATCHA SAY sounds familiar?? Oh yeah it's the SAME EXACT situation that she would be if she was with Aang. But no Zutara can't be abusive because Katara is your SELF INSERT!!

Ok first of all calm down. Breathe in. It’s all right, turn your caps lock off, you’re safe here

Also, I think you’re mad at the wrong person. I don’t think I ever wrote of any ship being “abusive” on this blog because I can’t stand the way people use this word in general, since it’s not really appropriate most of the times (look up this old post if you need proof), also I never thought either Maiko or Kataang are abusive.

I’m not sure if you’re just trolling but I believe many people seriously think like this so I want to break down some myths about Zutarians

I think both Maiko and Kataang (especially Maiko) have aspects that I don’t mind. I just like Zutara more and I think that, for the way I feel, Zutara would have been a more interesting romance storyline. That’s all. Just my opinion. I respect other ships and I can see what’s appealing to them; I just find Zutara more appealing.

Never said Zutara is perfect without any flaws, but the political issue would have been interesting in a possible romance between them. Either way, Katara was not “stripped” of her culture being with Aang, and I think with Zuko it would have been the same thing. She’s not someone to just get rid of her identity once she gets married, whether she is with the Avatar or the Fire Lord or whatever. It’s Katara we’re talking about. I am sure she would have found a way to just be both the wife of the Fire Lord and a key figure in her Tribe, just like she did with Aang (we all know the issues, but I don’t think her depiction in Korra is as bad as they make it). 

DISCLAIMER: this anon is actually some crazy weirdo who apparently spends their time sending messages like this to Zutara bloggers randomly claiming they’re @attackfish on anon (who, of course, has nothing to do with it.)

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this band loves louis so much. i mean liam loves him, harry loves him, niall CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT him and just adores louis. this is so wonderful and louis is such a leader for them.


alright first up let’s have niall

niall thinks louis is the funniest god damn person in the world you know how niall tweeted something about louis saying something really funny or being really funny like 10 years ago?? I would bet you $100 louis said ‘what’s up’ or something like not even remotely FUNNY AT ALL and niall just sat there and cACKLED louis breathes and niall applauds and raves about him being the next great stand up comic no question (x) (x) (x)

100% guarantee he went home and wrote about that in his diary 'louis said he enjoyed my story dear diary i feel like i am made of sunshine and flowers and unicorns is this what harry feels like all the time’ (x)

and niall just does wHATEVER louis wants like sure louis i’ll plop down on the dirty concrete because you came up with this idea where we can only pass the football around with our heads and instead of forfeiting i’ll jUST THROW MYSELF ON THE GROUND BECAUSE I KNOW YOU’RE COUNTING HOW MANY TIMES WE CAN KEEP THE BALL GOING BACK AND FORTH AND I DON’T WANT TO DISAPPOINT YOU (x)


look how much he loves louis like louis is just walking over and niall is like nOPE MAN YOU ARE GETTING A HUG OKAY I JUST WANTED TO REMIND YOU I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH A LOT (x)


or you know if not a hand hold let’s go for a nice little twirl (x)

okay there are many more examples but let’s end on some nice nouis hugs (x)


okay we’re going to have to take a second to watch these videos real quick


okay this is just the greatest lOOK AT HOW HAPPY THEY BOTH ARE



but it’s okay that louis is a menace because liam gives it right back (x)

and he loves it when louis causes trouble

like that is right after louis literally shoved liam right out of an interview lOOK AT LIAM’S SMILE 'OH MY GOD LOUEEH YOU ARE SO FUNNEH’ (x)








and…. now….. for the one who loves louis most of all i’m not even going to comment because this speaks for itself it would take me 10 years to even cover .0000000001% of harry’s love but I’ll give you .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of it (x, xx, x, x, xx, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x)

  • otp: it's a pretty name.
  • otp: i'm a friend
  • otp: it looks better on you
  • otp: i was hoping to find you
  • otp: it was lucky you came
  • otp: when he's around it's like the lights dim everywhere else
  • otp: maybe i like you
  • otp: i don't wanna get you dead
  • otp: you even look pretty when you go to sleep
  • otp: sleep tight
  • otp: that is so romantic
  • otp: perfect gentleman
  • otp: when i'm around you all i can think about is how badly i want to kiss you.
  • otp: you're in love with a vampire
  • otp: it was unbelievable
  • otp: he's never done anything to hurt me
  • otp: i have feelings for him
  • otp: i just wanted to see if you were okay
  • otp: i care about him
  • otp: i have to walk away
  • otp: it's painful
  • otp: it's too hard for me to be around her
  • otp: a vampire in love with a slayer
  • otp: do you think i could stand it if anything happened to you
  • otp: i really like your dress
  • otp: i missed you
  • otp: i'm not gonna fight you
  • otp: you can't just turn and walk away from me
  • otp: i can walk you home
  • otp: one thing already has led to another
  • otp: i'm just trying to protect you
  • otp: when you kiss me i wanna die
  • otp: you're never gonna get between those two
  • otp: things used to be simple, then she came along
  • otp: yeah, i get jealous
  • otp: do you love me
  • otp: i love you
  • otp: i wanted to make sure you were okay
  • otp: you're the one freaky thing in my freaky world that still makes sense to me
  • otp: let's get you some place safe
  • otp: nobody messes with my boyfriend
  • otp: you shouldn't have to touch me when i'm like this
  • otp: i didn't even notice
  • otp: you stay away from her
  • otp: he's good
  • otp: what did you do to him
  • otp: if we don't go now he could die
  • otp: kiss me
  • otp: finally something i wanna do
  • otp: when I look into the future all i see is you
  • otp: all I want is you
  • otp: i'm right here
  • otp: surprise me
  • otp: i like seeing you first thing in the morning
  • otp: the part where we say goodbye is getting harder
  • otp: what if I never feel this way again
  • otp: i'll be back
  • otp: i have something for you
  • otp: it's a sign of devotion
  • otp: where it with the heart pointing towards you
  • otp: it means you belong to someone
  • otp: don't go
  • otp: take me instead of her
  • otp: you almost went away today
  • otp: i love you, i try not to but i can't stop
  • otp: just kiss me
  • otp: she made me feel like a human being
  • otp: i was so worried
  • otp: my first instinct is to run to him
  • otp: you're still the only thing he thinks about
  • otp: i need her
  • otp: i'll die without her
  • otp: i can't stop thinking about her
  • otp: you made me the man i am today
  • otp: he was the first, i mean the only
  • otp: i wanted to say goodbye
  • otp: you are the one thing in this dimension i will miss
  • otp: you can't kill me
  • otp: i know you loved him and he proved more than once that he loved you
  • otp: i love you
  • otp: close your eyes
  • otp: i'm gonna keep helping you get better
  • otp: i worry about you
  • otp: be careful
  • otp: you'll be in love until it kills you both
  • otp: what i want from you i can never have
  • otp: there's got to be some way we can still see each other
  • otp: tell me you don't love me
  • otp: i had to see you
  • otp: i'll never hurt her
  • otp: stay with me
  • otp: forever
  • otp: i'll never leave
  • otp: i want you so badly
  • otp: i want to take comfort in you
  • otp: you have the power to do real good
  • otp: i love you so much
  • otp: i tried to make you go away, i killed you and it didn't help
  • otp: i hate that it's so hard and that you can hurt me so much
  • otp: i wish i wished you dead, but i don't, i can't
  • otp: if I can't convince you that you belong in this world, i don't know what can
  • otp: strength is fighting, we can do it together
  • otp: it's important to keep fighting
  • otp: it's sweet and thoughtful
  • otp: you could never be hopeless or boring, even if you tried
  • otp: you walked down the steps and i loved you
  • otp: i could see your heart
  • otp: more than anything I wanted to keep your heart safe, warm it with my own
  • otp: i can't watch you die again
  • otp: i love you, nothing can change that, not even death
  • otp: i am not ready to lose you
  • otp: i like you
  • otp: i wanted to take you out somewhere fun
  • otp: it feels nice just to feel
  • otp: i love her
  • otp: you were a real soldier
  • otp: is there anything i can do to make it better
  • otp: you still my girl? - always
  • otp: i just wanna make sure you're safe
  • otp: i won't let anything happen to you
  • otp: no matter what i'll always be with you
  • otp: i love you, even if you're covered with slime
  • otp: you look good
  • otp: i hated hurting you, more than i could stand
  • otp: i've been with dozens of girls and more and there's no comparison
  • otp: in exactly 243 years i've loved exactly one person
  • otp: i can help you
  • otp: we'll be okay
  • otp: i think you look perfect
  • otp: you're all she can see of tomorrow
  • otp: i've been thinking about our future
  • otp: you deserve more
  • otp: you know how much i love you
  • otp: don't love you? i didn't know i had a choice in that
  • otp: i want my life to be with you
  • otp: how am i supposed to stay away from you
  • otp: right now i'm just trying to keep from dying
  • otp: i feel like i can't breathe
  • otp: i miss you
  • otp: it's a big night, i didn't wanna miss it
  • otp: dance with me
  • otp: you're gonna be okay
  • otp: i can't leave you
  • otp: i need you
  • otp: i didn't wanna go without seeing you
  • otp: you have to live
  • otp: it is never over
  • otp: i won't let you die
  • otp: i'm not going to say goodbye
  • otp: if I was blind i would find you
  • otp: forever, that's the point
  • otp: i was there to protect her
  • otp: she will always be part of me and that's never going to change
  • otp: when you're around i feel you whether i see you or not
  • otp: as far as kisses go i thought it was well above average
  • otp: it was incredible
  • otp: i need to be sure you won't get hurt
  • otp: i'm not saying i don't want you, you know how much i do
  • otp: this is the dream
  • otp: it feels pretty amazing
  • otp: we'll make it work
  • otp: i want to stay awake so this day can keep happening
  • otp: this is the first time i ever really felt this way
  • otp: it's perfect
  • otp: we're together
  • otp: how can we be together if the cost is your life
  • otp: i won't just stand by and watch you fight, maybe die, alone
  • otp: more than ever i know how much i love you
  • otp: how am i supposed to go on with my life knowing what we had
  • otp: i felt your heart beat
  • otp: i'll never forget
  • otp: his moment of true happiness occurred because he was with her
  • otp: i loved him more than i will ever love anything in this life
  • otp: i would have given everything i had to be with him
  • otp: do you have any idea what it was like for me to see you with her
  • otp: i see you again and it cuts me up inside
  • otp: in all those years no one ever mattered, not like she did
  • otp: i came here because you were in danger
  • otp: i just wanted to make sure she was all right
  • otp: i can stay in town as long as you want
  • otp: how's forever
  • otp: i just wanna bask
  • otp: shoulder to shoulder, i'm yours
  • otp: i can't risk you
  • otp: ours is a forever love
The one in which you go shopping and have a panic attack.

Vic Fuentes

trigger warning: self-induced panic attack, self-hating

“Hun, are you okay?” I heard my boyfriend whisper. Shit, he must have heard my labored breathing.

I took a few breaths, attempting to calm myself. “Yeah, Vic, I’m fine.”

‘Stop it, (Y/N). Can’t you go shopping, just this once, without freaking out?’ I thought to myself. I shot Vic the biggest smile I could muster before hurrying in front of him, pretending to be occupied by the racks of clothes.

“Babe,” with that Vic turned me around, looking me in the eye, “What is wrong?”

Damn it, I can’t lie to his face. But I can’t tell him. I’m a freak. He’ll leave me. Who would want to date someone who is so pathetic, they can’t even go shopping? I always have a panic attack. All the people always stare at me. ‘Why would she buy that?’.It’s all my fault. This is what I get for being so fat. Nothing fits. All the cute styles look stupid on me. Why is Vic even dating me? Is it for sympathy? I bet its just because he feels bad for me. Is he blind? Has he SEEN me?

Before I knew it, the familiar feeling of walls closing in on me struck, and it felt as if I had been roundhouse kicked in the chest.I felt the familiar exponential pumping of my heart, the beats racking my body at uneven paces. My face went numb as I broke out into a cold sweat. I couldn’t breathe,and I knew my body was trembling.

“Shit.” I heard Vic harshly whisper. as he picked me up from where I had fallen to the floor, carrying me outside of the store, sitting me on a bench just out front.

“Baby? Baby, listen to me. Breathe. In, out. Shh, it’s fine, you are okay. It’s just a panic attack. Everything is alright. I’m here.”

It took a few minutes, but eventually I could start to feel my body again, and my breathing and heart beat began to regulate. I immediately started to cry.

“I-I’m sorry, Vic.” I cried. “I hate shopping. I can’t go shopping. I always panic. I’m s-sorry I’m such a freak.”

“A freak?! (Y/N), look at me.” Vic placed his thumb under my chin, forcing me to look up at him, “You are not a freak. It is perfectly normal to have anxiety while shopping.”

“I-I just never find anything cute, you know? Nothing ever fits.” I hiccuped,

“God, I am so fat.” I whispered to myself, but unfortunately he heard.

“Princess, you are perfect. In every single way, okay? I love you, just the way you are.” He whispered, peppering my face in kisses, “You are not fat. You are you; perfect. I love you so, so much, and I never want you to forget that.“ 

He continued kissing all over my face, until he finally landed on my lips, causing me to giggle quietly.

"Now come on,” he said, pulling away, lightly tickling my sides, enticing more giggles, “let’s go home and cuddle.”